Monday, December 30, 2019

Oh, THAT Old Thing?!

Perhaps the first quilt top of 2020?

I thought I had this top nailed down. 

I mean, I had it sashed and everything – but it was “barely” couch sized.  What good would that do for anything?  My sons are 6’ 3’’ and 6’ 4’’ respectively, and The Hubster is also 6’ 3’’. A wall hanging or table topper can be fairly small and still serve a purpose.  But a quilt that is too small to cover a person, but too big to hang on the wall – what’s the point?

I had planned to add another row in width, and another in length to make it “THAT” much bigger – but as I laid it out on the floor, all bets were off.

It’s twin to full sized or NOTHING.

I am going 2 rows wider, and three rows longer!

I know there is no way that I can get this top up-sized before New Years.  And I’m okay with that.

What I DO love about biggie-sizing this quilt (besides the fact that it will actually be big enough to cover PEOPLE) is the fact that there is no shortage of recycled fabric scraps around here.  if you have the fabric – why not put it to good use on something I already know about, versus trying to come up with another design for later?

The quilt will tell me when it is done, as so often happens with most of my projects.  They just seem to know what they need, as if they are some living entity with a voice and a mind of their own.

And this little ditty came to me while stitching away -

It only takes a toothpick! LOL!

Click this hashtag for other photos I’ve posted: #jacksdelightquilt

My current audio book!

If you are looking for something good to listen to, I love Bryce Courtenay!  Especially since his novels are LONG – making it a good bang for your buck on Audible. This one is a 19 hour listen.  Perfect while cutting out quilt blocks!

Pressing matters at Quiltville Inn!

The second-hand salvaged ironing board received its newly covered big board ironing surface yesterday!  This one will be a portable “extra” in case more surfaces are needed and can easily be set up in the hall outside of the Quilting Quarters.

The tops are roughly 17’’ x 52’’. The boards are permanently mounted to the ironing boards with wood screws and washers and are very sturdy this way. They will stand the test of time when folding up the ironing board legs and storing away in a closet until needed.

The 100% cotton ticking fabric came from the sliding glass door curtains in the basement sewing studio at the cabin.  That fabric has been the gift that keeps on giving.  It’s covered 3 ironing boards so far, and I’ve made a tote for The Hubster’s practice tennis balls out of a huge hunk as well.  There is still enough fabric to cover one more standard ironing board in due time.

Big permanent pressing stations -

We have cut 2 pieces of ply wood the same size as the work bench tops – about 22’’ x 6'0’’.  I have covered the boards with 2 layers of warm & natural batting, using a staple gun.

I am still waiting for the 100% cotton duck cloth that I ordered to be delivered, and it should show up this week.

As my irons will NOT have water in them – I am not worried about wet wood underneath.  I have had big boards last as long as 5 years before it was time to replace the batting and the cover.  

There are spray bottles on hand for lightly misting the fabric before pressing with a dry iron, but water should never soak through the batting layers to the wood underneath.  If your batting and plywood get wet and mildewy enough to not dry out -that’s just way too much water.

Last night’s guilty movie pleasure -

Little Women!

Our favorite Blue Ridge Movie Lounge has proved so successful in the little town of West Jefferson, North Carolina that it has opened up a second screen! We picked up friends Jean & Gordon and had a great time – popcorn, beverages, comfy chairs and small town fun.

I enjoyed this adaptation very much – the costumes were fabulous, and yes there were SEVERAL quilts thought out the movie. The personalities of the characters was completely engaging.  You may think you know the story, but this was such a delightful version.  Catch it if you can.

Today’s plan??  It’s a Monday, and not while strictly a work Monday, some desk work will happen here.  All of that “Wrap up the end of the year and get ready for the next one.” Stuff.  This week’s mystery clue is also in the works – are you ready?  I know some are chomping at the bit, and it is all getting SO exciting!

Then perhaps I’ll be back to finish up the last 21 blocks for this quilt – and start cutting out the remaining sashings that are needed.

Do you think I could possibly load the purple/green quilt top that I just finished in the quilting machine and get started on it?  I’d like nothing better!

What do you have planned for this last Monday of the decade?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I haven't shared this quilt in a while - this is entitled "3 a.m. Hot Flash!" and was made from a wide variety of solid scraps.

I hand quilted it and enjoyed every minute. Completed in 2008.

How can a dozen or so years fly by so quickly?

