Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This Girl’s Gotta Treadle!

It all started out innocently enough.

Just as all quilt projects do.

While working in the stash part of the studio, pulling and rearranging, it is impossible to not start imagining how certain fabrics would look together in a certain quilt or block.  That red may not have been anywhere NEAR that pink before I had a pile on the table and they found themselves touching – but there they were, table-partners and I liked what I saw so I gave it a shot.

But the shot -- -was NOT!

Have you ever had that happen?  What you think will work for a setting just doesn’t turn out in real fabric in real size as what it did in your mind?

Such is the case of the wayward pink and red sashings here.

I loved the thought of striped sashing.  But it makes the sashing too wide for the block, and it overpowers what is going on with the blocks themselves.

I needed something cooler to bring out the light squares in the blocks. 

A place for the eye to rest, but something that held more excitement than plain ordinary sashing.

And a plan was hatched!


Out came the neutral strings bucket!


Out came some phone book pages to cover while I treadled away to episodes of Gilmore Girls.


I’m liking this much better!


And it was past midnight and I couldn't stop!

Not sure what I’ll do for cornerstones yet.  I was thinking of 4 patches using the same aqua as in the blocks, and colors.  I think that would look good.

But I’ll have to try it to know for sure because sometimes what is in my mind, or even on an EQ drawing just might not do it in real life.

As to those pink/red sashings?  No worry.  They were 1 1/2’’ strips so I can just pull them apart and into the 1 1/2’’ strip bin they go.

Today is slated not only for book writing, but for a hair cut and a pedicure!  It’s a day for getting some “out of the studio” time.  I’m looking pretty shaggy and I need it.


Don’t forget!  Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm EST!!

I’ll be treadling more sashings – come join me here on the blog then!

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  1. Sometimes taking a picture of it helps too. I have to lay it all out on the living room floor and study it for awhile. Everybody in the house has an opinion, but its me who sews it together.

  2. I like it better the eye can rest,Lookin good.

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    I am right there with you, girl! I have been working on my daughter's wedding quilt for 10 years! We moved 3 times since then, so I have an excuse, right?! Anyway, I never finished setting it together because it just didn't look "right" to me. Finished putting top together last month, and it is a completely different quilt than what I started. I actually threw out the 2 "inspiration" fabrics and used a newer fabric that was just right and a completely different setting. Like I always tell my beginning students, " if you haven't finished a project, it may be because they haven't printed the right fabric for the job yet!" Some projects just take longer than others. Julie in MS

  4. I am happy you decided against that red print.

  5. Cornerstones, what about cream center with aqua outside in a square in a square. Hey, what's a bit more work??? Going to be a fun quilt whatever you do.

  6. Maybe you can still use the red in the cornerstone somehow. The aqua & red combo reminds me of country vintage. Just love it!!

  7. well, from here (and I am miles away) the red didnt do it for me! LOL and if a 4 patch works, I would do very scrappy (no neutrals here) and not even use the aqua...or solid aqua :-) how big are the gonna be anyway :-) ? what you decide, I am certain, will be just awesome as is everything else! :-) I like waiting to see what you come up with! and I can tell you are having much fun!!!!! *!~CAROLE~!*

  8. Bonnie Irby9:36 AM EDT

    Nice choice! Love the string sashings. The cornerstones would look nice if they somehow matched the corners that are around the fourpatch units. Not the turquoise the misc dark colors. Just a thought. You are so talented. I love reading your posts.

  9. LOL, Staying up late to play is FUN. Glad you figure out something that made the blocks happy. Excited for QuiltCAM.

  10. I 100% agree with your decision. The new, neutral sashing is just the ticket! See you tonight on QuiltCam.

  11. Anonymous12:05 PM EDT

    I love it. I have to say that my old phone books are ready to come out and play. They have been away in the closet since Roll Roll Cotton Boll. The black you have the blocks displayed on looks awfully good to me for cornerstones. Pretty classy look, don't ya think? Nancy in Californis. neohilips@gmail.com

  12. Gosh, I just love how you mind works!!!

  13. The neutrals are soooooo much better and besides, they are a signature trademark for your designs, too, aren't they? I have a binding to sew on for Quilt Cam if I can just remember it at 9pm, LOL!

  14. Anonymous1:30 PM EDT

    I just can't believe all the neutrals you are blessed with!

  15. I love your neutral sashing idea. I'm so ready for quilt cam. See you at 9!

  16. OH Mi
    ss Bonnie - how I do wish I had 1/10 o f your stash!!! And all of your imagination might be a lot of help too. Thanks for this great idea.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  17. Oh, I really do love the neutral strings. Sewing strings into the wee hours sounds like so much fun. I just finished all of the Gilmore Girls and started Bones. Love Netflix for power sewing surges.

  18. Bonnie, I love the neutral string sashing. I really don't think just a plain cornerstone is your style. So, how about a square in a square like you have in your free patterns section? It would keep that "on the angle" look. Gorgeous blocks and sashing?

  19. I like your thought process regarding auditioning fabric. Wish I had done that on my last quilt. Thought I had the perfect fabric. Put it all together and the quilt is mushy. It is going to a ten year old so maybe he will like it anyway. Several people have thought it was good! We are our own worst critic!

  20. quilt cam....woo hoo...got star blocks to make!

  21. Bonnie, don't look now, but in the bottom row, center block, you've reversed the light center and the darker outside block in your "X" formation....

  22. You inspire me so much ~ I like the neutral striped sashings!

  23. Like the neutral striped sashings, why not red cornerstones?😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Hi Bonnie,
    I love the neutral sashing. How did you decide how wide to make the sashing? Is there a standard rule of thumb or ratio you start with?

  25. The neutral sashing really compliments the blocks. The bottom pictures look great with the black showing through in the areas where the cornerstones would be. How 'bout black?

  26. I know you were just laying out the blocks and sashing for placement, but at first glance I thought you had used black for your cornerstones and I was stunned by your brilliance! It gave a modern twist to the traditional pattern. You might want to actually consider it. It looks fabulous with the colors of the blocks and the cooling down of the strippy sashings!

  27. Anonymous3:28 PM EDT

    I am thinking pink,red ,black,or burgundy for the cornerstones. Maybe a 1950'S color scheme with that aqua.It looks wonderful! Sherry Hayes

  28. LOVE the sashing. I started with magenta sashing (I used a limey green for your aqua), and will finish with them. BUT I have a LOT of four patches from the 2-inch box in the making and will definitely make another quilt using your sashing idea. The 3 1/2 inch block bin work for the corners to make the square, too--so am killing two FULL scrappy bins with this project. Again, LOVE your scrappy strip sashings.

  29. I love that you are quilting to Gilmore Girls.... seems about every other fall or so I start them up all over again... not sure if I'm hopeing for a different ending... I don't know. Glad that Luke and her finally get together... not sure what else is supposed to happen. Just nice to have it on... guess it's just familiar and easy to sew having it on. LoL....
    I soooo like your neutral bucket. What a great concept! Oh dear, now you've got me thinking...
    have a great week!


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