Saturday, December 28, 2019

Five Golden Gift-Away Winners!

THIS is THE DAY!  The Biggest Gift-Away of 2019 -

SO much good stuff!  Not only am I drawing a winner for the December Quilty Box,  but thanks to the folks at IronEZ I am drawing four more winners – 2 to each win an IronEZ ironing board spray bottle holder, and 2 to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card!

This is an EXCITING  day, and I”m so grateful to the sponsors who enable me to offer these goodies up to you.

Such a lovely December Quilty Box!

What is a Quilty Box?

Here are some highlights to keep in mind:
  • Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box of fun quilting supplies. We offer plans from $44-48/mo.
  • 5% of the profits of multi-month subscriptions are donated to Quilts for Kids - a non-profit which donates quilts for children in need
  • Each month we have 4 or more products (fabric, patterns, thread, or notions)
  • Our retail value of the products in the box is always more than $60
  • We will be using the hashtags #QuiltyBox and #GetQuilty
Subscribe today at Quiltybox.com

I LOVE the fact that 5% of the profits go to Quilts for Kids!  It’s a win win all the way around!

Out of  6023 entries – the random number generator drew:

Entry 4718!  Annette Pennington!

And the 2 IronEZ bottle holder set winners:

Entry 1677 – Deborah Rhodes!

And entry 423 – Sydney Schatz!

You can STILL save 15% using coupon code BH15off ordering from IronEZ directly!  You’ll input the code on the checkout page.

Get two or three while you are at it.  You are going to LOVE keeping those spray bottles in line and off of your ironing surface.

I love that it fits and corrals a multitude of favorite bottle sizes – and the free bottle that comes with it has even a finer mist than the traditional trigger spray on Best Press.

It will also hold an aerosol spray starch can, Flatter spray, or many beverage bottles – keep it near your machine and remember to HYDRATE!

And the winners of the 2 $25 Amazon Gift Cards compliments of the folks at IronEZ:

Entry 2350 – Angel Stauffer!


Entry 17 – Linda Anderson!

I have emailed everyone at the email addresses they left with their entries – so ladies, check your email and reply with your mailing information so we can get your prizes out to you.

Again, my thanks to the kind folks at Quilty Box and IronEZ for these wonderful prizes!

Be looking for more fun gift-away stuff to happen in 2020 – we’ve got a doozy of a year planned!

This has been happening at Quiltville Inn!

Harbor Freight was perpetually out of the wood work benches that matched the other two that I am using for cutting stations in the Quilting Quarters.

Rural King is another great supplier of all things tool/farm/garden and we made a pilgrimage to Wytheville, Virginia (about an hour away) to see what was what.  

These two very similar workbenches to the Harbor Freight ones came from Rural King and have been assembled and will soon become ironing stations.  The wood is darker – it’s acacia – but it is going to be covered with big boards anyway!

If you look to the far right of the photo you’ll see some plywood pieces ready to be covered with 2 layers of batting, a layer of flannel, and then a layer of heavy duty canvas as an ironing surface.

Things are about to get busy at the inn!  I have two local groups coming in January to fill the house as a Sew Day.  The first group is a Quilts of Valor group, and I am just thrilled.  We are still ironing out details, but it has been my desire to provide the house for charity sewing on days when there are no retreats running – and before the cleaner comes for the next round of retreat fun.  January 3rd is the projected date so I want these DONE and ready!

The second group is due to pull in my drive on January 15th.  It’s the local group from West Jefferson, NC. 

I can’t wait to hear the hum of machines being drowned out by chatter and laughter and all things quilty.

This top is coming together!

In between working at the inn and taking much needed naps, I’ve been finishing blocks, piecing sashing and getting this ready for a future publication.  SPRING is in my veins now that we’ve put Christmas back in the box in my world.

There is much webbing going on -

And I am deep into border contemplation.

So here we are – Saturday.  What will you be doing with it?

