Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunsets & Foggy Mornings

I could title this photo Sunset and Lone Street Light.

But isn’t this color glorious??

I took this photo on Saturday evening after Mona and I had stopped quilting for the day.

Deciding we both deserved a break, we hopped into Moby and headed over to Greensboro for some antique mall wandering and a much desired Mexican dinner out.  Comfort food was needed.  Hot homemade tortilla chips and warm queso and salsa?  Yes, please!

I tend to laugh at our society and the plethora of folks taking pictures of their food – but it is true.  Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  We can’t live without it, and we may as well enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did.

How much?  This much:


Arroz ala Cheech on the left for me
Arroz con Cameron on the right for Mona.

And a whole lot of chips, salsa and queso in between.

I guess I’m kind of writing this post inside out.  I skipped right over the quilting and went directly to food.  It’s been kind of an inside out few weeks as it is.  So let’s back-track.


Mona and the Beast!

I had posted about her top finishes back in June from the cabin, and it took until now for us both to be in North Carolina at the same time and have the time available to get these on the machine.  This is her String X quilt from the free patterns tab.  She used my bucket of strings, not even making the slightest dent, and it is going on her guest room bed.  99’’ x 111’’.  420 inches of binding.  Yep.  That’s going to take a while.  LOL.


But so much fun!

Things to appreciate about new quilters:  They have no fear.  There is no pre-conceived notion that things have to match.  There is no idea of how old or “out-dated” a fabric is.  They are excited about EVERYTHING. When you get someone started, and let them go at it, their own intuition kicks in and Mona has done extremely well with color choices and value placement.  She is not afraid of kitchen sink.  She just goes for it!

And we had so much fun looking at all of the fun fabrics that are in here of every genre and decade.  Fabulous.


Coming off the machine.  Yes, we deserved some time out after this!


THIS is not a 3rd quilt.  THIS is the back of the String X quilt!

If it wasn’t a heavy beast already, it definitely is now.  It’s ultra warm, and double the fun.  Can you see the quilting on the left edge?  This is the Dusty Miller Grande pantograph by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz.

With everything that happened after getting the call of my father-in-law’s passing yesterday, I neglected to get a close up photo of the front of the quilt.  We had planned to do an “over the fence” photo op before Mona headed home, but that was all pushed aside as notification came.  We’ll get that done perhaps when she finishes the binding.  Next time.


Both quilts got binding sewn in place!

Happy Binding, Mona!


This was good for my heart and soul last night.

Except for where this episode of Poldark season 2 on Amazon Prime ended last night, which left me so sad!  I don’t know who else is watching it, and I don’t want to leave a spoiler here, but whhhaaaaa!


My foggy morning.

This is my favorite tree in the neighborhood and I adore foggy mornings.  There is just something about them.  It’s magical.  Sadie and I are back from our walk and we are ready to dig in.


This is it for a while!

I have added 200 Simple Folded Corners rulers to the Quiltville Store.  There will not be another shipment in until December 11th. I am limited to stock on hand and unable to take pre-orders for later as there is too much going on right now. Thank you so much for understanding.

I am flying to Idaho with my son Jason for my father-in-law’s funeral on Thursday.  The service is Saturday.  I return home on Monday, which happens to be Thanksgiving week and I am taking some time for Thanksgiving up at the cabin with my family. My husband has been gone for 3 1/2 weeks now tending to his dad along with his 2 brothers, and I need family time desperately.  I haven’t seen him since I left for China.

(Let’s not forget the mystery starts on November 24th!)

I leave for Arizona to spend time with my brother Mark and his family and my Dad a few days later on November 28th.   I will be in Arizona until I go up to Oregon for my make up week of teaching for 3 guilds on December 2nd.  I teach December 3rd through December 7th and fly home on Friday the 8th.

(I will be gone for 3 consecutive Fridays while the mystery is running.  I’m trying to get those posts written ahead, but if we end up extending a week for any of the parts, that will give folks time to concentrate on their holidays and families and catch up.  The mystery may run into January as needed.)