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. Good Morning Bonnie. Wow you have a great philosophy for life. I love your scrappy quilts and look forward to seeing this one finished. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I think the duck cloth will arrive today and while you are at the QI you will load the purple and green on the LA at the QPO and finish year end stuff and just maybe a cartwheel or two! You certainly brighten every morning !! Thank You !!

  3. Thank you. I’m working on a quilt that’s too small too. Completely agreeing with the concept of covering longer people I’ve been digging thru the stash and pondering options. Last night I finally concluded just what you said “if you have the fabric – why not put it to good use on something I already know about, versus trying to come up with another design for later?” . This has been liberating.

  4. Good morning Bonnie!
    Thank you for your post this morning along with all of your inspiration! I have been reading your blog from the beginning and am also amazed at how quickly the years are flying.
    I have a blue and white quilt under my needle this week and after today five days to savour and enjoy finishing this project.

  5. all my 2019 projects are done so it's an early start on 2020's....

  6. Dropped the primary sewing machine off for servicing and will use the few days it is away to clean the studio and prepare projects for 2020. I will sew on my white Featherweight when the clean up is done. Happy New Year to you and your family and to a successful 2020 with the Quiltville Inn!

  7. Woo Hoo. I've been awake since 4 a.m. central time and I've FINALLY caught up on your blog. Now to get caught up on Frolic. Have much end of the year 'stuff' as the bookkeeper of our business to do as well. A nap may be in order too. Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to dive into the new decade with you and all things Quilty. Thanks for all you give so freely to the quilting community.

  8. It makes sense to make it bigger. So many scrappy sashings, FUN! Going to see Little Women today with my Sister! After the laundry and a few Part 5 HSTs pressing. Happy 2020 to you and yours!

  9. Good Morning ..as I always do I am working on a just for me Project..I use this week between Christmas and New Years for myself alone..Our 50 th anniversary is in May..and the girls asked me to make blocks for guests to sign..I have been wanting a winter quilt and have been saving scrap strips..am doing a strip block with flannel backing...using some white on whit strips for folks to sign..my goal is to get it done New Years day...it will be my 1st finish of 2020...Happy New Year <3

  10. today is grocery shopping day. But it is time to put the binding on the quilt i gave my son for christmas. i promised him it would be done by thursday...Happy New Year/Decade Bonnie!

  11. Yes to making quilts HUMAN sized! I just feel if I am putting time, effort, materials and creativity to task...it BETTER cover someone!!! Of the few lap quilts I have made...I continue to wish I'd made them bigger. Today, I will photo my Fully CONNECTED 1" hexie quilt that was 4.5 years in progress, something I did while taking mom to doctors and labs. Thinking of calling it: "While we were waiting" Thank you Bonnie for helping me VALUE no time is wasted. Especially chatting with mom, while waiting.

  12. Good morning, Bonnie! I too hate having a throw quilt that is too short, so I make mine nice and big. Last night I decided that it was time to cut into my Yorkie's and poodle's kerchiefs that they received from the groomer.I went with 2 1/2" square. I'll see where it takes me today.

  13. I have started Bonnie's pattern, the Hunter Star quilt. My last name is "Star" and Bonnie always said she had to make anything with "Hunter" in its name. Sort of same reason for me. One of my sisters and I always collect little things with stars in them. This quilt will be gifted to her on her 72nd birthday. Looking forward to this project!

  14. my sons are all tall, too. But we have the habit of lap quilts. Our house is not well heated--southern houses are more adapted for hot weather than cold and it is an old house---so no central heat/air. We use lap blankets in the evenings and watching television---works great even for those tall guys---and grandkids find them just the right size to snuggle up for book reading.

  15. do you have directions for the big board ironing stations that are attached to standard frames?

  16. Great tip for Cheetos munching! Thanks! Up her in NH, enjoying our latest Storm, sewing away...or at least trying to clean up my sewing room for the new year! Let it Snow, Sleet and Freezing Rain outside, I am warm, toasty and happy!

  17. Happy 2020 Bonnie,
    I love how you are finishing up UFOs and perhaps writing a book for my collection at the same time. Your "Daily Devotion" is my go to look, immediately upon waking up each day. Is there a pattern for the 3am Hot Flash? It is so beautiful. Best wishes every day! Paula in Omaha

  18. Now that's a great idea for Cheetos - I hate the messy fingers afterwards but love the Cheetos. Toothpicks...the best for eating and quilting...but also perfect for Cheetos all the time!!

  19. The quilt I made for myself measures 48" wide by 67' long and it covers me completely. I'm just barely 5' tall. I don't need a really big quilt and I'm sure there are other shorties like me out there. Most of my quilts = 99% of them and I never make anything bigger than a twin size. Different strokes for different folks.

