Thursday, December 12, 2019

Living in the Upside Down.

When the tough can’t sleep -

The tough get cooking!

I fell asleep at 8:30, which means I was up by 2:30.  2:30 am is NOT my favorite time of day, but what is a girl supposed to do?

It’s at that hour that the brain kicks in and no matter how hard you try to coax it to SHUT UP, it just won’t.

Book orders still need to go out. (I’m about half-way done with what came in while I was in Europe.) Tomorrow’s Part 3 clue for our Frolic Mystery has to be written.  The printer friendly PDF  has to be written, uploaded and linked within the post after writing it.

The Quiltville Inn web page needed to be worked on.

And I was HUNGRY!  At 2:30 am? What’s with that?  Oh yeah, ,that’s 8:30 am in Germany – right on schedule for breakfast.

Well dang.  Let’s get up and do something about it.

Every year I long for Thanksgiving leftovers.  It’s just not the same if there isn’t leftovers.  And this year, I saved what could be frozen, ditched what woudln’t be eaten while I was gone for 10 days, and put it out of my mind.

Yesterday – I got that frozen turkey carcass out of the freezer and started in to make broth. 

Have you discovered the Recipes Tab at the top of the blog?  My favorite turkey soup recipe is right there waiting for you to try, and that is what I am aiming at here.  I can smell it cooking already.

I’ve been making slide shows!

While the web page for the inn isn’t quite finished. And I won’t be accepting any reservation requests until January – it is taking shape!  if you want to check it out, click HERE.

I’ve noticed some spacing issues, some bolding issues – but I’ve worked on it for nearly 5 hours already and I’m going to give it a rest for a bit.

There are links for sample rental agreements, welcome packets & info, check out procedures, and waivers of liability to become familiar with before anyone can pull a group together and inquire about a reservation (Again – after January please! I’m just not ready yet as there are some teaching dates in limbo I am waiting to hear back from.)

But I can’t wait to get this really under way!

I really DO hope to be sewing by the weekend.  So far I haven’t touched a needle since Austria!  And sitting at a sewing machine?  If I do get a couple of hours I have some placemats I can quilt up quickly and get some binding on – but with these sleep patterns who knows what is going to happen?

We have tickets for Ford Vs Ferrari tonight.  There WILL be a nap this afternoon or I won’t make it through the show without snoring. That’s a fact!

(and in the back of my mind is this little voice that says “I wanna sew! I wanna sew! I wanna sew!”

But progress is progress and things normaled out after Kenya, and they will after Germany too.

Is it too early for a nap yet?

Nutcrackers from Munich!

True confessions: As a child I was terrified of nutcrackers. They still freak me out just a bit in a Chucky sort of way. Lol!  There were some cute ones – but the traditional soldier ones always looked creepy to me!

Now snow globes I can handle!

And this sight I miss.

It is never too early for Glühwein!

From the top of the fortress in Salzburg.

There are still so many photos to go through.  Holly, Irene and I took the funicular up to the fortress and spent a lovely afternoon just wandering, and climbing and climbing – and wandering.  Fascinating!

From another direction – the cloud scatter was so interesting!

Old Salzburg below.

1629?? Really!

Gorgeous old stove!

Look at the figures on this one!

There was so much to see, and so many photographs – sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and put a story together.  I suppose we could call this “oddities!”

Churches with ornate altars, unbelievably beautiful – while the average person of that day was poor and starving outside its doors.  So much opulence!

And sometimes that doesn’t make sense to me.

Horse drawn carriage in the misty rain.

Beautiful Salzburg in the morning.

And also in the evening!

For those who are waiting – Happy Part 3 Eve to you!

I know just what I will be working on today – what’s on your to do list?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This is another wake-up call for me. And for ALL of us this time of year while we are busy being busy.

Missing important moments due to being a workaholic. Feeling like we aren’t doing ENOUGH.

I am reminding myself that work should never be more important than family or friends.

And when in doubt – make soup!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. The stove is a "Kachelofen". It's wood burning and radiates heat very efficiently through the ceramic tiles. A friend of mine had one in her modern house that incorporated a seating bench. It was oh so cozy.http://www.stovemason.com/kachelofen/

  2. It's a soup kind of a day here to in South Dakota too. If your up at 2:30am that means you can take a nap 7:30am. Looking forward to tomorrow, hope you get some sewing in.

  3. I have so enjoyed your photos of Salzburg. I visited there as a teenager, after I graduated from high school, and I am still entranced by the place! We stayed in a guesthouse on one of the hills opposite the fortress, and at night, we went out our window onto a flatish roof (probably verboten!) and looked at the city below and the lighted fortress across the valley. That remains one of the favorite memories of my life--so magical. Thanks for the reminders. :)

  4. We saw Ford vs Ferrari a couple of weeks ago. It was great. Hopefully you stay awake. Glad you had a great trip.

  5. Today’s goal is to get the bindings on two UFOs that I quilted yesterday. I need some hand stitching for our weekend Christmas movie marathon. Last night I pulled my turkey carcass out of the freezer and made the stock, so we will be having turkey soup tonight, too.