I’d love to get this top center completed – and start playing with those border ideas.  I’ve brought a bunch of green and purple fabrics back up to Virginia with me.  I want to do something with a pieced back.  (Should have brought the huge tub of orphan blocks too – might do that next trip.)

It would be great if I could have this ready for quilting by New Years!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Balance is something I am always working toward. I am reminded of my favorite childhood teeter totter. Things held straight at center, when neither one side or the other were heavier. Balance.

This sampler quilt hangs over my big computer desk at the Quiltville Post Office. The blocks were gifted to me after our Orange Crush mystery many years ago. Hand quilted.

Have a wonderful Saturday, folks!


  1. I don't quilt any more but I still follow your blog. I just wanted to tell you that I find you really inspirational in how you had a vision regarding your new Quiltville Inn, and have made it become a reality in such a short time. Good luck with everything about this new venture! Looking forward to reading more about it as it comes to fruition!

  2. My husband has a Harbor Freight work bench, but your two new ones are absolutely beautiful! Good choice.

  3. Love the thought of the teeter totter and balance. I loved that as a kid, but I was always the lighter on on the ride. You had to keep making adjustments, moving in and out on the board, to attain balance. That really does describe life. We have to keep making adjustments to maintain our balance. That is my goal this year, especially where my sewing is concerned. I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ person...spend a whole day in the sewing room or nothing at all. This year will be a ‘try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sewing room’ kind of year. Hoping it helps me get balance back. Thanks for the encouragement. Here’s to a wonderful 2020!!

  4. Lovely Spring Quilt in the making! Congrats to all the winners! May your Saturday be full of laughter and lots of sewing!

  5. Love that new quilt! Funny, "Balance" is my word for 2020. See my blogpost from yesterday at sewhigh.blogspot.com.

  6. Bonnie, You may wish to consider putting a layer or two of wool blanket on your ironing surfaces. My friend and I covered small TV tray tables with a layer of aluminum foil, then two layers of wool blanket--I bought at Army Surplus store, then the canvas on top. Those wool pressing mats are really nice but these were small and protable to take to retreats or workshops.

  7. How exciting to really be getting your Quiltville Inn up and running soon. I think you will have so much fun and joy this next year in your life. I hope that one day I can find a group to come spend some time there quilting together. I am busy trying to get my sewing room organized after my move. I am so ready to begin sewing again and starting on the mystery quilt Frolic. I have a friend who wants to come over and work with me so I can help her get started doing her 2nd quilt. It will be her first mystery quilt and I can't wait to get started with her.

  8. Love the Friendship Stars created in the sashing! Simple elegance, and a good way to introduce another pop of purple. I so enjoy your creativity and enthusiasm

  9. I had great plans for today... mostly sewing up parts 1 - 5 of Frolic, but I woke up with a sore throat and itchy eyes, so not much sewing got done today! I am looking forward to Part 6 of Frolic.
    It is always a pleasure to read about your progress on the Inn as well as your many quilt projects.

  10. Love the ironing tables, it's coming together nicely! Thanks for all you do, Bonnie!

  11. Congratulations and wishing you a very successful Healthy Happy New Year!

  12. Congratulations to all the winners...

  13. Congrats to the lucky winners!!

  14. Love your blog.......love webbing.....but a quick question...
    Do you iron as you web from the top or back? Your pic shows from the top but I assumed you would iron from the back to ensure the seams are available to mesh.

  15. I hope you get to join in with both of those groups.

  16. I started getting my box from "Craftsy" now known as "blueprint." My boxes are almost all fantastic. Once in awhile they are not what I would choose for myself but they will appeal to someone. Getting the box is like getting a birthday or Christmas present every month. I'm a little "AR" when it comes to my quilting supplies choices now, It's easier to let others choose, LOL My boxes have been coming for about 4 years getting them through amazon I hope you can see what you are getting. Try them you won't be disappointed with most of the items.


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