Saturday, November 11, 2017

It’s a Mona Weekend!

We’ve had this planned for a long time.

But then it became “un-planned” due to rescheduling because I was thinking I’d be in Idaho by now.

But I’m not.  I’m here!

And it’s a weekend. 

So on yesterday’s walk around the neighborhood with Sadie, I called up Mona and asked if she still had time to come and get a couple of her quilts quilted.

She said yes!  And we were loading a quilt by early afternoon!

You might remember these tops as finishes, I shared them from the cabin at some point in the past couple of months (But search wouldn’t pull up that post for me this morning) and they are WONDEFUL!

Sadie thinks so too!


The bowties are cheddar, the backgrounds are black! FUN!

While you might think this is a Halloween quilt, it in fact has the colors of both Mona’s high school (Orange and black) and her hubby Rick’s high school (Gold and black) as well – it’s good for all year round as a couch quilt for snuggling.


One in the done column!

We wanted it to be softer and more comfy warm so the quilting is not too dense.  I love this swirly design!


Sadie adores Mona too!

Yesterday was Sadie’s day to get her staples out.  The adventure is not over yet.  She’s had some lumps appearing and along with the staple removal, had those checked out.  She has several mass cell tumors that have to come off as they are malignant.  It’s a bit of a concern due to her heart murmur, but this is the surgeon who removed her previous ones.  She is scheduled for more surgery on December 11th.

Shots and checkup also took place.  She is doing great as an elder dog, and will also have her teeth cleaned and perhaps one cracked molar pulled during surgery.  Hey, if she is going to be put under, do it all.  Poor girl. 


Mona is busy this morning!

This quilt is for the guest room bed and it measures 99 X 111!  It’s a beast!  But it is so much fun to look at all of the scraps that Mona has pulled together from the contents of my string bin and other scraps.  Please keep using my fabric, Mona – it’s like bailing out a leaky boat around here.  The scraps keep coming, we can’t sew them fast enough!


Isn’t this just full of so much fun?


Sadie naps while we are working away.


Emmy Lou would also like to say thank you!

This package was on the door step when we returned from the vet yesterday.  I opened it this morning thinking it was something business related.  It’s a pet bed for Emmy Lou so Sadie can have her bed back. LOL!!!  Whoever sent this, thank you so much for the laughs and smiles, and for sharing your heart with my furry babies!


Emmy Lou says thank you, too!!

We’ll be here for most of the day quilting this beast.  The plan is to perhaps head out for some antiquing fun in Greensboro later this afternoon.

However you spend your Veterans Day, take time to think of and thank those who have given so much for the freedoms we so enjoy today.

And don't forget that we have Quilt-Cam tomorrow over in Facebook Live at 2pm Eastern.  I will have figured out SOMETHING to take the place of the Sugar Bowl project by then -- I hope!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This quilt was sent in by Patricia sharing the story of her grandmother who made the quilt in 1917, the year she got married. Notice that it is machine quilted in a crosshatch grid.  There has been machine quilting for as long as there has been machines!

Happy Veterans Day!


  1. I absolutely love the cheddar and black quilt of Mona's! Impressive for her to feel comfortable using black for a background so early in her quilting life. Go, Mona, Go!!

    Gina in Missouri

  2. Mona looks just as excited about LAQing as she did when you got her started quilting in the first place, Bonnie. I'll bet we'll be hearing about her clearing space in her house for her own LAQ machine very soon.

  3. Great quilts Mona! Have fun you two. Girlfriend weekends are the best.

  4. I love the quilt Sadie is sleeping on. Is there a pattern for it?

  5. oh she is gonna LOVE that bed... I have it. It has something in it that reflects back the cat's heat. They know the moment they step on it that it's different, and next they just lay down...... and it becomes their very favorite thing... feel under the cat, and you'll notice great warmth... but it's not electric... love it ... lucky kitty

  6. Hi Bonnie and Mona. Plus furry people! What a fun time you all are having! Boy, Mona, I think our have the quilting bug! Welcome to the group. Love your quilts! And using Bonnie's stash! Lucky girl ! And Emie Lou, that bed is you sweetheart! You are styling! Bonnie you are a marvel and inspiration to us all. Have a great day and play on.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸπŸπŸπŸΆπŸ˜»

  7. What a lucky person Mona is. Not only are you her friend but she has the best of teachers rolled into the package.

  8. LOL Emmy Lou's face is priceless, like a queen who has just been waiting for her throne to arrive. Love it!

  9. Glad your fur babies are being babied and doing so well.
    Thanks for remembering our service folks. My DearGrandSon enlisted in Sept. after graduating from Rutgers in June. It scares me to death, but I'm trying to be brave like you are.

  10. It's good to see Sadie looking more like herself. Love the pic of Emmy Lou, too. She's a pretty little thing, and her new bed suits her.

    Mona's cheddar/gold/black quilt is wonderful. Congratulations! Also like the string quilt. One of my first quilts was a string quilt; it went from our house to DD's, to her dog, and now her little boy likes it. He is not quite 2, and likes to look for things on the strings and point them out to us. Button! Doggie! Flower! And on it goes. Didn't even imagine the joy that would bring when I made it close to 20 years ago.

    Glad you two were able to get some time together in!

  11. Yahoo for Extra Special Mona Time! I concur, she has the best Teacher. Thanks for having a QuiltCam tomorrow.

  12. I love the quilt behind Emmy Lou! Is it one you've made? I don't recognise it from the books of yours that I do have.

  13. Go Mona!!!! Those quilts are gorgeous...

    And I love that you share your pets with us. The resident furballs approve. :)

  14. we had some lumps removed from our Toby this summer that turned out to be mass cell tumors also. Two months later more lumps have appeared and our vet said it would not be helpful to keep putting him under to remove them over and over again. He told us to just care for and love him... and we'll know when the cancer has overtaken him and he should be put down rather than suffer. My heart is broken... but I am enjoying every minute with him for as long as I can.


  15. Love the quilting on those bowties...it makes that quilt Pop!
    I love that scrappy quilt is that a Bonnie pattern? I love it!Glad you had a wonderful girl day!!!

  16. Please tell Mona that her quilts "rock"!
    I was at the store the other day and a gentleman
    came walking in with a red, white and blue quilt
    rolled up under his arm. When the cashier asked
    about it; he said a lady asked if he had served in
    the armed forces... when he told her "yes", she
    gave him the quilt. Whoever she is I personally want
    to thank her, she touched his heart... he was in tears.
    So sweet of her. Thank you quilters!!! Biggest Hearts


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