Monday, July 06, 2015

Dear, Oh Deer!

Before we went to Alaska we splurged on a new camera.

I can’t even tell you what model it is right now, because it is currently living up at the cabin for photos like THIS…

This mama deer came into the yard around 11am this morning, broad daylight, easy as you please as if she owned the place.

In a way, I guess the deer DO own the mountain.

We just moved in and put up plot lines and built houses and put in roads and called it our own.

But the deer own Buck Mountain.

We are thrilled with this camera and its abilities.  This was taken THROUGH the window screen.  Can you tell?

The camera has the ability to break apart certain elements and focus on others and we have never been able to get such wonderful shots.


Does she hear the camera click?


Check out those chin hairs!  Ha!

Sweetie, we need to TALK!


Check out the eyelashes as well!


What a lovely lady!

I’m back home ---with a full day of desk work and order filling behind me.  I was also able to pick up more of THESE:


Get in there, and Get it DONE!

Yes, more folding and culling and organizing going on in the fat quarter stash tonight –still so much further to go. Almost don’t want to look at it right now, but it will be so nice when it is done!

On the gifted quilt front – remember I sent my friend THIS QUILT?

I firmly believe when a quilt is gifted that the recipient has full reign on what happens to that quilt.  If you give someone a plant – there are no strings attached to that plant, and you can’t tell them where to display it or what do do with it.

The same for any quilt.  It's a gift.  Let it go.  You don't own it anymore.

So – after spending two weeks in California settling her father’s affairs, laying him to rest, and doing all of that bookwork stuff to make sure her mom is good and taken care of, she returned home last night to Arizona and my box.

This afternoon I received the most wonderful email from her ---she loves it so much she wants to “HANG IT” and has the perfect spot, away from the sun and she will get to see it every day and it will bring her smiles and comfort.

The “inner me” wanted to say “But but but but –I want you to use it!  I want to wrap you in it, I want you to feel the love in every piece” ---but I had to let those feelings go.

She loves it.  She wants it in a prominent place in her home.  It’s an honor for me to have my quilt displayed that way.

I cut the strings.

My quilt is now a wall hanging, and I am so happy that it gave her comfort and joy.

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  1. OMG Bonnie, that's a lot of shoe boxes !!!!! 🙀 I took your idea and am using them for my MUCH smaller scrap system. Thank you for all you do and share with us !!!!! 💓

  2. I KNOW it! I sent The Hubster to Lowes to get them -- he needed some OTHER stuff there and he came back with 10 3 packs. Holy cow. I'll be using them for other things as well I am sure, and what I don't use -- can GO BACK!

  3. Anonymous8:21 PM EDT

    Beautiful pictures! I find that I have some time in the next few weeks to work on my stash and scraps. I follow your paralyzed by the stash directions...do you still recommend those same sizes for cutting? michelle.troch@comcast.net

  4. Buck Mountain~~could it be named for the deer?

  5. Anonymous8:39 PM EDT

    Quilts on walls...not a bad thing at all. If it gets looked at every day, then it's being "used" every day in that sense. Around here, I couldn't wrap myself in anyone's quilt more than 3 or 4 months out of the year or we'd both combust from a hot flash. But wall quilts don't ever cause that problem. :) Your friend will still know she was sent a whole lot of love stitched together, whether she cuddles in it or not, and will certainly think of you whenever she sees it.

  6. oh my goodness that a GIANT pile of shoeboxes !!!! oh lord we are nuts...but we are having fun, so forgive our nuttiness.

  7. It's really an honor when the recipient wants to display the quilt. It remains in perfect condition (I appreciate the fact that it will be away from the sun) and enjoyed like the piece of art it truly is. You're a good friend, Bonnie.

  8. I'm heading to Italy in October and am searching for a new camera. If you can tell us more info on your new camera I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Lisa golddust@kpunet.net

  9. I'm heading to Italy in October and am searching for a new camera. If you can tell us more info on your new camera I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Lisa golddust@kpunet.net

  10. Wendy Bain1:23 AM EDT

    Bonnie, still hoping Quilt Cam will be Thursday evening. When you announce it for sure, could you please post directions on how to get to it? I've done it before, but it always takes me 5 or 10 minutes to find it! I know I'm not the only one. A link from Quiltville's Open Studio would be so nice, if you can ever get something like that put together. Hope to see you then,

  11. I have always thought I am the person keeping those storage box companies going! I think now it must be all quilters, without us there would be no storage box companies! I just bought some bigger ones and filled them right up and need more.

    Loved the pics. Your deer are different looking than ours, fun to see.

    I think it is wonderful that she loved the quilt you sent and that she is going to hang it, maybe in future she will use it as a quilt to wrap up in. They are a work of art! I also think about what you said about letting them "go" is so true.

  12. The Deer is beyond cute! The eyelashes are great, but you really should talk to her about the whiskers! :) I have a problem w/letting go of quilts, so much that one person probably won't get another one, loved to death is OK, but abused by cigarette burn holes and bleached till thread bear because it got so dirty from the dog is another story, it lasted 2 years.....sad, all my hard work!

  13. Anonymous11:06 AM EDT

    You should feel honored that she wanted to put it in a special place in her home that she will see every day. I am so glad she loved it so much. That was a really sweet thing you did for her. Have a great day and happy organizing....

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM EDT

    I have a friend who always says, "Oh that would look great on my wall". I always tell her it's a bed quilt! Finally made her a quilted wall hanging.

    There is an inappropriate comment in here #10. My opinion anyway.


  15. I once gave a quilt to someone very dear to me. While visiting a few months after this person received the gift, I found myself walking on top of a mud caked mess, torn and leaking water and batting. I felt the tears come to the surface, but I just walked away and had to repeat to myself....I gave it to her, I gave it to her what she does is her choice. Letting go is not always easy, but I quilt for the happiness it gives me, plus the joy when it is gifted and not wanting anything in return. Well, except that it did give them pleasure at least for a few moments.

    I think it is an honor that she wanted to hang it, you created a work of art and maybe because of what she had just gone through....she did not want to feel that closeness because it was to close to the hurt she was going through. This way she can look at it and touch it and grow stronger with every passing day with your quilt helping.

    My hubby just reminded me that it was one of your free pattern quilts and like my 3rd or 4th quilt. Sorry Bonnie, I absolutely loved every moment of the creating and learned a ton! Have a great day and create another masterpiece with all of your nicely folded fat quarters!

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