Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Little Stop at Connie’s Quilt Shop!


Quilt Shop #2 stop on our way from Cedar Rapids to Oelwein & West Union, Iowa ---Connie’s!

This little shop might look like a small package from the outside but there is a lot inside that you won’t want to miss!

We were told about Connie’s from Minnesota Debbie and Barb who we kept running into around every corner –either we were heading to where they had just been, or they had just arrived to where we were and it was so funny!

I’ve learned to trust their traveling wandering quilter’s intuition explicitly, so into the GPS went Connie’s address and we were on our way.

It was on our way, any way!


This little house was built in the late 1800s and is getting ready for a new siding job to happen next week so we really saw it in the rough, but it is going to be so cute!

I’ve visited many quilt shops housed in old homes, and there is something very charming about wandering from room to room and wondering about the people who lived here, the children who grew up here, the memories that were made here within these walls.


Wall to wall fabric goodness!


Floor to ceiling abundance!


Color upon color upon color!


Lovely reproduction fabrics!


And the bargain bathroom bathtub!

Sale fabrics in here…not to be missed!


Around every corner, another aisle of ooooh! PRETTY!


If you need it, they have it!

And if they have it, you need it!


If only these old walls could talk!


Give Connie’s Quilt Shop a visit if you make it to Marion, Iowa!

Two shops down, and we really hadn’t gotten that far out of Cedar Rapids yet!

And there is more to come!

Love from Iowa --

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  1. Connie's is one of my favorite shops. We stop there anytime we are over that way and they are open.

  2. Connie's is one of my favorite shops. We stop there anytime we are over that way and they are open.

  3. When you say wall to wall you're not kidding!! Looks like a really great shop.

  4. he he he, bolts in the bathtub...LOVE IT!
    great use of space available, and wonderful
    hanging quilt samples.
    now if i only lived close by.....

  5. I love the PVC bolt holders! Another good use for PVC! That one will have to go on the list!

  6. Wall to wall. floor to ceiling! Lots of Fabric to fondle. How much did you pack out?

  7. Anonymous8:27 AM EDT

    Love Connie's shop! Having relatives in the area, we always make time to stop at Connie's before we visit the relatives. Her selection of fabric is wonderful, and the staff is most helpful. Thanks for highlighting this Iowa quilt shop.

  8. I think of Connie's as the Tardis of the quilting world - small on the outside, but Oh My! She fits more than you'd think possible inside. It's not a shop to got through quickly.


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