Saturday, November 04, 2017

Stitchin’ Friday!

I finished my desk work at 5pm.

Well, not finished really – there is so much to be done that it feels like it will NEVER be finished.  But I stepped away from the desk, the keyboard, the book writing in an effort to follow what my friend Irene has been telling me to do for months. 

“You have to take time for yourself and your own projects or you are going to burn out!”

I know!  I know!

But it’s always a bit tough on the re-bound from a long trip, be it state-side or overseas.  There is so much to catch up on that the light at the end of the tunnel is pushed further back as priorities shift just a bit.

Thanks to waiting on a shipment of Essential Triangle Tools and Simple Folded Corners Rulers for our On Ringo Lake mystery I have found myself being able to shift to some other deadlines – AND some time for evening piecing.

This is looking just like I hoped it would!

I make no apologies for the fact that I LOVE busy quilts – the busier and the more going on the better.  Life is too short for boring, predictable quilts.  My eyes love to dance from place to place, taking in the color, contrast, value and variety.  I know it’s not for everyone, but this quilt isn’t being made for everyone. It’s being made for ME.


All webbed together.

Can you see the one 4-patch “gone awry?”  IT STAYS.

I saw it when laying blocks out.  I didn’t care, it stays.  There is much in my life that is “not quite right” right now.  I don’t need nor long for perfection in my quilt, as my life surely isn’t. (Please let's not get  started on "The Amish put in humility blocks on purpose..." – that has been debunked in the past.)

However, this does state to me that there is perhaps even more beauty in imperfection because it makes you stop, and look and really see what is going on. The tough things we go through in life leave imperfections and scars, but it is these things that make us stronger, and unique as individuals.

It stays.  This is me.


120 blocks set 10 X 12 for a top that measures 60’’ x 72’’.

I’m leaning toward no borders at this point.  Just a nice strong binding to finish off the edge.  Son Jeff is in love with this one, he even held it up to himself saying “See, it’s big enough for me!”  I think this one is destined to be a snuggle quilt on the couch for TV watching.


I haven’t decided on the orange, green or red binding yet.

Or maybe it will be blue?  Or brown?

I figure I’ll know by the time I finish the quitting.  I’d really love to hand quilt this one, but who am I kidding?


Sadie on our walk this morning.

She is doing much better, and I took the cone off of her neck for our morning walkies.  Autumn is showing us its best, but will be nearly done soon.  The leaves are falling at rapid pace.  The world is clothed in an atmosphere of gold.  While in China, our guide Charlie told us we were in China at the best time – The Golden Season.  I think I will always think of autumn as The Golden Season from now on.


Tall trees from the top of my drive -

That’s Moby and Jeff’s Mazda in front of the garage.

He did the leaf blowing yesterday. 


Woods in the front.


Woods at the back off of my back porch.

The Golden Season.

Today I’m feeling a bit happily frugal.  I may piece a back for the sugar bowl top.  I am considering getting out my box of batting scraps and piecing a batting to use that up as well.

And I could always go feet up on the couch and finish adding that hexie border to the mother ship ---with some Netflix binge watching.  Aren’t Saturdays at home just made for that?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

How often are our perceptions formed by what someone else has said. The only opinion that really matters is your own, based on your own experience.

Have a blissful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Glad Sadie is healing, love the quilt, enjoy your day! Thanks for sharing it with us 😄

  2. Quiet Saturday’s at home are the BEST! Enjoy your day Bonnie.

  3. I think the Golden Season is perfect for the fall. There is a Crepe myrtle in the back yard that exemplifies that name. As I sit at the table looking out back it is so striking and makes me happy. So Golden Season it is.

  4. Oh, but I love that OOPS! block! Just like you said you like the two light shapes formed in the Sugar Bowl block (they make me think of Chicken in a Biskit crackers ;) ) I kind of like that one big shape formed when the middle four-patch is turned 'wrong.' Your small mistake just got my imagination working......

  5. I love tnis quilt. It is SO you and perfectly imperfect. The photo of your trees in the front yard is stunning. It's a rainy chilly day here in the Golden Season. I will be in my happy place, sewing away.

  6. I am glad you are taking some time for yourself, we all need to remember to take some time for ourselves to rest and renew. I love the phrase "the Golden Season", it is so descriptive of those glorious fall days.

  7. Anonymous10:50 AM EDT

    Love love love the quilt. I also like the orange or red border - you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  8. Ahhh! I love that name for Autumn! It is my favorite season; I miss it! Thank you for your beautiful fall pictures. Being an Idaho girl to the deepest core, I can't get enough of the color living here in AZ.

