Thursday, November 09, 2017

Life At Home…

I know many of us are going through life where things around us are just simply beyond our control.

There are times when I feel it so hard in the pit of my stomach and the unknown yet unfolding grips me so tightly I feel like I can’t breathe.

Tears may be close to the surface from time to time as emotions stop me in my tracks.  We’ve all been there.  I know I’m not alone here.

I have found comfort in the routine of doing normal things that I’ve been doing for 30+ years.  These are the things that are soothing for me.

Chopping and shredding veggies that will simmer in the crock pot along with the chicken stock I made the day before from the leftover rotisserie chicken.  Soup is always good for the soul.

So is folding laundry warm from the dryer.  Cleaning my kitchen. Straightening this, putting away that.  My hands know what to do to keep my heart and my mind occupied.

A fragrant candle burning.  Soft music playing.  The company of my son.


The soup was delicious, too!

This is the recipe I use for turkey soup, substituting chicken and adding a can of diced tomatoes with garlic and oregano. Click the recipes tab at the top of the block and check the crock pot recipes section.


The rest of our day was spent HERE!

More than half of the 230+ orders went out yesterday.  I’ll be working on the other half today.  I’ve hired on my son part time to help me in the order fulfillment department and we had a great day laughing and talking and takin’ care of business.

And yes, the scraggly beard is GONE!  So nice to see his handsome face.  Now...can we get a haircut?!


Two friends on a walk!

Sadie and I were half way through with our walk when we were joined by Piper, neighbor dog!  It was sprinkling just a bit.  I’m trying to handle Sadie on a leash, umbrella, and my phone camera at the same time.  No cone required, her staples come out tomorrow and she is pretty much back to normal activity.  That means two walks around the neighborhood, one in the morning, and one before it gets dark (Which is earlier and earlier and I hate it!)

Here is a little clip from yesterday.

This morning it was a bit chillier, but we had a job to do.


I love this tree leafless even more than with leaves!

The binding is done on Sugar Bowl!


I also love my neighbor’s expansive rustic fence for quilt photo ops!


And the autumn color has been so beautiful this year in North Carolina.


So pleased with this finish!

And I find myself floundering not knowing which project to pull into play next! I want to hand quilt, but that project is at the cabin. I ended up pulling out the hexies last night while watching Victoria on Amazon Prime. Fascinating.  Loving it!  This is one I’m not binge watching. 

For any other Amazon Prime watchers out there – is there anything you’ve enjoyed watching?  I’m a bit burned out on Netflix, many of the new series that have come out are either dark with heinous plot lines, or the kind of comedy that I don’t find funny.  Let me know what you enjoy watching!

I’ve been asked if we can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam this week.  Maybe over the weekend we can do it.  I doubt I’ll be heading to Idaho by then and perhaps I can come up with SOMETHING to work on.  How about a Sunday afternoon at 2pm Eastern?  That will allow those in Europe to join in as it will be 8 pm their time.  It’s been a while since we’ve done that.

I’ll catch you on Facebook Live at 2pm Eastern, and if you don’t do Facebook or if that time doesn’t work for you, it will be embedded in Monday morning’s post.  I’m looking forward to this already!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

No matter how much I love to travel, and I do - I really really love being home!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


  1. Oh Bonnie your Sugar Bowl quilt is gorgeous! I love it!
    I'm wondering if you could talk a bit on next QuiltCam about how you decide on a block layout?
    Is it random and just happens to look fabulous?
    Do you toil beside a design wall, moving things around until it's just right?
    What are you looking for in the layout?
    Would love to know your thoughts on this!

  2. Hi Bonnie, I'm wondering how you keep your quilts on a fence/deck while you take your photos. Thanks for being my breakfast buddy for years! I'm sure you'll find something to work on...lol

  3. Yes, we all go through those hard times. I'm hoping you'll find smooth waters soon. Quilting gives my mind a chance to stop spinning and sometimes each stitch is a prayer. Stay strong girl, we are right beside you.

