Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunday Ridin’!

Let it be hereto said that if I go out on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the back of a motorcycle…it IS going to rain.

This is two weekends in a row that it has happened, with the forecast saying less than 30% chance of rain likely on that afternoon.

However, if Bonnie gets on a motorcycle….that percentage goes up to 100%!

It was a lovely ride though – this time we headed south on the Parkway toward Grandfather Mountain.

So many folks were out enjoying the cooler temps up in the mountains, hiking, kayaking on lakes, stopping for family photos at turnouts, overlooks and rest areas.

I thought to myself how amazing it is that while people travel from all over the world just to experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge, I am definitely one of the lucky ones who gets to LIVE here.


Clouds are gathering, but it hasn’t started raining…YET!


Helmeted up, ready to roll!


Back side of Grandfather Mountain!

If you look closely – mid left on the photo you will see a bridge against the side of the mountain.  This is the famous viaduct – the mountain was so rocky that they had to build the road outside the mountain, skirting the edge of it.

Here is a video I found showing the area, and something I didn’t know..there are hiking trails UNDER that viaduct ---that is so on my bucket list!

The rain didn’t start until our way back after lunch in Linville.  All told we rode about 100 miles round trip ---


This morning’s Thunderheads.

It thundered and rained off and on through the night –poor Sadie.  She hates the slightest amount of rumbling thunder, and flashes of lightning through window blinds nearly put her over the edge.


Poor girl!

So this morning’s walk was cut short by rumbling thunder in the distance coming ever closer, and ominous random drops of rain kept our morning walk short enough just to get business done.

Good thing, because the sky has since opened up in earnest and I’m so glad I didn’t get caught in the midst of this summer downpour while out on my regular long morning hike.

This from my front porch a few minutes agp:

I guess there will be no heading down the mountain until AFTER this storm has settled down!

Happy Monday, Y’all!

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  1. Anonymous7:36 AM EDT

    Looks like a perfect day to stay in and sew - enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the videos, in particular the Grandfather mountain hiking one. Adding to my own bucket list-that looks awesome.

  3. The Blue Ridge is so breath-takingly beautiful! Love that you get out on a motorcycle to enjoy it. I sure miss it! Love the quilt on your header!

  4. thanks Bonnie! I got your message about this video on my mobile- all the way in Brisbane...just watched it- lovely rain, here is meant to be a MILD winter, but ALAS, the most horrid South pole cold breeze for the next few days! Not Happy!..but good sewing weather! Nighty night Cheers!

  5. must learn to place my photo here!!!!

  6. That area around Linville is my favorite. Lots of waterfalls and good gem hunting, too.

  7. I've hiked the trail under the viaduct. It is something to behold it's great engineering. By all means, do it. It's not a challenging trail.

    Denise in Charlotte

  8. I know what you mean about being lucky to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I live in a cottage on the Illinois River and today at 5:30am I was sitting at my sewing machine watching the barges go up and down the river and the view was so beautiful. I felt so lucky that we are able to own this cottage on the river.

  9. Yes I feel blessed every time I walk my neighborhood beach walk that I really do live here and can do this walk whenever I wish! It is turtle laying season so our turtle watch group protects the nest until the babies are born. Sometimes the momma turtles need help finding their way back to the sea like the momma that fell off a dune head first and could get herself out of the sand last week.

    Here's to enjoying nature and counting our blessings everyday!
    Happy Sewing

  10. Love the quilt that Sadie is demonstrating! have you tried getting a Thundershirt for her? I hear that the are a great help.
    Thanks for sharing the Blue Ridge with us!

  11. Bonnie,
    Have you thought about a thunder vest for Sadie? My sister just got one for her Boston Terrier and swears by it. At first he stood like he couldn't move, but once he was use to it, it helped ease his fear of thunder and even helped during all the fireworks on the 4th.

  12. Still visiting in Central Oregon, where the weather is perfect - sunny and warm, but not too hot. My second bag is filled with goodies from here and the Oregon coast where we started our trip.

    But wanted to let you know that a friend has a thundershirt for her dog and swears by it for use during thunderstorms and fireworks.


  13. Such a lovely sound of rain! wish you could share it with us here in the west. Boy, do we need about 3 months of that!

  14. Poor Sadie - like so many doggies, her nerves egt frayed by storms. A cousin had a dog, when it thundered, she wanted inside, got inside, she wanted ourtside....no place was 'safe'. Wondering how this is?

    Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge area are fabulous...we too see visitors from all over the world here. Nothing like it anywhere....

    Sew, and stitch when the rains come down :)


  15. Your viaduct reminds me of traveling through the mountains in Albert and British Columbia, beautiful scenery as is the scenery in your area.
    Our dog is also terrified of thunder and lightning, if he is outside he wants in the house and he tries to hid under anything he can, one summer when we were camping a thunder storm rolled in and while we were visiting with family at their camper, so we put him in the truck and even when we got back to out camper after the storm had moved on and our dog wouldn't get out of the truck, so he ended up staying in there for part of the night, silly dog! I dont like lightning myself so I can understand how the dogs feel, thunder I don't mind but lightning scares the daylights out of me.
    If you are getting too much rain we would welcome it here in Saskatchewan it is incredibley dry and there are over 127 forest fires in this province alone and about 13,000 people have been forced out of their homes due to the fires.


  16. Hiked that trail a couple of years ago when we had a family get together at the Scottish Festival and Games at Grandfather Mt. I miss the lovely mountains but I have to say I miss the beach most of all!
    thanks for the rain report...love that sound...it's one that lulls me to sleep

  17. Rainy days and Mondays don't get Bonnie down! LOL Poor Sadie.......I used to not like thunder or lightening either!

  18. You are so lucky! We have been to there years ago, need to go again. Thanks for the pictures.

  19. Bonnie, have you tried a thundershirt for Sadie? Our Molly hated storms and I wish they had been available for her. Sounds like they either work well or not at all, but worth a try.

  20. Love your post! My husband and I often ride the BRP on our Harley. We just discovered the hiking Under the viaduct last month! Enjoy!!!

  21. Anonymous6:40 PM EDT


    You are more than welcome to come to Southern California and RIDE BABY RIDE to bring on the rain. We would love to have you here again and love the rain you would bring with you.

    Karen in So Cal

  22. Anonymous6:43 PM EDT

    We hiked that area under the viaduct the year after it opened, It was amazing. Pat, KY


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