Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That Four Patch Project!


Remember THESE blocks?

These blocks that traveled with me for seemingly months – and then got put on the back burner when book quilts and quilts-for-tapings became the immediate priority?

Guess what wants to come out and play!

I have searched and searched – not actively—but just being aware of what was in the stash as I was organizing things, thinking of what might be a possibility to tie these blocks together.

When scrap quilts contain literally hundreds of prints, colors, shades, styles..how do YOU decide what is going to go where and if something will work?

I tend to ignore the scrappy part, and in this case am just focusing on what might look really good against that cool aqua.

I like red with it…and this pink sort of retro print has the red echoed in it as well…I think this just might do!

Now if I can only find some time to lay some things out and TRY it!

I wanted to share with you the sweetest photo to come across our wildlife cam at the cabin – from the other morning:


Mama and TWO spotted babies!!


Some forms or nature I just adore.  The deer?  So beautiful.  Yes, I know they have ticks, and they can carry lyme disease, but I’m not hand feeding them, and I’m not petting them, and you are not going to be able to keep them out of your yard on the mountain.  They OWN the mountain, remember?  We just rent space on it – but the deer will be there long after I am not.


More wild flowers on my morning walk.

I love my morning walks..even as hot and as humid as it is.  These are the moments I keep to myself, they belong to me –these early morning walks with just me and nature ((and sometimes Sadie)) to help me get my thoughts together, and my plan set for the day ahead.  I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the ability to get out and breathe, and yes sweat – because the humidity is HIGH in these parts!


My back yard from the deck

Tall trees keep things shaded most of the time, but even in the shade the humidity is brutal this time of the year.  But without this humidity – I’d not have this green to look out at.  I love GREEN!  I think I’ve lived in enough places that were high desert ((Idaho…not many trees or green around Burley!))  Texas –well, there is not a lot of lush green happening around the Dallas area this time of year.  South Carolina –Yes, there was green, but it was also so dang much hotter than it is here.  Every place has been different.  Every place has its own beauty.  But North Carolina –you are home!

I’m back to spending today at the computer.  3 pattern chapters are done, there are 9 more to go.  I’d like to have 6 done before I head out to Iowa on Monday so you will likely find me here at my desk a LOT between now and then.

Don’t worry – my family is still being fed!


MORE Squash casserole! LOL!!

I used the last of the gifted yellow squash for another squash casserole since Jeff loved it so much that he ate what was left of the last one for breakfast!  This time I shredded some left over chicken and added it in, it’s a complete meal this way.  Yummy in our tummies, and yes there is more left over for today.  You’ll find the recipe in the sides section under the recipes tab at the top of the blog.  There are more recipes I want to try in that post too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone – time to get to it!

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  1. Bonnie, you've mentioned that you're trying to follow a gluten free diet. What do you do about the crackers in the squash casserole recipe? Do you adapt the recipe, avoid eating that part of the casserole, or just shrug, say "the heck with it" and eat it crackers and all?

    Thanks for your reply -- I stopped eating flour in May and have lost 30 lbs. so far ...
    Donna D., Hemet, Ca
    (donnadumouchel at aol dot com)

  2. Bonnie, could there possibly three babies in that photo? There appears to be something speckled right under mom's neck and what looks to be maybe another eye right under her chin. I tried to count legs but the log is interfering. Did your camera get more than one photo? Triplets are not unheard of.

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM EDT

    That is the BEST deer picture.
    Love the Aqua b'ground fabric too. way cool color and PERFECT

  4. I'm glad you can walk and get your thoughts together in that peaceful place. The deer are very cute. Your camera gets some good shots. I love where I live now too. Lots of Trees and beauty all around. Wildfires in the dry land wheat fields 9 miles away so it's a bit smokey outside today. Have a good Tuesday!

  5. I thought, too, that there could be three fawns in the picture.
    Love the aqua blocks...that's one of my favorite colors. Will be waiting to see what you do with them.

  6. I think there might be 3 also but they blend into the background can't tell for sure. Enjoy your day of writing even though you would rather be quilting. I don't know how you come up with so many new ideas.

  7. I am one of the lucky ones to live in North Idaho where it is much greener than South. I have few deer, but love my morning time when I can watch the birds taking baths or flitting all around. I live out in the county and can also enjoy nature. Love your choice of fabrics, going to be a beauty.

  8. Purple and Teal!!! I know you didn't ask for my opinion but it's a terrific combo!! ;)

  9. I think the solid red looks good with your aqua blocks. The solid makes the prints pop in my opinion. I think a brighter red on the same brightness as the aqua might look even better. You are so productive with all your teaching, do you ever sleep?
    Wait until grand kids come along... it's hard to resist holding those little babies in order to stitch. Babies always win with me.

  10. I look first at opposites on the color wheel. The opposite of turquoise would be some shade of red-orange--a chocolate brown might work. If the brown didn't make the blocks "sing", I'd go with an analagous scheme: shades or tints of blue and green, to go with the turquoise.

  11. I really like the red almost-solid. Red and aqua is a favorite pairing for me, esp. if it's a red with a pick/cherry/cerise undertone. This has been a really fun project to watch unfold!

  12. gee a black/white print comes immediately to mind....just an idea...depends on what is in your stash....(tee hee...)

  13. Given a choice, always choose red! :)

  14. My choice with the aqua would be a black with a good size white polka dot. Well, maybe red with white polkadot s.

  15. I think the one baby just has its head turned. We have twin fawns by our house too. They finally came out with their momma tonight. I love aqua and red and pink! I love aqua a navy blue too!

  16. I think the one baby just has its head turned. We have twin fawns by our house too. They finally came out with their momma tonight. I love aqua and red and pink! I love aqua a navy blue too!

  17. Only two babies. Let's call them left fawn (the one on the left side of the log or jagged rock and the one in front) and right fawn(front legs standing in the log or behind it).
    When you mentioned three I looked again. You're right, there is a fawn's face under the mother's chin, but it belongs to right fawn. At first glance you think the face that's looking at us belongs to right fawn, but it really belongs to left fawn.
    It does look like left fawn's face is under (behind) right fawn's face. I bet Bonnie took this at a distance and then cropped it so we could see it better, so it's a bit indistinct.

  18. Anonymous9:25 AM EDT

    I think what everyone is thinking is a third fawn is actually part of the tree trunk. Triplets would be quite unusual, twins is odd enough.
    But a nice capture on the game camera. My brother had one set up but someone stole it--

    Looking forward to quilt cam tonight. I have some blocks to trim up and a binding to sew on.

  19. Anonymous8:35 AM EDT

    Safe travels! greens_tx@live.com


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