  4. I feel the same way about Netflix lately - I will be watching to see what people post

  5. Have you discovered Heartland on netflix? Canadian show about a horse loving girl?

  6. Amazon prime has the Masterpiece Poldark show which I enjoy. --love your sugar bowl quilt!

  7. Glad Sadie is on the upswing! Keep on sewing Bonnie, it's good for the soul. Love the quilt and that fence! Son, Jeff, keep the hair. ☺

  8. I've recently watched "Canada's Worst Handyman" and "Canada's Worst Drivers" on Netflix. Now I'm watching "The Big Family Cooking Showdown" -- British families. I love seeing their kitchens.

  9. Have you seen "When Calls the Heart"?

  10. I love your new finish, and that fence and tree are a fabulous backdrop! We don't have Netflix and our Internet connection is so slow and gig-limited that we don't use our Amazon prime for the movies either. We still love the old reruns of some of the older British sitcoms such as Last of the Summer Wine and As Time Goes By. They're still showing on our local PBS station. Other than that it's NCIS for me or nothing at all.

  11. Hugs to you, Bonnie. Let those tears flow...
    You have an abundance of friends out here, holding you and your family in loving thoughts.

  12. I loved the period series Lark Rise to Candleford. I added Acorn TV to Prime, all British series. Excellent.

  13. I agree. Everything has gotten dark, and everything on tv has gotten RAUNCHY. I am no prude, but I don’t enjoy 16 year old humor anymore either. I am catching up with Blacklist, and am only on the second year. I lose interest in all the shows after a while. Not sure why. Hang in there. Find joy where you can, hang with friends who make you laugh...but you know this...we are now the outside of the onion...and it is a scary thing. We are the next to peal off and go...
    We are behind you.
    You have a nice place to walk! I took the dogs out this morning, It was 8 degrees and windy...really not ready for this yet...! (Northern MN)

  14. So glad your son is there with you! That's a perfect way to get through this time. Sounds like a great kid to spend time with you! I'm not a TV or movie watcher primarily for the reason you stated. I love Audio books though, so you might consider that as an alternative. There are so many genres out there to explore...I've been on a 'science non-fiction' audio book kick for awhile. I find non-fiction interesting and engaging. I learn something too, and the best part is that I don't have to worry about suspense and drama getting my emotions worked up!

  15. My sis and I watched our favorite series Anne of Green Gables on pbs she recorded it so we watched it all in one night! So good to have a girls night! Sun is great at 2 for me. After church.

  16. Inspector Lewis . The Durrells in corfu. Nova The secrets of the forbidden city,

  17. Bosch on Amazon Prime is good...a cop show.
    I LOVED Broadchurch on Amazon.
    ..also love Sugar Bowl.

  18. Really enjoyed The Enchanted Cottage and The Words recently... both are gentle and good. Viewing. They are on Amazon Prime also.
    Bonnie I hear you ... oh trust me I do.

  19. I think that the new season of Longmire starts sometime this month.

    I love a British program called Vera which I watch on Amazon Prime. There are many seasons of this show. Each episode is long--about 1.5 hours--which is kind of like a movie. When I first started watching it, I didn't think I would like it because the plot seemed a little complicated and I couldn't keep the people all sorted out. But after I got through the first 2 episode, I LOVED it. The main character is an older, kind of grouchy woman who is a police detective. She's like a female Columbo---kind of crumpled and dowdy. But she's really smart and always solves the murder. She calls people "pet" and "love" in a very British kind of way, and now I've been calling my grandchildren "pet" and "love". :-)

    On Amazon Prime, I also have an add-on subscription called Acorn TV. It's about $5.00 a month. It has a bunch of additional British TV shows. I watch a sitcom called Boomers which I really enjoy. It's about 3 senior couples. One of the wives is played by the actress who was the mother (Mrs. Bennett) in the fabulous BBC Pride and Prejudice. (And coincidentally, the actress in the aforementioned Vera program, played the mother, Mrs. Bennett, in the movie version of Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightly).

    I like the PBS Mystery called Grantchester. It has a crime-solving vicar who is really, really handsome! :-) I watch it on Amazon Prime.

    This sounds like I watch lots of TV which is not actually the case. I don't even turn it on until evening. Then I like to settle in to my comfy chair and crochet or bind quilts or do counted cross stitch while I watch TV for a bit.