  6. Quiltville Inn looks lovely, but so far away from me in the UK. I love reading about all that you in place but I wonder if you might wish to remove phone numbers from the online version of the welcome pack.

  7. After each having a heart attack, my husband and I work on the "up when you're up and rest when you need" plan. Have a productive and restful day, Bonnie!

  8. We've got about two serving of the Thanksgiving turkey soup left. I made two batches of broth, first with the carcass and then with the legs and wings that wouldn't fit in the crockpot the first time. Yum. Leftovers are the big reason I don't want to eat out on Thanksgiving even though it is a ton of work to cook that dinner for two people. Hope you got that nap in.

  9. The tours you're part of look SO FANTASTIC!! I'd love to do the Poland tour with you but I've had plans that interfere with a long time. Maybe you'll do it again someday when I can go. We didn't make it up to the fortress when in Salzburg, darn it! I do hope you continue to do SOME tours after the Inn opens!

  10. Bonnie Welcome Home! I am quite familiar w/ the workaholic syndrome. I am finally learning to a little retired, and not volunteering so much, stuffing every minute full of something for others (after almost ten years)! I also know about wasting time, and not being able to get done what I want, in what little time I do have. I can not make it through all my e-mails in a days' time. BUT, I finally did make it known I am giving up most of four committees for garden club. It has grown into year around work, which I do not want. So, I hear you! Now, off to pin a table topper, to get ready to quilt, for another group Secret Santa gift.

    Merry Christmas, as I will be going down to the Boise, Ontario, Fruitland, New Plymouth area for Christmas/ New Years.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it was beautiful today, sunny, not too cold (37 in SC Alaska and all our 18" of snow is mostly gone).

  11. The tour of Quiltville Inn is lovely and shows your family's care and hard work well. But what makes the rooms, especially the bedrooms, sing for me are the quilts! Beautiful, bright and colorful.

  12. Love, love, love turkey soup. Hope yours was yummy. Enjoy Ford vs Ferrari -- we loved it. Frolic 3 tomorrow - Yay!

  13. I hate Nutcrackers. They are so scary to me. My former (thank God) Sister-in-Law thought I LIKED them. Every year she gave me a new one for my "collection". It didn't stop until they got divorced. I hated passing them along to the Goodwill, but they totally freak me out!! Ha ! I don't know why I didn't speak up and tell her. I was young and didn't want to hurt her feelings.

  14. Europe is just too beautiful to put into words. It must be experienced in person.

    Quiltville looks so inviting. Another place to be experienced first hand ... looking forward to tomorrow's clue.

  15. I love those cloud formations - with such a lovely view below too. Amazing discoveries! Thank you for the chance to see different places around the world.

  16. enjoyed your photos from NC as well as your trip and the hopes you have for the Retreat center. I'm still upside down with my smoke damage and smelling VERY strongly like a campfire but hoping to enjoy celebrating a real Christmas with family. Hope you get back on track with your sleep patterns. Peace

  17. Great quote of the day Bonnie. Welcome home. It's always a good feeling if I've been away, (sometimes for a day only),when I get back home and inside our house. I feel content. Thanks for your generosity with the mysteries over the years, and also for your bright spirit. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a new year filled with love and laughter

  18. Welcome home, Bonnie! Loved to vicariously live through your eyes your journey. It's a dream for me to experience those Christmas markets in Germany! We joked with our daughter that she needs to marry a guy from there, have a wedding at around the Christmas season so we have an opportunity to enjoy such markets. :)

    Your comment about the opulence of the wonderful European churches and how it doesn't seem right that in difficult times the church was so opulent reminded me of how in those days the church and state were totally entertwined. Even to this day, the people pay an income tax amount if the chose to be part of a church. If they don't want to be part of the church, they're exempt from this tax, if I remember correctly. In those way more spiritual days, people felt Ecclesiastes 3:11 strongly: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart,...In our secularized culture, beautifying items that aren't part of the here and now seems unfathomable.

  19. One more thought on the church during it's opulent times in Europe. Contrast it with the early persecuted church during the Roman empire and how they hid in the catacombs to avoid persecution and death. http://jaysromanhistory.com/romeweb/christns/catacomb.htm It kind of makes you think: Which were the real followers of Jesus, eh? The Romans were shocked that the Christians were taking care of the Roman's sick and dying, I believe especially during the plagues. Seeing a Christian in action versus the opulence of Christianity. Which was real Christianity? Your thoughts got me to pondering my faith as well.

  20. When you get the itch to sew, make us a video of it, so we can have a quilt-cam to catch later.


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