Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fabric, Friends and Found Blocks!

Older fabrics are like old friends! 

And they are perfect for use when the perfect time comes along to use them!

This is a piece of yardage ((yes yardage!!))  that I’ve had in the stash since 2005.  A Pat Sloan fabric!

I admit that when I bought this piece, it was likely on sale somewhere, and it was the perfect color for stashing.

This is how I shop ---I don’t read the selvage first, I go for color and pattern, often not reading who did the designing or who it was manufactured by before I even get it home and put it away.

Perhaps back in 2005 I didn’t even know who Pat Sloan was!

Who would have guessed this far down the road that I would consider Pat as a personal friend and I enjoy seeing her when our crazy paths cross.

When I pulled out this fabric, perfect for a quickie project – it gave me a big smile when I saw her name on the selvage and I had to post this to her right away.

What’s 10 years in the life of a piece of fabric?  It’s barely a baby yet!


I used it here!

I’ve been wanting a table runner for the cabin – and I had in the back of my mind that if I took these extra Wild & Goosey blocks and combined them with the Idaho Square Dance blocks ((Both from my Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine)) I have been making as Leaders & Enders before our official 2015 Tumblers challenge kicked off,….I could have a FUN runner!

Only I didn’t like anything else that I was trying to set it with.  I tried every color under the sun….and then I remembered this mustard gold piece…it’s warm.  It’s primitive looking…and it will look great against the golden pine walls in the cabin dining area.


I loaded it up yesterday!

I was reminded how quickly smaller projects like table toppers, wall hangings and baby quilts come together –why do I not do this MORE??  Whatever the reason, this was fun – mostly because the blocks were already done, it was quick to set together, quick to get quilted – and I was on my way.


Quilting with Check & Chase by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting!


Another section.  Fun scraps!

I will get the binding on, and then this is another sample that will be great for my tapings with Quiltmaker in August –Thinking of a black stripe for the binding…will let you know.


This just makes me happy!

Sadie and I came up to the cabin last evening, arriving about dinner time.  After dinner was finished, and a ride around the mountain was taken in the RZR, I settled in for some relaxing binding and a few episodes of this that and the other on Netflix.  Perfect!


The sun as it made its way behind the Blue Ridge Mountains after our ride.


Morning sky!

This photo was taken from the comfort of my rocking chair on the front porch ((If you look close you can see the railing!)) just enjoying birdsong and breezes through the trees while trying to get awake enough to take that 2.5 mile hike before it gets to hot.

And I did it! That’s 5587 steps in 2.58 miles – half way to my daily goal before breakfast!

Have a wonderful Saturday whatever you get up to --

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend and I love that runner!!
    Paula in KY

  2. Great runner! I think I'll have to check my orphan blocks and see what I can put together. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Good on you for your steps... Where do you wear your Fitbit on.. I can remember you saying not on your wrist as it doesn't calculate properly. I want to get mine back on but when I sit and knit or crochet it really isn't accurate

  4. Love the runner. It would be a beautiful quilt...

  5. amazing how leftovers can make something that looks so well planned! Love it!

  6. I literally LOVE your table runner!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  7. Love the block combo. Have been planning to make ID Square Dance blocks -- now I have an idea of something interesting to do with them.

  8. Good that you remembered having that Mustard Yellow fabric. I didn't know who Pat Sloan was back in 2005 or you either. I WAS going to go to Sisters today, my plan got changed. Bummer, I was going to meet up with your friend Lori D there. Guess I'll find a lonely quilt downstairs and quilt the day away.

  9. Looks great! Hope you show it off to us in place too. Sitting here with coffee feeling motivated to walk by your example!

  10. Anonymous10:59 AM EDT

    Oh,I Love It.

  11. Finally got your blog back!! My computer went down and had to be "rebuilt" and all my blogs were wiped out. I have tried to remember everyone on it, but it takes days to complete! You are back!

  12. love the table runner Bonnie, your description sounds like a book in the making! I think it would be awesome - a book of tablerunners - bonnie style!

  13. Love the table runner idea and that your stash had exactly the right piece and color to sash with!
    As for the tumbler project, my bag with my tumblers has gone on walk-about, as my Aussie friends would say. Saw it early last week but now, poof, it's gone. May spend my afternoon looking for it.
    Anna in IL

  14. Love the table runner! Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Looks mighty fine in your quilt being loved now!! Smooches my friend

  16. Love the Vermont bridges. My sister-in-law lived in Bennington for many years and showed me some of the bridges. My email (jodohm@juno.com) thanks, Judy Dohm

  17. Well Bonnie, I have been digging around in a closet that has not seen light of day in years and years.... the fabric I am pulling out is the ten year variety with designers who are no longer designing. It has been fun.... 1/3 for give away, 1/3 for now sewing and 1/3 to age a bit longer. It has been a GREAT day.

  18. First a huge thank you for Quilt Cam. I was just starting to cut scraps for Idaho Square Dance and you gave a "class". HOORAY!
    Having just completed a smallish version "twin bed size" of Rick Rack Nines . Your comments on older fabrics is striking a cord. Most of the squares were swaps from 7 other quilty friends. Boy do we all have some oldies.
    Enjoy the cabin. Terry

  19. Wow Bonnie... I really do like the Square Dance and Wild $ Gooseie combo... talk about a great idea! THANKS for sharing it with us.

  20. Thanks for sharing your finish and how special that warm fabric will be to you forever a story to share too! Friendship in the center of your table once it's time being shown what leaders and enders can get you :)
    Thanks for being an inspiration and thanks for sharing your slice of heaven in the mountains with us.
    Have a blessed Sunday :) Kathi

  21. this is exactly why it's important to buy fabric when we SEE it, not when we NEED it....terrific runner!

  22. That runner is gorgeous. Wild and Goosey and Square Dance play so well together! And isn't it satisfying to use up an old piece of stash fabric in just the right way? I got to do that myself today, with a couple of pieces of stash. :)

  23. I use fabrics for the colors and print like most people, the age doesn't make one difference to me as long as it is the color/print I am looking for and it is quality fabric. I buy fabric from all over and the net and many times it is around the ten year mark and sometimes older, sometimes newer, if I like it I buy it.

    That fabric you dug out looks great with that table runner.

  24. I would have never in a million years have thought of putting that color on the table runner. I got my tumbler template
    today from Cindy and Patty Cline. In fact I bought a 1 1/2" and a 3 1/2" template. I can't wait to cut some squares to get started on my tumbler quilt tomorrow

  25. Pretty runner. What beautiful mornings waiting for you!

  26. Love love the runner. That has to be a tutorial?? Lucky you to wake up in the NC mountains. Dreamy.
    I know Pat Sloan too - fabulous lady and sincere person!! Her designs and fabrics are just as wonderful as she is. Lucky you to have found the perfect fabric stashed away.

  27. Way back in 2006 I bought a yard of a great print that I used used in a jacket. It wasn't until much, much later that I came across the leftovers of that print, with the selvage. Yep, Pat Sloan. I loved the fabric, I still wear and enjoy the jacket, and since then I've become much better acquainted with Pat and her fabrics, designs, and techniques.

    Love your morning and evening photos. They remind me Psalm 121, "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills...."

  28. 2005-6?? That's nothing! I had the perfect piece of gray print I wanted to use in Allietare only I found it was a bit short. I put out a request on Quilters Classifieds to see if anyone had some they didn't want any more....thinking it was from the late 80s to mid-90s. A kind lady in N. Carolina sent me some and told me it had to be pre-1982 because she had quit quilting in 1982 when her first son was born. Now that's old!...and in perfect, just-off-the-bolt condition.


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