Sunday, July 12, 2015

Up with the Birds!

This is the top of our propane tank that fuels the fireplace insert!

It has a cover on it with a vent hole just big enough for a mama bird to have brought in all of this pine straw, leaves, small twigs and other nesting materials.

She built her nest here in the top of our tank where it is covered and dry and safe from predators!

There is a newly hatched batch of baby birds inside this covered nest, discovered quite by accident-

We won’t be filling this propane tank until the babies have left the nest and are out into the world.

It was a quiet day up here at Quilt Villa yesterday, but I did manage this:


I rearranged my sewing nook!

I got tired of sewing with the window behind me…and my chair kept rubbing against the wall leaving marks.  So I turned the table, and moved the ironing board against the design wall area.


Now I can SEE my mountains instead of having my back toward them!


I think this is going to work just fine for now.


And I can see the TV from where the machine is.

You can see the new table runner hanging over my comfy binding chair….I got the binding machine sewed on yesterday, all that is left is the hand work part.


But before that –I cleaned out THIS!

vintage machines require screw drivers and time to really get in and get the gunk out and I’ve been neglectful over the past several visits.  This pink fuzz is from the Twirl Around quilt I just finished piecing last week!  Since I was rearranging the room, I also cleaned out the machine so I could start fresh.  De-linted, oiled, lubed, and rubbed down, she now purrs like the proverbial kitten.


Chain sewing binding strips end to end on the diagonal.


Odd shaped runners can have odd angles to bind!

Stop 1/4” from the corner, do not sew into the seam allowance!


Fold the binding strip up, matching the edge of the next side it will be sewn to.


Fold it back down and continue on!

It’s not that much differently than binding square corners if you just remember to fold to the angle of the next side being sewn.


This girl and I four our morning walk this morning!

I love summers up here – with the daylight coming early.  Up at just after 6am, time to sit on the front porch enjoying the birds and squirrels while rocking in my rocking chair before finally kicking myself into gear, throwing on shoes and headed out for a long mountain walk.

Now to figure out what kind of trouble I can get into for the REST of the day!

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  1. Love the new sewing area arrangement. All that natural light coming in the window on to your sewing table looks perfect!
    Love also the Pat Sloan fabric for the table runner, it's perfect.
    Have a great day!

  2. Loving the bird nest pictures. This year I hung a suet feeder with teeny itty bitty strips and strings and thread stuffed in it, in an attempt to maybe help me find the nests. It didn't work. They used the material, but I still can't spot the nests in the trees. Mother Nature is a pretty good artist of disguise.

    BTW. I love,love,love, the striped binding on the table runner.

  3. What a peaceful view. It sounds like you are getting a lot done but having a relaxing time. The sewing area looks ideal. Rest and refresh before you head out again.

  4. Love that view from your window. I'll bet it is very peaceful to be there. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  5. Have lived in areas for some time where we need a propane tank and have had birds build their nests there. Once the little ones hatch, are gone, clean the old nest out, & place one of those "fake rubber snakes" there with a portion coming outside of the cover. This will deter birds selecting your propane tank cover as a great place to nest build.

  6. When we bought our cottage on the Illinois River, the first thing I did was point out a spot that was for my sewing table. Right in front of two large windows so I could always see the tugboats moving the barges up and down the river. Glad you are seeing your lovely mountains now that you moved the table. I found two nests this year in rose bushes, a first for me. Left them there too.

  7. Anonymous9:29 AM EDT

    I can see why you love getting back to the mountains. So peaceful. I think I could easily become an hermit if I lived there!


  8. Bonnie, I was in the Blue Ridge Mountains a few weeks ago and now I totally understand your love of being at your cabin. They are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Of course, you should be seeing your mountains when you're sewing!

  9. Perhaps it is a wren nest. They love to build in such spots. Last year one started building a nest in a pant leg while the pants were hanging on the clothesline. He had the leg 1/3 full of twigs etc. in about 4 hours. This year a wren started a nest in the gas grill--had to leave the grill cover open for a few days until he built elsewhere. They do have a lovely song.

  10. Anonymous10:31 AM EDT

    What a wonderful place to be and fantastic place to sew! How do you lube a machine? Joyce.thurman@gmail.com

  11. your sewing area at QuiltVilla is devine!!! You have the best of both worlds up there. Enjoy!!

  12. Love what you did with you sewing nook! Great to be able and see the mountains AND the TV.
    Enjoy your time up there!
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  13. Up early myself. Visiting a friend in Oregon and we has a full busy day at the Sisters show yesterday. We declared today a sleep-in day, but I woke at my normal time. Just relaxing with my iPad, and later we'll meet a couple other friends fot just a few more quilt store visits! I love your new table placement. I've been measuring to see if I could move my room around so I can look out. Enjoy your time at the cabin!

  14. Love the change in you sewing nook. Thank you for that insight. I just turned my sewing machine table, so I don't have to look at a wall. I moved my cutting table too, now I have a larger off load area, when machine quilting. It was a face palm moment, as to why I never thought of it before. Thanks for the wake up. :)

  15. Love the area! My neighbors gave me a huge hanging plant and before I knew it, the robins had a perfect nest in there. I couldn't ruin their work and the very next day I had 3 eggs, the next day there were 4. Doesn't take long, they were born at the end of June, grew feathers over the 4th of july weekend, started flying, and are now all gone. My plant is a little haggard from not being thoroughly watered but still alive!!

  16. WOWOW, I do like your sewing table. That is SPACE! Was it made for you? Or bought that size? I use 2 large folding tables, but your idea is much deeper. aAn hold a LARGE quilt... lucky ducky! :)

    I see Sadie is urging you on to catch up with her. She is a sweetheart ...

    Smile, JulieinTN

  17. So glad you are leaving the birds alone. We have several bird houses and enjoy watching the mama bird build her nest and then take care of her babies.
    Very nice sewing area and your new arrangement.

  18. If you were to visit my sewing table and room, you would see the exact machine! The LBOW 301! It is the best!

  19. I know you will be happy with that wonderful view! I love your mountain home. I think if I had a place like that I would stay there always.

  20. Anonymous4:06 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I also have a 301A. I noticed it your photo yours may have a knee lift for the presser foot. OOhhh, what a dream come true. Is this something that can be added on or does it come from singer factory only. I have done some research but have not come up with anything yet.
    Love your sewing room, SEW organized and beautiful view.
    Donna Senters dsenters@fuse.net


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