Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pieces, Parts, Fragments and More!

We found a couple of OLD periodicals in the Quiltville Inn attic!

Two publications were unearthed – a Chicago Ledger from 1917 – so brittle with age that it was literally falling apart in our hands, and a Saturday Evening Post – fairly munched and in pieces.

Seeing the dates on these covers just made me think – the Chicago Ledger found yesterday, dated December 15th (today) 1917. 102 years have passed since printing.  Could those who originally read this volume have even THOUGHT as to what would be happening in this same house 102 years later?

I didn’t have time to read the articles – but I want to.  I’m curious.  If I find anything interesting I’ll let you know!

Why Chicago? Did the people who built this place have ties to Chicago? Or was that just their way of keeping up with what was going on in the big city when there wasn’t internet, TV, radio? (Was there radio in 1917?? And if there was, were there even stations that reached this far into the bottom southwest corner of Virginia?)

July 7th, 1923.

Bu the time the postman delivered this copy of the Saturday Evening Post in July of 1923, the Chicago Ledger was already nearly 6 years old and gathering dust in a far corner of the attic.

There are a few pages left and I will go through them to see what the articles are – my favorite thing, though?  The fashions of the day.  Can you image the women turning the pages and eyeing this frock or that hat, and the new styles of shoes? 

And how many times have I said to myself “If only these walls could talk!”

I hit the jackpot on Tuesday-

And did something I never (almost never) do.

I had some time to kill in between appointments and headed into Kohl’s to see what was there in the way of rugs.  I’d tried everywhere else – Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target – nothing.

Well wouldn’t you know it – there was a SALE!  A BIG SALE.  And I found the rug that I wanted for the upstairs landing at 25% off.

But that’s not all!

The rug runners were 50% off!

So the upstairs landings are now much softer under foot -

And the space isn’t so echo-y.

Upstairs back hall.

Same here! 50% off!

And that’s when they really got me.  The sign said “Open a Kohl’s Credit Card and save 35% off your entire purchase.”  If only I had more time I am sure I would’ve, could’ve done MORE damage.  But I was out of time. Who can resist 50% off, and then another 35% off on top of that?

Little improvements continue as we work towards being ready for opening to the public in the spring.  A couple more lights have been switched out to nice LED ones, Window frames are being taped off and first painted with Killz and then repainted with trim paint.

Door frames are being caulked and winterized to better keep the chill out.

Motion detector lights are being added to every other stair tread on the front and back stairs to illuminate the whole thing – not just the top and the bottom.

I am on the lookout for a cute kitchen stool as I’ve been told that short people have a tough time reaching the top shelves! LOL!

I brought a selection of aprons up from the North Carolina house for those who are taking their turns at cooking yummy meals.

My vintage toy sewing machine collection has also been moved up to live here and be enjoyed rather than staying in the basement studio of the North Carolina house.  I want them seen, not hidden.

I brought up a book case/secretary desk thing – it’s going in the back hall, at least that is the plan.

And on it goes.

In the quilty department -

I want to load the Christmas runner I finished YESTERDAY, but I can’t until I get out of the machine what is already in progress.  Remember those last 6 table runners that I couldn’t finish before Thanksgiving?

It didn’t take much more than an hour to quilt them up!

All six are quilted!

Binding to NCIS – Evening Perfection!

Do I miss working on big projects?  YES.  But small ones will suit me just fine for now while we get everything else moving forward.

I am still planning on doing a lottery for group reservations at Quiltville Inn.  We will likely do that lottery in January. 

The plan (so far) is to have each group “mom” pull their people together (We sleep 12) and enter the lottery with their name and email address. One entry per group. I will use the random number generator to draw a group, contact them and give them the opportunity to choose their dates.  Once they have chosen, I’ll choose another group by random number generator, etc.

How can I be sure a group will really want and honor their dates (knowing that other groups would be eager for those dates themselves!) when they choose?  Their deposit and a signed contract needs to be back to me within 14 days of date agreement or the date will be open for someone else to grab.

So again – gather your group. Choose one person to be the “group mom” and the one person I will be dealing with for deposit, balance, and all contact.  More info to come!

There is so much going on that instead of overrunning this already long post with individual photos, I have put all of the stuff in one little slide show! I hope this is quick and painless for you! LOL!

If you are still searching for that right gift for a quilty someone special, my perpetual
Quilter’s Date Keeper is on sale in the book section of the Quiltville Store for the low low price of just $9.99 (Regularly priced $16.95!) through the month of December. 

It has a beautiful hard cover, and measures 7.5'' x 9.5'' and includes more than 70 of my scrap quilts along with my favorite quotes, tips, tricks and more.