    I love love love your quilt! What is it about a scrappy quilt that just makes one feel so loved!

    Thanks Bonnie for all your inspiration! Now if I could just channel some of your energy.... Have a fabulous Saturday!

  9. I love that you're getting time in your busy days for Recess, and for just being you.

  10. I hope you pick the green because I have named this quilt Monarch Mountains and the green would be for the tall evergreens awaiting their landing. Your quilt makes me think of the butterflies migrating and landing with the sunlight through their wings.

  11. It's a rainy Saturday here in Wisconsin. Great for piecing a quilt of my own creation being made for my Aunt and Uncle. Waiting to see if hubby needs to go to the hospital today with his high blood pressure. So glad to see Sadie girl out enjoying the weather with a break from her cone. They sure don't like those, do they?

  12. When people make comments about your quilts when I show them your books (whick I love to go through when I am just sitting....), how busy they are, they don't like that fabric, I always tell them, this is how Bonnie did it, with HER fabric. You can take this pattern/idea and make it your own by using your scraps, your fabrics..... Some people just don't see it. But, I love to make your patterns. Have a few on the go right now, and LOVE to do your mysteries. Love a mystery. Orca is the only one that I did on time and finished when it was done. Loved playing with that one. And yes, your friend is so right, we want you healthy, strong and just free from the weight you are carring, especially right now. You are in my thoughts, I am sending prayers your way for you and your family at this time. And you take it easy, enjoy your walks, enjoy the trees, love those pics, nature heals. Love that Sadie is feeling better and enjoy this Saturday. And nexflix!! Put those feet up and just be.... ((hugs))

  13. "Can you see the one 4-patch “gone awry?” IT STAYS."

    I'm going to print out that quote and hang it up in my sewing room! :-)

  14. I love busy quilts, too, Bonnie. The joy of scrap quilting is that no one else has one like it or ever will be able to recreate it. It's a work of art!

  15. Bonnie,

    Burn out is a very BAD experience so make time for yourself every day even if just to go outside at night and listen to the bugs. You will feel so much better. If you had a disease you would do what the doctor's say and take the meds you need. Well, burn out is no different. If you don't you will wish you did. Can't express this strong enough. Trust me I went through it.

    Looking forward to a leisurely mystery with you. Don't rush it - the world is so crazy we love slow and easy.

    Remember these verses in scripture: "Peace Be Still and Know That I Am God." Peace, slow down, dear Bonnie.

    Barby, MH 11/4/17

  16. As I grow in this quilting journey I’ve learned so many invaluable lessons along the way from you Bonnie, too many to list. Years ago I bought a wall hanging for my sewing room that says “Make Everyday Your Masterpiece” and that word obviously obviously means different things to different people. My passion for quilting is what drives me and whether it meets the criteria of perfection for others makes no difference to me anymore, thanks to you. My Masterpiece somedays is just showing up and if that means the points are cut off or the colors are not quite right that day it’s just about walking in that room and giving it my best. When I see pictures of my Grand daughter sleeping under a quilt I made my heart swells, that is why I quilt.

  17. Your sugar bowl quilt looks gorgeous! I like the red binding the best and it looks like you have yardage for that. I am willing to bet that next year's mystery quilt will be called "The Golden Season".

  18. Irene is a smart woman. Take some time for yourself. Just yesterday you filled my order faster than I could post it to my bank account for heavens sake!!!! Glad Sadie is doing better

  19. Or, you could just scrap the binding and use all of the colors around the outer edge! I like to do that when I can't make up my mind or find an old multi-colored paisley to do the job.
    So glad Sadie is doing better and I pray for your father-in-law's peaceful release from this world. May you and your family take comfort in having had the priviledge of knowing and loving such a wonderful person.

  20. Leaving all the gas burners on high creates burnout. Keep your pilot light going! Saturday is a good time for a slow simmer. I enjoy the motion in your quilts. My eyes dance across, over, up and down. It’s beautiful!

  21. Love the fact that you are leaving the 4 patch gone awry and the thoughts behind it. The quote really spoke to me. Thanks for all you share, your thoughts, your talent, and your motivation! You make a difference in the lives of so many.

  22. I'm finding with my MacTel I'm getting a lot less picky. This summer I gifted myself the art of letting the pieces fall where they may. As in the same color or print can touch the same color or print. The first one was my third tumbler quilt. I LOVE the effect!
    (((Sadie))) and your extended family at this time. Sharyn in Kalama

  23. Wow! It is beautiful! You've done it again...makes me want to start cutting a kit out for my next leaders and enders (would go nicely with Ringo Lake coming around the corner...a plan begins to form!) I see your quilt with the green binding. It is so much like the colors of the trees from your walk with Sadie. It speaks of the season you completed the quilt top. Yep, it's a keeper!