    I'm looking forward to reading other people's recommendations because I am always on the lookout for good programs. I don't enjoy most of what is on network TV.

    Also---it's Christmas! There are always lots of good Christmas movies on this time of year which I love. :-)

  20. Sending you and your family hugs and quilty love.

  21. Your quilt is wonderful and the soup looks delicious! I know you said you were burnt out Netflix but have you watched Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? There are currently 3 seasons to watch and it's hysterical! I love it! If you haven't seen it, check it out!

  22. It was like you were reading my mind with the 1st part of your blog today and I don't know what I can do about it but pray and soldier on.
    As to the TV we look forward to Sunday night PBS with the Durells, Poldark, The Collection and At Home (Australian). I too am tired of the same comedies over and over.
    You are lucky to have your son with you working side by side.
    Take care and take a deep breath.---Robin :)

  23. Have you seen "Peaky Blinders" or "Happy Valley" both excellent series from UK.

  24. I just watched the first season of Victoria on Amazon and part of Endeavor, which is like a prequel to Inspector Morse. Your soup looks so good. We're not really cool here yet but I've been craving soup.

  25. Hi Bonnie -- I love your new quilt finish! Enjoy your time with your puppy and son. My kids are grown and out of the house...but I do get to see the grandkids pretty regularly. I lost my mini-schnauzer, Stitchie, 11 yrs old, to IMHA in July and I miss her sweet face every day.

    I have Amazon Prime, and for $8.99/month I signed up for Starz through Amazon. I have been reading the Outlander books and catching up on the TV series in its 3rd season. I would highly recommend that to watch while stitching. Even my husband is hooked!

    Hope I can tune in on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend!


  26. Pryne Fisher Murder Mysteries - excellent on Netflix. We watched only one a day to stretch them out, Australia, 1930's or so. Not dark or gory. She drives the best car ever!

  27. Great finish on the Sugar Bowl quilt. I love seeing my son's baby face too. Glad he's there to help you. Yummy Chicken soup. One good thing about the cooler weather. Hugs and prayers! Quiltcam time on a Veterans Day weekend. Do some stars!

  28. With everything you have on your plate right now, I'm so glad you have some help w the shipping side of your business. I've been wondering if an extra pair of hands for orders might not take some pressure off you. Good for you. And time spent with your son is a wonderful bonus!

  29. I had watched McClouds Daughters on Netflix a few years ago. Wonderful, no violence, down to earth. Took place in Australia.
    Keeping you & your family in my thoughts.

  30. Love your Sugarblock quilt. As to something to watch, I like the Cedar Cove movies on Netflix. Made off Debbie Macombers books set in Washington state. Very good. There's also a new version of Anne of Green Gables on Netflix. If you're into Christmas movies, hubby and I have been watching some really sweet ones, again on Netflix.

    Waiting for Sunday, anxious to see what finds it'' way to your machine.

  31. I watch a lot of PBS, and as a member of my local public TV station I have access to many older PBS programs thru what they call a Passport I think this available for most public tv outlets. No extra charge. I also have Acorn TV as I love British shows. Have watchd Vera as a prior poster mentiond. A friend gave me season one of outlander. I've read all the books so can't wait to watch it.

  32. Netflix recommendation- Australian comedy/drama- "Offspring" - so good I binge watched all 7 years. Funny female OB and her dysfunctional family. I recommended it to my 30 y/o daughter who also loved it.

    Bonnie- so enjoy reading your blog every day. Your positive attitude does my heart good.

  33. Isn't parenthood amazing? We have two girls, 32 and 26. I loved having little ones, but now I love having adult children who are friends! I've never cared for facial hair; the recent scraggly beard fashion makes me shake my head. As long as the hair is clean (same with the beard, really), it's fine. Their heart, their character, are what matters. So glad you have had one of your boys with you to help with hands and spirit.

    I enjoyed Frankie and Grace; while it is a comedy, it has some good life lessons. Many of the British shows are favorites: Doc Martin, Call the Midwife, and a real oldie but goodie is Keeping Up Appearances (a comedy). Also The Americans. Am now waiting for the next season of that to begin on FX. I'm sorry, I don't remember which of those were on Netflix and which was on Amazon Prime.

