Wednesday, December 04, 2019

To Rattenberg We Went!

The view from my hotel room is magnificent!

Yesterday I posted a little video with the sound of church bells ringing at 7am – things were still dark.  This was my view after breakfast before we loaded up onto the bus and made our way to Rattenberg Austria for our glass blowing expedition.

The cutest hotel!

No wonder we heard the church bells so clearly!

All Aboard!

The fresco touches on the buildings is so classically Bavarian!

This guy looks a little bit cold!


With just over 400 inhabitants and a surface area of 10 ha Rattenberg is Austria´s smallest historical town. And it is adorable!  We were here for our glass blowing workshop.

The Easter egg colors of the buildings – so fun!

Quiltvillians lining up to go in!

We are such a large group – 42 of us total – that we had to do this in shifts, or it would be line a herd of bulls in a glass shop!


There are blown glass ornaments and decorations everywhere.

Our translator giving us the run down of what we see going on here.

Beautiful menagerie of color!

Blow, Joyce, blow!

We each had an opportunity to make a blown glass Christmas ornament to bring home.

Mary’s turn!


And this is how it turned out!

I love it!  What a great souvenir!

There was loads of time for shopping in the wee town!

Cute little glass angels and bels!

And above it all, those Alps!

The river Inn runs right along side.

The shop displays area so festive!

Shapes, colors, textures – SO lovely!

These little touches – so whimsical!

More Frescoes.

And always a beautiful steeple.

Rattenberg, Austria, you captivated us!

And the Apfel Struedel was to die for!

And this was only the FIRST half of our day!  Our next stop was Innsbruck for more Christmas Market wandering, and that deserves a whole NUTHER post as there are just to many photos to share.

My beautiful room back at the Residenz Heinz Winkler!

Blissful slumber under down duvets.

Really – they are sometimes too hot!

(Where is a quilt when you need one?)

It’s time to throw on the boots, grab the stuff, meet the gang for breakfast and head out for today’s adventures!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Kindness costs nothing, yet the rewards are so great!

Scatter it around! EVERYWHERE!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You're in a whole nuther world there. Love the blown glass ornzment. Happy shopping today. Waving at Irene!

  2. What a fantastic tour this is! Thank you for taking us along via your blog. Such sweet villages and majestic scenery. Rick and I have wonderful memories of this region. We actually had a feather bed and eiderdown covers. It looks like everyone is having fun. Wishing you all happy and safe travels.

  3. Happy to see Irene with You...Hello Irene...Merry Christmas to you both.

  4. Beautiful post. I'm with you in spirit. The glass balls are called "Kugels". Great souvenir!

  5. I am really enjoying following you on your trip!!! thank you for sharing!

  6. Beaitiful country! Thanks for the pictures. We get to enjoy your trip with you. Just not the yummy looking food and delicious smells! Have fun and don't eat to much.

  7. Beaitiful country! Thanks for the pictures. We get to enjoy your trip with you. Just not the yummy looking food and delicious smells! Have fun and don't eat to much.

  8. I'd need an extra bag to bring home all those cute little goodies!! That's one thing I don't like about traveling in Europe--the beds. Also the fact that they don't do washcloths--always hafta bring my own. But it IS GORGEOUS!!

  9. Did you know that the iron signs outside the shops would tell the people what was inside the shops because years ago people couldn't read so the images helped them. Your ornament is fantastic!! What a wonderful remembrance. AND, the first time I saw those down comforters was years ago in Norway. But, they had a cover (bedspread) over them so it looked like there were bodies under the covers!!! I am enjoying your trip so much!! I want to go next time!

  10. I remember visiting Rattenberg a couple years ago in Summer. We stayed at a lake, but because the weather was - very wet that week, we explored the regions other attractions. We bought some lovely Schnaps glasses there - and Schnaps is another souvenir that this region is famous for, especially their Marillenbrand (apricot schnaps).

  11. Enjoy your trip as much as we enjoy your story and pictures!

  12. You are right in that the apple strudel is to die for! I’ve never found anything in the states to come close. Austria was one of my favorite places when I went. Vienna was amazing! Looking at your photos is bringing back so many wonderful memories.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful pictures - even the food!! lol

  14. I envy your experience of blowing that beautiful glass ball to keep as a holiday treasure. And the pics of streets and houses inspire thoughts of strippy quilts, with pieced blocks set off with something floral and open, or more improv. Love the soft colors and splashes of frescos.


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