Monday, December 11th Sadie has her tumor surgery.  She is nearing 12 years old so of course I am very worried about her as well.  We are taking this one day at a time.

Book manuscript still due on Jan 2nd!

So, I am putting this out here.  If  you do not find rulers in stock in my store because they have sold out again, you may want to consider purchasing from another source if you don’t want to wait until the 11th when I have more in stock.

Also, please remember the rulers are only a suggestion – there are other methods that can be used to achieve these units and I will be presenting options for you during the mystery.

I want this to be fun for us all – and that includes ME!

Tears are very close to the surface and fall often.  This morning I really want to take the time to thank my friend Jen for her phone call.  The offer to supply my Thanksgiving pie so I had one less thing to deal with when I get back from Idaho had the tears rolling again.  Simple kindnesses mean so much.  Thank you!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage double knit quilt found in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Some days are like this. Some days the best you can do is baby steps. But baby steps still move you forward!

It’s a baby steps kind of day!


  1. You have unleashed a "monster" in Mona. A quilting monster! What a power house she is. Please pace the mystery this year however it works for you. We aren't going anywhere. Folks will probably enjoy a relaxed schedule if that's what it comes to. Take care of yourself and family.

  2. Slow is good. I just want to say that we all love you Bonnie and however you bring this mystery to us we will be there for you and your family. You motivated me to go thru my entire stash and reorganize it (it really needed to be done)lol, and now I am feeling much better about my sewing space and doing this mystery. My heart goes out to you and your family at this most difficult time and I am keeping you in my prayers. Know that you are an inspiration to many of us out here and if we could do anything for you we would. May god's peace enfold you every day as you walk this hard road.

  3. I very sorry for your family's loss. Saying goodbye is difficult. Be good to yourself and yours; rejoice in your memories of your father-in-law.

    Love the back of Mona's string quilt.

  4. May your travels be uneventful as you head out west for the funeral. My heart goes out to you and your family as you go through these difficult days ahead. And through all that you are going through, you are still providing us with a mystery quilt. If you need to slow down, please do so. As someone said in the comments, "we aren't going anywhere." Hopefully you know how much we appreciate all that you do for us, and we want you to enjoy the mystery too.

  5. Go Mona, Go! Holy Moly, that's a movie or two of binding! Thanks to you, I am rethinking my quilt backs as side "b". I love the idea of two sided quilts (less storage issues). Thinking of you as you travel West. Peace to your family at this time.

  6. The important thing is to take care of yourself and then your family. Everything else will work itself out. Hugs and safe travels.

  7. You are loved! If I could I would make you a Pie. Have a safe trip on Thursday. Glad Jason is able to go with you. The Hunter family is in my prayers.

  8. I have to say I agree with EVERYTHING said by the others! Your priorities should start with God and family, and only after that is taken care of think of your business and readers. We will wait as you process this grieving time that you NEED! I know that most of us are not able to physically help you but I also know that you have a circle of great friends that can, don't be afraid to lean on them for a bit and remember these two thoughts - "What goes around, comes around" and "A trouble shared is a trouble halved, while a joy shared is a joy doubled".
    It brings tears to my eyes while I pray for strength for you and your family and remember the support I have received in similar situations in the past.
    God's peace be with you - Brenda


  9. So happy you had a Mona weekend. Great job on the quilts! Be sure to take care of you and your family needs during this difficult time. The mystery, blog, etc come second. You have a lot on your plate right now...we will wait patiently for the clues. Life happens. Thanks for offering the mystery and all the tips and techniques you give for free. Prayers and hugs.

  10. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend with Mona. Your quote of the day is so true and was what got me thru several years of a very bad life situation. Made it and now am able to do leaps and bounds as well as baby steps. Yea for our ability to replenish our batteries and move on. Safe travels - we'll be right here when you need us.