    What a perfect setting for a quilt picture! Do you put something under your quilts when you photograph them? The Sugar Bowl is wonderful. As I have some shirts that I've picked up (it's an addiction now!) that I will be cutting this winter, I am going to add the sizes I need for these blocks to the ones I need for Mountain Majesties and Bricks and Stepping Stones. Some of these will eventually find their way to a quilts for the needy group I work with.

  34. Well said Bonnie! Grief, and preparing to grieve is a very exhausting process. I'm glad that you understand yourself well and that you are filling up your time with good things, soup, quilting and walks! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  35. Don't push it mom, the kid has to think it is HIS idea to spiff things up.... but glad you hired him to process orders..... it is win win for all....

  36. I love your blog. Thank you. For $24 year I subscribe to Old Movie Time Premium http://www.omtpremium.com and it is really old - from the 20/30s up through the 60s. I've watched some really good movies plus you can choose from the drop down menu to watch comedy, action, western, etc. And if you install AdBlock you see NO commercials/ads.

  37. Bonnie your quilts are just beautiful!! I'm presently cutting for the hourglass quilt and can't wait to start sewing. My favorite on Amazon Prime is Bosch...from the Michael Connelly novels. Great acting and storyline.

  38. A beautiful finish, the Sugar Bowl blocks. You’ve got me interested in doing one. Enjoy the tranquility around you at the moment, things in life do get crazy. Looking forward to Quilt Cam on Sunday. Peace to you Bonnie.

  39. Oh Drat, I think Quilt Cam is about 6am in Aussie Might have to catch it later. My Sugar Bowl is coming along nicely, just 30 more blocks to do. Have plenty of shirt fabric left and am thinking about Mountain Majesty for the next one. Thanks for all you do.

  40. Beautiful quilt, Bonnie, it is especially gorgeous posed in a natural setting. Isn't it funny how quilts look one way when you're up close and can be magnificent when seen whole and from a distance. (There's probably an analogy to Life in there.)
    A good program to watch is "The Durrells in Corfu" on PBS or pbs.org. It's based on Gerald Durrell's book _My Family and Other Animals_.
    I showed my Pineapple Blossom quilt top at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club meeting today and it was well received. I'll send you a photo once it's quilted.

  41. Some of my Netflix favorites have been mentioned but I loved loved loved Offspring and so does my daughter. It is one I have watched many of the episodes twice. Also Heartland. When Calls the Heart. A Place called Home. Monarch of The Glen. A quirky humorous show called Schmitt's Creek. I love to watch and sew. Enjoy your blog, your travels, your quilts and you.

  42. Working on Virginia Bound I love the Pattern. It also is taking a lot of small strips from the shirts. I like Grace and Frankie on net flex. thank you Bonnie

  43. Lark Rise to Candleford and Cranford are two I have enjoyed. I have printed the
    introduction to this year's mystery and gathering fabrics in anticipation. Cant't wait!!!! Karen

  44. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    I started watching alias Grace, on your recommendation. I am enjoying it thoroughly...but I am not binge watching! Two episodes a night is about all the watching I can do of anything. Thanks for the heads up on it!

  45. Bonnie, If you are enjoying the Victoria series... you may be interested in the many many British documentaries on YouTube. I've been watching a series of them on Queen Victoria, Victoria and Albert, Victoria's Children. Each one you watch YouTube suggests others. It is a real time suck, but fascinating and historic.

  46. Hi Bonnie and Sadie🤗🤗. The sugar bowl quilt came out smashingly! So glad Sadie you are almost healed 100%🐶👍such exciting news. Bonnie,I have been meaning to tell you about NOVA/ PBS about a show called The Secrets of the Unforbidden City. I watched it when you where in China. It is very interesting and well done. Not boring. In fact, I think I am going to watch it again. So much info and history. Also Grantchester series on PBS is very entertaining. Your chicken soup looks great! Have to try. Love Jeffs minus the beard. Looks way more handsome that way, but he can keep the hair. Glad he can be with you when Dave is away. By the way, how is brother Mark doing? Keeping everyone in prayer, you too. Peace.🙏🙏🕊🍁❤️Susann

  47. I really enjoyed an Amazon original series called Gordimer Gibbons's Life on Normal Street. It was aimed at teens, but there was a charm & whimsy & tenderness to the storylines that really touched my heart. It also showed humor and imagination and was the kind of show you could watch with your entire family and not be embarrassed by.