  24. Bonnie, I just need to retire so I can put all your lessons to practice in my quilts. You give us so much inspiration. I love the sugar bowl quilt and am eagerly awaiting the mystery start. Fabrics pulled and ready to start. Just waiting to get the other ruler. Take Irene'S advice and take time for you. I am sure Sadie will love having you to herself. God bless you and yours.
    Jayne in Utah

  25. Love the Oops block, you said it the best life’s not perfect.

  26. Bonnie, Our youngest daughter found a huge mistake in a shower curtain I quilted. The entire block was set opposite all the others (took 3 months to notice). When she brought the error to my attention, she couldn't believe I wasn't bothered by it. She was bothered by it. I offered that perhaps the block was placed carefully in the quilt to teach her coping skills. So here we have it! My daughter will learn, as I have, that we humans make mistakes. It is the choices we make afterwards to move on that really matters.

  27. Oh Bonnie, you are sooo right. My quilts often have an incorrect placement of fabric or block. I recently finished one with a mistake, and I DID NOT CARE! I owned that mistake. I had gone out of my comfort zone to make that quilt and I LOVED IT! I loved what I learned while piecing it, and I enjoyed every minute of making it. You are absolutely right, "IT IS ME".
    So glad Sadie is doing better.

    Thank you for all you do, you give so much to your quilting community.


  28. Thanks for being so real! Your candor is so refreshing and inspiring. I have always loved the light in the fall and the golden season sums it up perfectly. Thanks again for being you!!

  29. I know you, Bonnie, are more experienced in quilt making than I and it is your quilt but if I may I really like the orange/mustard for your broken dishes quilt binding. A beautiful quilt, thanks for all you share with the quilty world. Nicole in Australia

  30. Oh that remark is perfect "The Golden Season"!! In my family we will also adopt autumn as the Golden Season. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself and enjoy some relaxing time with your Sadie and family - if anyone deserves to rest, it is YOU!!!!

  31. I love the mistake and so happy your leaving it. I would have done the same. So happy Sadie is doing better. I have a little one still dealing with an infection in her mouth. On day two of antibiotics. Tooth cleaning next week.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  32. Glad to hear that Sadie is doing better. take a deep breath and try to relax. You definately deserve it. I have over 70 sugar bowl blocks done now.--low and behold --I just noticed 6 of them just like your 1 block. time to fix them right in the morning. You are such an insperation to us all.

  33. I’m with Jeff, I love your sugar bowl quilt and think the turned block is a great interest point. It’s so nice to see Sadie healing all the tic she receives from you all is definitely helping. Your Autumnal pics are truly stunning how wonderful that you have all this beauty on your doorstep. Thank you for being so generous and sharing with us, love and quilty hugs xxx

  34. the orange, the green OR the red border? why not the three of them?
    ok, would be my choice =^}, love the quilt anyway!
    have a good weekend, love from a rainy and windy freisland

  35. You need to slow down,we want you around longer. Much Love.

  36. you can't burn the candle at both ends! eventually one end will burn out. Netflix and watch Alias Grace! Quilt sisters series. you will love it Glad to see Sadie better. and Prayer an d hugs to you and family always. Stay strong girl we need you.

  37. So glad to be back on your mailing list. For awhile I had to cut back because I was inundated with class projects and blocks from swaps and needed to decide which I could happily use, and which would become pockets on little girls dresses or chemo totes or mug rug bases. I'm getting there, after months of piecing and cutting borders and backings, and I'm ready to play again! Glad to hear you are taking time for yourself as I did. I hope you feel my sense of accomplishment!

  38. Greetings from Zambia. Bonnie we know you too hard not only for yourself but for all of us. To relieve yourself of some of the repetitive work like sorting, you may want find a high school student to do a few hours along side of you when you are at home. I found this helpful since my children went on to university 15 - 20 years ago.

    Of course I did not let them send out mailings, they would place envelops and mailings in piles and I would check the content of each one and give the go ahead to stuff. Since I often receive offcuts from tailors, the youth will iron pieces then I mark and cut. This has given more time to do things I love like cuttings, sewing and finishing.

    Just a few thought that you may want to consider at some point.

    Take care.

  39. Green or blue will be good, I think. Glad it turned out just as you envisioned it. It's a very Happy quilt!

  40. Your quilt is gorgeous, love it!

  41. I like it!!! That one is just standing out in a crowd ;-) ha ha

  42. why not a scrappy border on that beautiful quilt? Love it!


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