Friday, February 19, 2016

Hiking South Mountain!

I love to hike!

I love long nature walks and taking in each detail of the beauty that is provided for us in this world of ours.

I have always been fascinated by the abundance that the desert provides and the different kinds of plants that are able to survive through the incredible heat of a long Arizona summer.

February in Arizona?  PERFECT!

We headed out (In my mustang rental car!) toward South Mountain around 11am to get in an hour’s hike before lunch.  It was a good thing we did, and we likely should have gone a bit earlier as the sun was doing its best to burn off that cloud layer and shine down upon us.

South Mountain is right on the outskirts of Phoenix, and is a very popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers alike.

Folks were out on the trails in droves!


Ruggedly beautiful!

We had decided to do one of the “less strenuous” hikes, circling the mountain in a clockwise fashion and then hiking up a moderate grade to get to the top.

Moderate is relative! LOL!


I’m trailing behind dad!

I am so happy that my dad is as active and physically fit as he is at 76.  He just marched right up this mountain.  I took my time, looking like I was stopping for photos and scenery, but really to calm my huffing and puffing! 


So gorgeous!


I love the cactus!


Green desert vegitation!


Where is John Wayne when you need him?


Don’t fall on this prickly guy!


Going steeper!

And all the while dad is just saying “Take your time, Darlin’ – there is no rush or hurry.”

My inner child smiles as I feel I am once again 12 years old. I’m here with my daddy.


How did pioneers survive here?


The valley below.  We made it to the top!


Dad, resting at the top!

I love this photo. 

I’m going to have it printed and framed!


And now we go down and around and back to the car!

It was just the perfect hike.  Only I wish I had packed SHORTS!  From here it was back to dad's, a little bit of lunch, a little bit of nap, and a little bit of this:


Textie Hexiing!

My neutral hexies are getting quite a bit of attention as we sit and watch movies or TV.  Lasagna and salad for dinner, more TV.  I never watch this much TV in the day time, and it feels completely decadent to do it!  But that is what dad likes, and I do it with him, just stitching away as we watch.


A sunset in liquid gold.


Can you believe this sky?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I hope you take time today to recognize the creative person inside you! I hope you read this quote while telling yourself "Hey, that's me!" Now, get out and do it!

Vintage kaleidoscope quilt found in North Carolina.

On my agenda today:  Lunch with my brother Mark!  He is a teacher, so he has only a 45 minute lunch break, so I will go enjoy a sandwich with him during his lunch period—yes, WITH the mustang upgrade for him to be completely GUY over.  All 6 cylinders!

Tonight we have a family dinner over at his house.  My niece's baby shower is tomorrow and I did some shopping for that yesterday.  So happy to be here and see her before her big event.

Sunday is rapidly approaching and I’ll be flying home.  Questions coming in on when the next Quit-Cam will be.  Believe me, I am as anxious to host one as you are to watch one so be looking for that mid-week next week.  I’ll need a couple of days to play catch up with my family, but we should be able to fit it in on Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

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  1. So glad you are relaxing and reconnecting with family. Beautiful desert pictures. Your joy from all this shines through.

  2. This is a particularly nice, warm, loving post this morning. Love the picture of your father and yes, it should be
    framed. You are so lucky to still have your dad in your life, Bonnie.

  3. You are truly blessed <3

  4. Oh Bonnie, you have brought back such wonderful memories of a vacation we had a couple of years ago to Arizona. On the drive around the Phoenix and Scottsdale area was awe inspiring, so different to home here in the UK. It's great to be with family too, especially Dad.

  5. It made me a little sad to realize I'll never be able to enjoy time with my parents again. I am so happy for you that you still have your parents and that you get to spend quality time with them. Cherish every moment, making memories that will last.

  6. Bonnie,
    Great seeing pics of South Mountain. I grew up in the shadow of that place. (Down on Southern Ave.) in my time though it was known as the place to go "make out". 😄 Enjoy family time and sunshine while you can and relax.
    Mary, in the liquid sunshine state.

  7. Love this post. Love seeing you enjoying spending time with your Daddy. My Daddy is here visiting trying to get out of the snow and cold up north. We aren't doing a ton of physical activity, but he does go for a walk every morning. I thank God for his good health and stamina at 89 yr. young. Enjoy every precious moment!

  8. That is a nice picture of your father to frame. You do so much walking I am surprised that you're huffing and puffing. Also, how do you keep your thimbles on your fingers without them falling off?

  9. You are lucky to still have your father/Daddy. The pictures make me long for the days when he stayed with me and helped when I had my #2 son. I'm glad you scheduled the Family time in AZ between trips! I huff and Puff too when walking UPHILL. Gets the heart pumping!! QuiltCam whenever...I'll be there. Off to play on my Treadle. I have some strips to stitch.

  10. You can tell that you had a good upbringing and relationship with your parents, especially Dad. People that are well grounded (such as yourself) don't come by that grounding accidentally. I hope that you can enjoy your Dad's company for many more years to come. I was fortunate to have my father into his 93rd year. My wish for you is that you exceed that! I miss him every single day.

  11. The desert is so beautiful. I've never understood those who do not see the beauty there. The picture of your Dad resting while hiking is great. It should be enlarged and framed, kept and treasured. I miss my Dad every day. You are lucky to be able to hug him and just sit with him, even while stitching in front of the TV. You are lucky.

  12. I LOVE that photo of you Bon! You need to print that one too. Looks like a blast hiking!!

  13. Hi Bonnie, I enjoyed your post today. I grew up in Chandler and have many fond memories of South mountain. My family did Thanksgiving there many times and we kids (6 of us) would scramble around the boulders and hills and just have a blast. My Dad would bring along the little portable TV so he could watch his football games. Good times!!! Thanks for sharing. Arizona sunsets are the best!!!

  14. That golden swirling sunset sky is pure gift! Thanks for letting us see it too.

  15. I'm glad to see that your dad brought the water along. I hope you did too! Too many people have to be brought down off South Mountain every week, especially now in tourist season.

    And I was tickled pink that you liked my comment earlier today about the Mystery Quilts. Thanks, Bonnie! Enjoy your family and dad time. ;-)

  16. Love that high desert country of Arizona and New Mexico... the sky goes on and on forever and is gorgeous!
    Happy to see you with your Dad... always good!
    Have fun, relax

  17. Such a nice hike. Love your text hexie.

  18. Nice! I've been to South Mt! My mom passed away this summer, she lived in Chandler w one of my sisters. My niece is in HS there too.
    South Mt has a lot of antennas on it now, but the side you were on was the way I remember it 30+ yrs ago when they first moved to Awatuki (sp). When I was there this summer I too wondered what were the original settlers thinking livening here!???

  19. Anonymous9:14 AM EST

    My husband was hiking South Mountain yesterday as well. He was also in a small town in Texas the same time as you were. Interesting coincidences. But we need to change things around so I am in the same place as you and make it a Quilting experience instead of a business trip. My husband thinks he spoke to your Dad on the trail. :)

  20. What a wonderful post! I love that shirt in the cactus picture! This post reminds me I need to take more pictures of my mom and I need to see the Desert before I go, lol. I never ever really card about it or wanted to see it until this post. Not sure why, but as I walk ab\round our little town I wonder how the people lived before us back in the day too. Must have connected with that statement. Thanks for the share.

  21. Sigh, tearfully read, "Hiking with my daddy." So so glad you appreciate this time, and recognize how precious it is... <3 you Bonnie Hunter

  22. What great memories, and beautiful scenery!

  23. What kind of camera do you use? You always take such beautiful pictures! I am doing my camera shopping and trying to decide what brand to buy.


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