  48. Bonnie- Your chicken soup looked and sounded delicious. I made Creamy Chicken/wild rice soup a couple days before I came up to Anchorage. SOOOO Good.

    Now looking forward to On Ringo Lake, as I found out, it is close to my home town of Olivia, MN, 30 miles south of Wilmar! I picked up by color cards at Lowes this afternoon, in the snow!

    Temporarily in Anchorage, AK

  49. I’ve been watching Call the Midwife here in Australia. Need to wait for the next lot of episode to be released on Netflix here.
    Thank you Bonnie for all you do. I just love your mysteries and all your scrappy quiltiness.

  50. Love the quilt and it is so good to see Sadie getting her mojo back. You asked about series on Netflix, have you looked at "Hinterland" It is based not far from where I live, Wales UK, an unusual Detective series based around Aberystwyth, Netflix has series 1 & 2 at present, make sure you watch those before watching series 3, won't say anymore as it will give the game away. BTW "Hinterland" means the land behind coast and rivers.

  51. Bonnie, I am amazed at your energy! Yes, we all find some times difficult and having the things that help us through makes a huge difference. I love the audio downloads my library has and I love the English mysteries. For that reason my husband (who grew up in Scotland and Africa) loath love Acorn and BritBox for streaming shows. Less violence, fewer laugh tracks, and characters you can care about. Yes, they require more channels, but worth it, for us.

  52. Hi Bonnie, Try Doctor Blake Mysteries. If you like a good mystery, you will enjoy these.

    Janis in Texas

  53. I think I've shared this with you before-- it's an older series, but so incredibly funny! Gavin and Stacey. It's a British comedy cowrote by James Corden. I could watch it over and over! 🤣

  54. We have enjoyed watching 7 seasons of Madmen and currently Father Brown -good mysteries :). The Crown was excellent as well!

  55. Love the quilt! We enjoyed Bosch, Justified and Poldark on Amazon Prime.

  56. Your son looks happy to be spending time with his mom. Beard gone...baby steps the hair will come! I like the series "suits" lawyer drama with some humor once you get to know the characters.I also was watching a series but can't remember the name of it and can't find it on netflix. It was about an Australian gyno doctor and her family.Serious and funny parts, much like a night time drama.
    I always seem lost once I have finished a project. There is a moment of two of wondering what to do next.Good luck and we'll be watching to see what you have chosen to do!!

  57. Your sugar bowl quilt is stunning, I love that you’ve used all that check shirting in it really inspirational.
    I too have a hairy son lol takes a bit of persuasion sometimes to get him to shave then the hair has to go lol. He told me he likes the scruffy surfer look, but he doesn’t even surf! Lol
    Your soup looks so tasty, I will definitely be trying your recipe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  58. I can't thank you enough for your daily posts. Sometimes it seems like we are thinking exactly alike what with family and duties and every day life. But you make things seems doable which is a big dose of positive encouragement. Besides all the aforementioned shows (which I've written down) I loved The Last Tango in Halifax (about a couple who reunite many many years after a high school romance) and Rosemary and Thyme (2 ladies who solve mysteries). One day at a time, my friend, is the best advice I was ever given and still pass along. Merry from cool and gray So. Cal.

  59. Look forward to your post every day. Often don't read it until evening so it can be enjoyed and savored. Love the new quilt. Glad you have some help with the orders. Looking forward with anticipation for your next project.

  60. I absolutely love your pictures of your sugar bowl quilt. Such a beautiful spot. Sounds like your coping mechanisms are doing the trick. As much as I complain about housework, it is often what I use for coping too. Please know you are close to my heart in my prayers...that is just what Quilter’s do ❤️

  61. First want to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers along with many other of your quilting buddies. Do you get the Hallmark channel? They have two channels, one is romance movies and the other mystery movies.


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