Monday, June 28, 2010

Wonderful Weekend....

We had a girls sew day at Jen's!

We had been wanting to do this for quite a while, but well, you know my schedule...and if you throw Jen's in there too, and what she's had going on the last little while (It's always busy when you have 4 kids!)Saturday was the first day that worked for both of us. YAY!

I packed up my car....Shotgun, the Bernina belted securely in the front passenger seat. According to my GPS, Jen only lives 8.5 miles from me. This is the closest quilting friend I've found so far, just a hop and a skip really!

She's turned her dining room into her quilting room, and it is just PERFECT..3 large tables/desks are set up, and it is right there central to where she needs to be in her home, right next to the kitchen and the family room where the kids are playing. Who needs a dining room that never gets used and just needs dusted from time to time? Much better to use it as a sewing room instead of upstairs away from family activity.

We even had the opportunity to influence a "Quilter In Training" aka Ashley, Jen's 8 yr old daughter! She wanted to sew too, and it was just so precious watching her get all excited about the "Baby Janome"...and finding a project for her to work on. We thought if we cut some 6.5" foundations from a white fabric, she could easily learn to sew some string blocks. The machine was very small, and that is why we thought smaller blocks would be easier to work on since the area between the needle and the inside of the machine wouldn't really handle a large block without a whole lot of rolling up and shifting around.

Just look at her go!

She's got it down just like a pro!

Look: Here is her first block all trimmed up!

At one point I overheard conversation something like "Mom, can I use THIS fabric?" "Yes, you can use any of the pieces in that laundry basket" "ANY OF THE PIECES?!? ALL OF THE PIECES!?" I think Ashley has quite the makings of a fabricaholic already!! LOL!

Later that evening, I got an email saying that Ashley's brother had come to the "dark side" too!

The kids ended up sewing together until after 10 p.m. They shared her little machine and while one was ironing the other was stitching....then they would switch. I suggested that they let their blocks work together to make a quilt and they were so excited about that. Andrew wanted to get in on the action too last night. Since he's staying home from church this morning, I told him that I would teach him while the others are at church. I fear that soon I'm going to be kicked off of my own machine! :^)

All in all it was a great day and MUCH greatly needed!

I've finished the blocks for the last quilt for the book...will post more about that later. I've gotta get some book orders out and ready to mail. I've been to the gym, the bank, have showered, scheduled a guild 3 years in advance ((!!!!!)) Do any of YOU know what you will be doing 3 years from now? This is just so brain blowing to me! And I've got a Chiropractor appt at 4pm....

I'm headed to Oregon on SUNDAY! I can hardly wait! I have it in my mind, to finish designing the next mystery quilt and have that be my project while I'm there..then I don't have to CRAM in November....I just need to do all this other stuff first.. :c/


  1. What a fun day you had; so neat to encourage the next up and coming generation of quilters! I hope you are able to share their finished project, if it gets to that stage!!

  2. I really like Ashley block! Be sure to let her know! I hope that when the quilt is completed they will send you a picture to share with us! Take care!!! Safe travels to you!!!

  3. I love it. Looks like a great day! I can't wait until my 5 year old is 7. I told her I'll teach her to use the sewing machine then. She can't wait. I can't wait for us to be able to sew together!!! My daughter already has a stash. Whenever we go to a quilt store, she asks if she can get a fat quarter or two (or three). She takes them home and plays with them, and then we store them in her little plastic tub for someday...

  4. Hoorah !!! that means the rumor is true that there will be a Bonnie Hunter mystery in November. Everyone should clear the decks and get their Christmas sewing done now. Thanks Bonnie for all you do. Keep scheduling yourself onto your calendar and take care of you.

  5. Awesome block, please let her know, and try to post their finished top/quilt. How nice!
    Thanks for giving us a heads up on the mystery. Maybe I'll be able to write that on my callendr and find the time to participate this year, lol. Thanks Bonnie, have a great trip :oD

  6. It appears we all have the same idea - let Jen know we all want to see the finished quilt!

  7. Great one Bonnie! getting them young, I often think if only I had started quilting at a young age?How much more I could have accomplished!
    My son at the age of 10 made himself a quilt too....very proud of himself.

  8. Priceless ... just priceless ... her first block is WONDERFUL ... cannot imagine her excitement!

  9. Aren't quilters in training so much fun! Enjoy Oregon...got to be cooler than here in the S.E.!

  10. I have such a blast quilting with my girls. My youngest is six now and she enjoys sitting on my lap (though she's getting kinda big for that) & putting her hands carefully over mine as I sew. The older ones have become more independent and are having fun learning new techniques.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day. Wish I had a close-by sewing friend too! Glad to hear there will be another mystery coming up. This time I really want to join in!

  12. I love the photos of your friend's daughter. My (not-so) little girl had the same machine, but she's now using my Pfaff! I love it that we're still able to influence our kids (or grand-kids for some) to do hands-on crafting, instead of just playing with their electronic toys. =)

  13. How wonderful that a new quilter is 'born' :)


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