Monday, July 20, 2015

Lozenges, Lozenges!

Guess what I finally got to start binding yesterday?


This quilt has sat here with the binding attached for quite a while, taking a back seat to other quilts that needed to reach completion on a deadline.

I met that deadline yesterday!  At least on the two big quilts that needed finishing.

Bindings stitched, hanging sleeves stitched, labels stitched…they are ready to roll!

Can you hear my huge sigh of relief? 

ALL of the quilts are now ready to be shipped off to the Quiltmaker Offices this week so they will be there when I arrive!

Also in that box go the step-out block parts, scrap user’s system strips and parts, rulers, tools, ANYTHING I think might be a necessary prop during the filming of these 6 workshops.

I’m on schedule!  Miracle of miracles…I’m on schedule!


The last two bindings completed!

Labels will be signed when I reach home.


Three sides are DONE!

And I am reminded how happy I am with this Lozenge Leader & Ender project!

In all of that worrying about the burgeoning stash last week – when I really look at how much fabric I *AM* using, and the quilts that ARE getting made thanks to a very diverse stash, I’m feeling pretty good about things.

Until I get home and have to organize more!


Close up of quilting.  Can you see it?

This quilt will remain here at the cabin, waiting for me to finish that one last side and the hanging sleeve upon my NEXT visit in a few weeks.


Some backing fun!

I thought I had used up ALL of the leftover lozenges in the back…but guess who found another baggie full while moving stash in the basement?  Oh well! I’ll use them somewhere!


Random 3” units sewn into a column.


And a label to sign in the corner!

I love that the binding is the same color as the bush the quilt is draped on.

I’m cleaning things up at the cabin.  Unloading the fridge, packing a cooler, getting things turned off…Sadie and I are headed home this morning.

I’m looking at Quilt-Cam on Wednesday evening at 9pm Eastern. 

I hope you’ll join me then!

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  1. Love it! This is one I need to get busy with. This will have to be my leader and ender if I want to make it, cause it's the only way i will get it done. Looks so comfy cozy.
    Have a great week! Thanks for sharing.
    Jean C.

  2. Love those Lozenges! It's my next L&E project :) Looking forward to Quilt Cam. Safe travels.

  3. Wonderful quilt! So, Bonnie, do you keep all your quilts? I always wonder that when I see new ones completed.

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM EDT

    Thanks for showing us this finished quilt. I started cutting for it last fall, and I have a better feeling for colors now. I used up deep stash, most of which was ugly and bland. I am cutting again this morning adding some color and interest. This was too much for me to use as leaders and Enders...took up too much space on my so small sewing area while working on other things. Also, it took thinking about which corner to dew on, etc. So I am working on it solely right now. I also made sure I figured out how to flip seams so they would nest early on.

    So glad your deadlines are met. Looking forward to Quilt Cam Wednesday!

    Donna Fisher, Tallahassee, Florida

  5. SEW Happy for you to meet those deadlines. You've been working extra hard this month. Bindings---my FAVORITE part and I do the triangle in the corner also! Have a safe trip home with Sadie. Wednesday sounds good for QuiltCAM. I'm helping with a 4-H Quilt camp today for a while. THEN it's back to my Stash cutting. I NEED to get my piles off my cutting table. So sorry to see the SPAM comments this am.

  6. Happy Dance for finished quilts!!!...

  7. Great parking sign!
    This quilt turned out so nice. You are really making a believer out of me, that ugly fabrics can look nice in a quilt.
    I may try the tumbler leader and ender project this year. I have always wanted to make a tumbler quilt. I will have to look out for the Dresden ruler at the quilt Odyssey Quilt Show this week.
    Yea for quilt cam!

  8. Life is sew much better when you are on schedule, happy for you.

  9. Anonymous4:40 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I am so glad you met your schedule. Hopefully now you can relax a little and enjoy the process without a deadline. The lozenge quilt turned out lovely. don't feel bad for having so much stash, we all have one, it's ok. And you're sharing with your friend Mona too. We all definitely have one. I am working on your Carolina chain in 3" blocks for a guild challenge in repro colors, love the way it's looking. I may do your tumbler leader and ender? I don't know how you get so much done, you're definitely doing something right. Happy Sewing
    Natalie in Maine

  10. A special thank you. Last quilt cam was a pure gift. I was just starting to make 4patchs for Idaho SquareDance. The step outs for that were like a great class. Love from Down Under

  11. Hello Bonnie, I love this quilt front and back. And at first I wasn't a big fan of it, just goes to show you that you shouldn't judge a quilt by the first couple of blocks. LOL!! But I know I am going to love the older bowtie quilt that you shared, and when you re-do it in the scrappy shirting material I am going to do that one with you, if you give directions on it. Because I have around 400 shirts to cut up, of all colors, and I know they will look beautiful in that quilt pattern.
    I have been stock piling for a while on the shirts but I am not buying anymore until I get these cut up and then see what I will need as far as color goes. Thank you for all you share with us, I will see you on Wed. for quilt cam if we have power and internet. :)

  12. Is there a way I can find out how you used this as a leader and ender project? I don't see what parts are the leaders and enders, I need help as I am knew to this. I love the quilt. Thank you. m y w e e d o x @ c e n t u r y t e l dot n e t

  13. Your lozenges quilt is just so pretty. My favorite you've made!

  14. Anonymous9:28 AM EDT

    I made my lozengeps with alternating lights and darks, didn't want blacks and misunderstood only light or dark. Turned out fine and my husband wants to keep it, when I intended to charity gift it! I too found the pieces big to leader and ender but liked that it worked up fairly fast. Now onto tumblers , about 10 rows this first week of 3 1/2" size. Johanne (2hagars@gmail.com)


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