Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hello from The Hotel Indigo!

I've found HEAVEN....in Palatine, IL!! This is the oasis I've needed for just a bit of "me alone" time after all the running I've been doing.

My flight left Greensboro an hour late this morning...didn't bother ME a bit, I just sat there in the gate area quilting away, but the poor lady next to me...she was going to miss her brother's wedding! Oh well. What can you do? Some things are out of our hands, and I'm really working at decreasing my stress by just letting go of things I have no control over. It doesn't do any good...so I'm keeping that "Serenity Prayer" close at heart these days and "accept the things I can not change."

I was met at the airport by Marsha and her hubby, and they delivered me to my new digs in style. Welcome to The Hotel Indigo!

What a refreshing place! Who would not want to stay in this room and cozy up in this bed? All the colors of the hotel are so refreshing...a light celery/lime green and blue and periwinkle!!

This is the view from the bed side....I love the hardwood floors as well as the furnishings. I'm typing from this desk right now :c)

The "Welcome" area by the door..complete with lime green coffee maker!! COOL! I do feel very welcome here...

I don't know about you, but I always have to check out the bathroom in a new hotel room...GREEN WALLS!!! So restful and peaceful..and it hits me why I like these colors so much together...the blue, the green, the periwinkle...

I'M WEARING THE SAME THING! Oh yes, this place has got my number definitely!

I ran out to get a salad at subway, and look what I noticed on my way back into the lobby! CRUISER BIKES!! It was only 2pm, and I wasn't being picked up until 4:30 (still have 30 minutes to finish this blog post and get downstairs for pick up time!)so I stopped at the desk and asked how much to rent the bikes. $5.00 for 2 hours! What a bargain! How could I not want to ride a cruiser bike around twin lakes park and unwind for the afternoon before activities get going tonight?

I rode for about 90 minutes....it felt good to get those thigh muscles working, to feel the sun on my back and shoulders and the wind in my hair. I enjoyed watching people picnicing, children playing at the play grounds and feeding the ducks. Golfers doing their thing as their golf carts zoomed by on the paths. Lovers young and old holding hands and walking.

I also got dive bombed by a black bird, felt his claws in my hair, and it totally freaked me out!!! He must have thought my braid was something he wanted to build a nest with, but I kept it all to myself, luckily. Freaky Bird.

So I'm ready. Ready to head to dinner with the guild ladies and get everything set up. Ready to have my cousin ((once removed!)) and his lovely wife Pearl come join us for the guild meeting and teach them all the ins and outs of addicted quilters!

And I'll be ready to come back to my little perfect hideaway at The Hotel Indigo tonight when it is all done and dream dream dream, of lime green, navy blue, and periwinkle...

Oh and before I forget:

Lookie what I got yesterday....AT the thrift shop...for $4.99??? And it works wonderfully! I've never had a Rowenta before, so this one is for me. I shall NOT put water in it, I know about irons spitting over time. This one is going to be for dry ironing only! :cD


  1. Hmm Looks like a great color combination for a quilt. Wish I could come see you I am in Il very close, but alas other plans. Maybe next time you swing through here. Nicole

  2. AAARGH! I WANT that IRON!

  3. Life must be really agreeing with you. What a great day, and you look FANTASTIC! All that gym/walking/bike riding has truly paid off, good for you!

  4. What a great place to stay....

  5. