Friday, July 24, 2015

North, to Virginia!

I took a little road trip yesterday-

A much needed getaway – and I’ve had it in the plans since I left Erie, Pennsylvania in June.

You know it goes, someone you know knows someone else who heard of something that someone was looking to find a home for –and it just happens to be the exact thing that YOU are looking for!

Maybe some wishes just don’t come true until we give them voice out loud—and the ears of others have the solution, or know someone who does.

The story goes like this:

I happened to mention to my  friend Jill ((who owns Ta-Da Quilting Studio in Erie))  during our sew day there early June that I was looking to purchase a second Accuquilt studio because transporting this heavy thing back and forth to the cabin was killing me, not to mention how I often forgot to bring the correct dies with me anyway. And I was waiting until Accuquilt had a super blow out sale to make it more affordable.

I've had this on my mind for MONTHS.

She said “Really?  I’ve got a friend in Virginia who is wanting to sell hers!  Let me email her for you!”

And it was as simple as that.  The soonest I could get up here was after the fourth of July, but other obligations on both sides pushed this little road trip up until yesterday.

And here I was thinking of a beautiful drive – only –by the time I left Greensboro, the sky clouded over, got blacker than black and just opened wide and dumped rain like I have ever seen.

That’s summer.  In the humid South.


I’ve arrived!  And the sun is out!

By the time I reached Oilville, Mr. Rainy Day had left and gifted us a blue sky and lots of steamy sunshine in his wake.


Come home to mama!!

There are some dies that we were unable to locate – for instance here is the double wedding ring center..but no arc and no football to complete the set.  They are looking for the missing pieces and hopefully will get back to me before I head out of town this afternoon.

Oilville is on Highway 64 so the plan is to take 64 west to Charlottesville, and then 29 down to Greensboro from there – avoiding I-95 and I-85 all the way.

Does anyone know of any must see antique mall places in and around Charlottesville, Virginia?? I'm goggling things, but I want to know what is really GOOD.



I booked a room in near-by Glen Allen as there are NO hotels in little ole Oilville, about 12 miles from here.  A room to myself, time to plug in the featherweight and string piece some more sashing sections.


A whole LL Bean tote of neutral strings!

I am often amazed at how easily I can keep myself amused and entertained with just a mess of fabric strips, a little sewing machine, and thread – and time to play!  

It was a one night mini-retreat away from my desktop computer and the ever hovering book deadline.  Just me, the sewing, the TV movies and some Thai food from across the street for a late dinner.  Perfect!


I got 11 pages covered!

I received an email asking WHY string piecing needs a paper foundation.  There are many reasons, but imagine trying to do machine embroidery without a foundation underneath.  You can get a wadded up mess.  You can get warping and twisting and things that don’t lay flat.

String piecing is just like that for the same reasons.

Narrow strips of fabric are not always straight.  And they are stretchy even if they are on the straight of grain.

Paper has no stretch.  It has no bias, so it gives me sections that will lay completely flat all the way through trimming and de-papering.  I just get better results this way.

The paper also gives me a size to shoot for.  I know how big to piece my sections because I have them laid out in front of me in paper.  No guess work.  No measuring.  It keeps me confined to where I want to be.

But if you want to do it without the paper, I won’t stop you!  Go for it.  This is just what works for me.

And I’ve got a couple of hours before check out time to do some more –so I’ll catch you later!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. I am so jealous that you get the neutral thing so well. I'm doing better since the GIM quilt in November. It opened my eyes to what can be a neutral. But when I'm cutting for scrap users, I'm always thinking to myself "can I use that as a neutral". You inspire me Bonnie. But I really need a lesson.

  2. You were within 10 minutes of me if you stayed in Glen Allen last night! I live 3 miles from the mall in Short Pump. Virginia Longarm is where I send my quilts out for longarming. They always do a great job!

  3. Thank you for your very patient explanation of why we use a paper foundation for strings for the newbie. The oldtimers like me needed a quick review anyway, LOL! Enjoy your mini retreat and I hope that they can find the missing dies for the wedding ring. Safe travels home again.

  4. My idea exactly of a really fun day!

  5. Life is good in the world of Bonnie... Yay.

  6. Covesville Antiques south of Charlottesville on the right side has some interesting things in it. Lovingston has an Antique Mall, never been in it and not sure of hours. You may all ready past these places but have a beautiful drive. I'm in Lynchburg area, safe travels and see you in October on our Caribbean Cruise.

  7. So sorry of spelling of passed, not past from previous post.

  8. I have an old telephone book and some scraps, ready to do the strip quilting. When I learned to do it, we used some type of fiber stuff and didn't have to remove it, very lightweight. I am wondering how we remove the newspaper, isn't there something about smaller stitches ?

  9. I have an old telephone book and some scraps, ready to do the strip quilting. When I learned to do it, we used some type of fiber stuff and didn't have to remove it, very lightweight. I am wondering how we remove the newspaper, isn't there something about smaller stitches ?

  10. In Verona, VA a couple of exits north of i64 on Interstate 81 is a huge, huge antique mall, called The Factory Antique Mall. It's so big they have a restaurant inside! Here's the link: http://factoryantiquemall.com/
    Also, Stuarts Draft has a great antique mall on 340 south off I-64 at the Stuarts Draft, Waynesboro exit. There's also Ruckersville Antique Mall in Stanardsville, VA, north of C'ville.
    You're driving right by my house, stop in for coffee! Sharon

  11. Anonymous3:42 PM EDT

    With all that stash you showed us a few days ago, I'd love to see some color coordinated but still scrappy quilts!

  12. Between Quiltcam and the photos tonight I have a handle on neutrals. The photo of all the pages together really illustrates it well. THANKS for all the sharing and teaching.

  13. Bonnie, do you leave your paper on the sections when you go to sew them into your quilt?

  14. I'm jealous of the Acququilt studio cutter! I would love one but even at $200 off, it isn't justifiable. I've suggested to them that they have a "Bonnie Hunter Scrap User" die bundle. Their only response was "Hmmm" I hope they do it though!

  15. I live nearby as well, and missed you by a day! I was out at VA Longarm yesterday learning how to quilt my quilt on a longarm. They are the best! Hope you had a good stay, and found wonderful things as well in Charlottesville.

  16. Oh, how I would like a Accuquilt, lucky you. Thanks for the information on string piecing.

  17. I cannot wait to see what all those neutrals on phone book pages will end up being! I love strings and things!!! I want to do the same -- what fun! Will we get sneak peek???

  18. "I am often amazed at how easily I can keep myself amused and entertained with just a mess of fabric strips, a little sewing machine, and thread – and time to play! "

    Me, too!!!!

  19. Your phone book pages looked full size. Are they older or are places still creating that size phone book? Ours are a lot smaller in size now. And to think of all those full size phone books I through away thinking I would have a new one next year. Also do you have to press your pages first to keep the ink from transferring to you fabric? nhager@gmail.com


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