Monday, November 20, 2017

The Long Journey Home

We have a rather long journey home today, but our hearts are full -- not to mention our bellies, as when we get together as a family, there is always - I mean ALWAYS copious amounts of food involved, to the tune of something like every three hours!

Memorial services never leave anyone hungry as hot dishes and cold plates and desserts find their way from friends and relatives in an expression of love and support.

Sometimes when words can't be found to express our care and concern for one another, a hot loaf of bread, a plate of brownies, or a cheesecake seem to say what the heart simply can't.

I am happy to be leaving all of the left-overs at the home of my sister-in-law, and it will continue to share the message of love and concern from near-by friends and relatives for days to come.

This photo was taken of the eastern Oregon country-side as we left the home of our dear friends Joe & Sue.  There has been much visiting - as much as we could fit in, reaching out to re-connect with friends we haven't seen in many years.

Three and a half men and a grill!

Temps were better this trip than I thought they would be.  There is often snow, wind, and very cold temperatures in late November in Idaho, but 50's and sunshine proceeded to give us sweatshirt weather and the opportunity for my brother Mike to cook up some of his fabulous elk steaks on the grill.  Men folk outside (including that cutie patootie nephew Jax who met his much bigger cousin Jason for the first time!) while the women folk took care of side dishes and much chatter in the kitchen.

Out to cousin Jerry's!

Actually it is second cousin Jerry's --and the story behind this one is amazing and definitely fun.

Back in 1988 or 1989  somewhere in there - The Hubster was working toward his degree at Boise State and he made friends with Jerry who sat beside him in a business class.

They discovered they both loved hunting, basketball and baseball - in that order.

Several weeks into the school term, Jerry mentioned something about his "Grandpa Marinus."  That being such an odd first name, Dave said "What is his last name?  I have a great uncle Marinus."

It turns out that Jerry's grandpa, and Dave's great-uncle were one in the same.  Dave's Grandmother and Jerry's Grandfather were brother and sister, making Jerry and Dave second cousins!

They are related by birth, but friends first by choice!

It's just a wonderful story, and Jerry and his wife Lynnae and Dave and I spent many weekends together, the guys playing baseball or basketball and us women folk tending kids and cheering on the side-lines.  The good old days.

It was a wonderful evening to be out with the horses, petting noses, stroking manes before driving out to Kuna, Idaho for dinner at Enrique's Mexican cafe.

I can take this story even further -- the little mini-mart gas station on the corner near the cafe USED to be called Ken's Kash Korner.  I worked there for the summer before heading up to college.  I was working here when I met Dave for the first time.

This has really been a trip down memory lane.

Our flight boards here in just a little bit.  It's been exhausting, and I was so tired last night that I hit the pillow at 8:30pm  and slept nearly 10 hours.  I think I needed it.

My own bed awaits - we'll walk in the front door of our house in Wallburg, NC around 11pm eastern tonight.

This is still going on!

Did you enter to win the double Quilty Box giveaway on Wednesday's post?  Drawing will happen Wednesday evening so there is still time to enter.

Don't forget this one either!

If you haven't entered yet - head over to last Thursday's post and get your entry in.  We draw for this one tomorrow night, and it's a give-away you won't want to miss!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

With oodles and bunches of gratitude as we head into this Thanksgiving week -


  1. Bonnie, it is always fun and inspiring -- in many ways, not only quilty -- to read your perspective on life and the people and places you encounter. My thoughts and prayers have been with you and yours on this particular journey mixing greetings and farewells. Rest well when you reach your own bed tonight.

  2. Safe travels to you and your family as you return home. Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. What a wonderful story about Jerry and Dave! Safe travels.

  4. My thoughts have been with you. I have been remembering when we have lost loved ones including both my parents and my husband's parents. I am sure there have many laughs as well as tears. You have probably been on emotional overload the past several days. I think both the tears and laughs are very healing. Loved your story of Jerry and Dave. But home and your own bed will be so welcome. Praying you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  5. I'm so happy that your home now. And everything went well. I'm sure it was nice seeing people you haven't seen for some time. I love reading the blogs you write. The last one was so darn cute. Thursday will be Thanksgiving and we all have so much to be thankful for. I know that this isn't easy to loose a loved one. But we are thankful God put them in our life's. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. I am so glad your trip has gone well. I continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  7. I have held you & your family in my thoughts & prayers..It is so difficult anytime, but especially near the holidays. It will be a year on Dec.3rd that I lost my husband and it never gets easy, some days are better than others, but never easy. I know that being back home is a comfort. As much as you are able, have a nice holiday and know that you are being thought about.
    Best to you,

  8. Nice to see my old stomping grounds! We lived in Baker City in the 90's.
    So glad you were able to re-connect with old friends. The older we get, the more important that is .


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