Our half-price PDF pattern for the month of December is my
Hunter’s String Star! The  pattern is only $4.00.  No coupon code needed. Don’t miss out!

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Did you also see that we’ve got a Jan/Feb 2020 Quiltmaker Gift-Away happening here on the blog?  Click to Wednesday’s post to enter to win! Drawing to happen on Tomorrow morning, December 15th.
Today’s plans?  Back to the Quiltville Post Office I go. Those Quilter’s Date Keepers are flying out the door, along with the rulers needed for our Frolic mystery.  Thanks for keeping me busy!

I’ll be working on that this morning, and then this afternoon’s plan is to head over to Bristol VA and pick up those 2 remaining work benches from Harbor Freight to turn into pressing stations. I’m going to put big board ironing boards on top – and the space underneath will be great for storage with no wasted space.  Let’s hope they have two in stock?  There will be a phone call before we go to make sure.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And we call it a practice because it's never perfect. There is always room for improvement, and it's worth the effort!

What are some things YOU do to bring peace into your life?

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday, everyone!


  1. I practice peace with mindful deep breathing and as much quiet as I can find (the sound of the sewing machine qualifies as "quiet" for me! :) ).

  2. Enjoyed this Sunday morning program from you, as always. Am get my 12 together for your retreat venue at Quiltville Inn. All three mystery clues finished, I am taking the strips too small and making red/raspberry and blue strop blocks— thanks for all you do.

  3. A peaceful day to you too, Bonnie!
    Thanks again for all you do for the quiling world.
    Can't wait to visit Quiltvlle Inn in 2020 - it looks welcoming and "pieceful" too!

  4. You need Cosco kitchen stool. They are cute retro and very user friendly. Everything looks good!

  5. Maybe your next book should be small quilts for the home. Place mats, table runners, mug rugs,wall hanging and such

  6. The Ken Burns' PBS series on country music tracks the radio stations. One of the screen shots was "Mouth of Wilson" on a map! So yes, I do believe they listened to the radio. So glad you are enjoying yourself! Marilyn Marks

  7. I am always in awe of the energy you have every day to lead you to accomplishing this dream!

    How do I bring peace to my life? I allow myself to leave the house 2X/week. I read every day. I cook healthy meals and only eat when I'm hungry (this is new mindfulness for me). I quilt, mostly for a charity group-I am a founding member. It brings me joy. I appreciate each day I receive.

    May you have a Blessed Sunday.

  8. Peaceful? = Pieceful! Yes, they rhythmic, repetitive processes, buzz of machine, stitching, zen-like immersion ... yup, thank you. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  9. So interesting to see the newspaper and magazine cover. My mother was born in Ill. 3 days before the newspaper was published and my aunt was born about 3 months after the magazine.

  10. I just can't fathom all the little touches you're putting in the Inn. So much stuff I NEVER would've thought of. It's going to be the best quilt retreat in the country! I loved your little Christmas runner so much that I've made 2 of the blocks. SO cute!

  11. Ikea has a nice white kitchen stool with a hand hole in the top so that you can move it easily.

  12. What a lovely chatty post today.

    I love your progress shots too.

  13. Your message of Peace brought to mind a powerful quote I came across and would like to share: "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." -William Ewart Gladstone

  14. I practice peace by holding my family and friends close. Turn off the electronics and have REAL interactions. With 5 brothers, it hasn't always been peaceful, but now that we are mature... much less stress. Friends are cherished and quick decisive action keeps that peace intact for us. :) Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year.

  15. Radio had been invented in 1917 but the first commercial broadcast was by KDKA in Pittsburgh in 1920.

  16. The Chicago Ledger was a nationally distributed weekly magazine that published mostly fiction stories reprinted from popular magazines, hardcovers, or from overseas sources, cheaply. It typically found itself distributed out along rural railways, sold by young boys along railroad depot stops and farm lands areas. Really was not so strongly sold within big cities, despite its source of publication. In nearly 15 years collecting this paper, I have never, ever found a copy near a big city. Most copies, remarkably, surface (for me) in barns and old sheds on farms in remote parts of Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, too. They rarely turn up in the southern states. The most important story in this issue is a five-part serial by Harry Stephen Keeler. If you or anyone else reading this blog ever see other issues, please feel free EVER to contact me at morganwallace@gmail.com as I am missing plenty of issues!

  17. BTW, if you knew Wilene ... a major quilt enthusiast, collector, and researcher, no idea if she is alive as she has not written me now in years, I have some rear QUILT related material that I shared with her.


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