Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Quiltmaker vol 16 Drawing Time!

Hello from the cabin in VIRGINIA!!

Yes, I made an early escape today.  Son Jeff and I finished up getting the mail order out that had come in while we were gone to Idaho Thursday through Monday.  I am so happy to have hired my son on part time – not only does it get everything done in about half the time it normally would have taken me, but he is so much fun and a joy to be around.

We finished up the 70+ order around 1:30pm.  And the decision was made on the fly right then.  Get the groceries, and head straight on up.  Instead of Wednesday being a travel day for Thanksgiving – it can be a hang at the cabin day, and perhaps even get some FUN sewing in!

Jeff and The Hubster are also on their way up, having made a detour with the trailer to pick up lumber for the refurbishing of our deck.  Many hands make light work and if the weather holds, they’ll get that going this weekend as well.

Just about the time that clue 1 of our On Ringo Lake mystery goes live! (3 more sleeps – can’t wait!)

So, let’s get back to what this post is all about – it’s time to draw the two lucky winners of my day on Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 blocks by 100 designers Volume 16 Road Rally!


This link will take you to the NEW “The Quilting Company” page where you can find hard copy and digital issues of vol 16.  There are so many wonderful blocks in this issue!

Our first winner is going to receive a copy directly from Quiltmaker.  Are you ready?

Looking for number 2,665 out of 4,216 entries!


Margaret Surber!  This issue is coming your way directly from Quiltmaker!

And our grand prize!  So many goodies!

This EXTRA lucky winner is going to receive not only Vol 16, but also Quiltmaker’s Holiday Cheer issue.

To sweeten the pot I’m throwing in a set of my Addicted to Scraps Quiltville Eco-Pouch sets, a sample of Soak wash, a Quiltville seam guide, a Tutu notions holder & pincushion kit to turn ANY wide mouth jar into a fabulous catch-all, a Carol Doak Teaches You to Paper Piece DVD, a pack of my Bonnie Hunter playing cards (I’m the joker! too much fun!) and a Vintage Textile Soak sample for safely washing those precious quilts, fabrics, and vintage linens.



Cathy Warren!  This is your bundle!

I have sent both Margaret and Cathy and email letting them know of their wins.  Packages will be on their way after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you for participating, everyone!

And this isn’t the only gift-away we’ve got going on.  There is still time to enter this one if you haven’t:

Click HERE to enter our Quilty Box Double Gift-Away!

You still have a chance to win either the full size Quilty Box, or the Quilty Box Mini – and I'll be drawing for those two winners tomorrow night.

And now that this is tackled, I’ve got a date with the vacuum – it seems that these big sunny windows have been a beacon for the flies.  Dead ones that is.  UGH.  That’s what I get for being gone for over a month.

Just HOW in the devil do they get in?  Ewww.  Just eww.

And perhaps after that dreadful job is done I can put my feet up for some hand quilting time.

Have a lovely Tuesday evening, everyone! 

Just 3 more sleeps!


  1. Hurray for an early departure to the cabin! Glad you have joyful help getting your orders filled. You take good care of your customers before you go and have fun. Great work ethic! Looking forward to the first clue Friday. Thank you for the reader appreciation on-line mystery you do for us each year. Happy Thanksgiving to your family. Hugs, Allison C Bayer Plano TX USA

  2. Congratulations to the winners! I, too, am so excited about the mystery that I can't wait. These are my colors too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. There may be sadness but also great joy!

  3. I'm so glad you arrived home safely and got an early start to the cabin. Wishing you a well-deserved lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your family! Also, thank you for all the time and effort you give towards providing us with the yearly mystery quilt.

  4. Bonnie, I am so glad you have hired Jeff to help with mail duty. Just like you said, many hands make light work, and a little laughter can make the time fly! Good for your both! I listened to your interview and was tickled to hear you mentioned being a Bluebird and a Campfire Girl. My mom was my leader through 5h grade. It was a ton of fun and so much was learned.
    Happy Thanksgiving, glad you were able to go early.

  5. So great you got home safely and your son was there to help you with your orders, you all really deserve your rest time at the cabin. Take care of yourselves, I’m so excited at the mystery quilt after the week jive been having it’s lovely to have some fun time coming.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. Congratulations Margaret & Cathy! Happy Thanksgiving to all! -Jean

  7. Congratulations Cathy and Margaret!
    Hopefully, someday, I will be a Lucky winner too!

    I can hardly wait for the clues to begin for the clues to On Ringo Lake, it is so close to my Hometown!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Big Hugs,
    In Sunny but cold, Kasilof, AK


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