  20. I love your little movie theater so much. The collection of mismatched sort of hand-me-down furniture is just.... gosh. Love it. I'm glad they're doing so well.

    I really like the color scheme you have going on with the 'still growing' quilt top. Lovely balance. I enjoy working w recycled shirts so much, and might never have thought to start if not for finding your blog 8-10 years ago. The beginning of a new decade seems a good time to thank you again for all you do, and for all I've learned from you over the past decade. You are appreciated!!

  21. Love the toothpick to eat cheetos while sewing! Made for a good chuckle. Thanks for your inspirations. Happy New Year....

  22. I’m glad you are working on this! I’ve put mine away since being in Alaska and finishing up my blocks! I need to get it out and sash away!

  23. Yes ready for the next part. But Jamestown Landing and its hst sre keeping me busy. Finishing a 2016 pansy Walk About. Blessings for a wonder filled 2020.

  24. I'm learning to downsize the quilts and blankets I make. Our local Project Linus chapter distributes to children, not tweens, or teens, but kids, toddlers, and babies. So we have to keep the quilts between 36 to 45 inches wide and 60 or less inches long. I can't tell you how difficult this is for a person who until recently tried to make every quilt or blanket large enough to cover 6+-foot-tall people while they are completely sprawled out in their beds. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Stay safe.

  25. So glad you enjoyed "Little Women". It's on my list for tomorrow! By birth mother's nephew is the editor on that film and is getting terrific reviews!

  26. Oh what a deal time is. Your comments and others here have certainly make me think of decades past. I look at my hands. I hold them up and each finger is a decade. I'm on my 7th. Time is so short. I love how you have made it so interesting for us. Both in quilting and in communicating. What greater gift is there? Thank you Bonnie.

  27. Good morning Bonnie, so glad to see the quiltville house getting ready, i wish i could come. btw, i learned from Eleanor Burn that on the ironing wood, do put a fabric with strips so when you press/iron you can see and b guided the block or part of the block are square/strait.
    Bless happy new year to you and yr loved ones. bless to all the followers too!!!

  28. Bonnie,
    When you said the quilt was already sashed and the picture showed unsashed blocks, I freaked a little thinking you had unsewed it all. Yikes. I should have known you would be making more blocks. I love your scrappy sashing so much. It just might go in my next quilt. Love your blog and your life thoughts. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hugs to the kitties. Polly

  29. It is 8.40 pm and the kids fireworks are just starting on the beach. adults will go off at midnight. Happy New Year to you all from Australia. Still hot outside and still really wanting lots of rain. Pray for us really hard the whole of the east coast of Australia is in a bad way with drought and bush fires. Best wishes to all of you for the coming year. I promise to get started on my mystery now (part 5) that the rellies have gone home and I have the house to myself. Happy New Year.

  30. I am chuckling about how to eat Cheetos without the dreaded orange fingers. Cheetos were never allowed in my house. Can you imagine what my walls would have looked like with 5 wee ones running around eating Cheetos? Now they are all grown up and so are the grands. So NOW with toothpicks in hand I can enjoy Cheetos. I always learn something new from you every day. Keep those tips coming.

  31. Well, I'm reading this a day late but I did read the whole thing :) What was the name of the movie above that you watched, from the picture it looks like something I'd like to watch, is it by chance a version of Little Women? I want to go see the newest one in the Theater but have loved every version I've ever seen. I love the extra blocks on your quilt above and love the multi colored sashing, Happy an Bright, a signature Bonnie Hunter Quilt :)

  32. I laughed out loud at the toothpick for Cheetos! How long does it take to actually stab one? I'm still giggling. I do like for quilts to cover people! But a variety is nice to fit different people. Thanks for all you do Bonnie!

  33. Happy New Year, Bonnie! "Little Women" is one of my favorite books and movies. I named my daughter Amy Beth after two of the characters. Tonight we will be watching the "Twilight zone" marathon and eating barbecued ribs. I will be also hand quilting on my Prairie Flower quilt.

  34. I loved your cheetos hint, to eat with a toothpick. When painting my nails I have been known to use tongs to eat cheetos. Whatever gets the job done!

  35. Happy New Year Bonnie! Your quilt is so lovely and I cannot wait for you to develop the pattern for this. I have a small collection of plaids and woven fabric just for the occasion. Thanks you for the inspiration and ceaseless energy.

  36. I love your little movie theater so much.sakshi epaper


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