  11. Sweet Bonnie... there are no words, there are only feelings. I feel deeply for you and your family. My John designed aircraft engines for military use. There is something called scheduled down time. Engines need to have a time when they are taken to shop, thoroughly gone over and fixed if needed before they can get back into use. Please please please consider SCHEDULED DOWN TIME for yourself. Make yourself a priority. .. think of how terrifying flying in an aircraft with engines would be if they needed or skipped that scheduled time off!!! We use the word crash easily. But people do break down, crash too. Only you Bonnie can take time to take time for youself.
    God bless and keep you

  12. It is never a good time to receive sad news but having Mona with you would have been a comfort. All the quilts you and Mona are working on are beautiful. God bless Bonnie and keep safe as your travel to be with loved ones. Xx

  13. So very glad you had Mona time this weekend. I know that having her there was a great comfort for you. Don't worry about us, your followers, because we will be here whenever you feel that you can continue with blogging and the mystery. Please schedule time for you and Dave, as that is who you need the most right now. We love you Bonnie and want you to be safe in your travels.
    Jayne in Utah

  14. You will be in SO many hearts and prayers over the next while. It is always too soon to lose someone we dearly love, even when we know it's for the best. I'm glad you can be with all your family.

  15. Thanks so much for all you do! You truly are a dear friend to all of us and we wish to be the best friends back-hope you find someone to help you with the new book. I echo all the sentiments posted here and take the time you will need for yourself and family. Hopefully the next Poldark installment is a lighter in tone, but from the previews maybe not..?

  16. Deepest sympathies in regards to your FIL passing. I'm glad Mona was with you when you heard the news. I'm astonished and amazed at how much Mona was able to accomplish in the short amount of time you were together! Take care of yourself and your family and don't worry about your blog "family." We'll be waiting for you to do what you can when you can and praying for your and your loved ones.

  17. Mona is doing so good and she has a wonderful teacher to help her.
    So sorry about your father in law and prayers for all the family and safe travels.
    Take time for family and do not worry about mystery quilt as we will all be here when you get caught up and we all can do this into next year.

  18. thank you Bonnie for doing the mystery at all, especially when there are other things coming first in your life,,, whenever, however we love it and we love you

  19. Take care Bonnie. Stop working yourself too hard! Family and real life comes first whatever comes along - good and bad.

    Thinking of you all.

  20. You and your family are going through so much stress and sadness, I'm so sorry. This is a time for you to take time for yourself and spend time with your family and Sadie. Quilting is soothing to the soul but there will be time for that. Sending prayers, take care of yourself.

  21. Hello Bonnie,

    I am sending you a much needed hug. You were a beacon of light for me in 2016. My brother passed away while I was attending the Art festival at Mackinac Island. I appreciated your concern for me and the long, lonely drive back home to look after his funeral. Mom died and it became a double funeral. You took extra good care of me during the 2016 Alaskan cruise. I only wish I could be there for you now.

    Celebrate all that was good about your father-in-law over the next few days and remember also you have many friends surrounding you and your family right now in one gigantic hug.

    May God bless you and your family at this time.


  22. Take all the time needed for your family, and for yourself. You aren't good to anyone if you don't take care of yourself, too. Yes, this is your job, but, if you get burned out, it won't matter. Spend precious time with your family, and everything else (other than Sadie) will wait for you.

  23. I can only repeat the good thoughts that were sent to you in all the comments. I lost my older brother three weeks ago so am feeling loss and lost as well. What you do for everyone is incredible. I so appreciate you, your talents, and your ability to share with all of us daily. I'm 80 and am constantly encouraged by what you share. Your daily "Bonnieisms" are saved and used as my daily desktop messages. Thank you so much for being you ... know that you are thought of, loved, and respected!

    P.S. I am moving from California to Oregon soon and hope to go to one of your classes someday.

  24. Bonnie, I am so sorry for your loss and for all of the struggles you are going through at this time. Through everything, don't forget to take care of yourself!! Don't worry about any delays in rulers or posts, we all understand and only want the best for you! BREATHE, dear friend, just BREATHE. Hugs from Bobbie


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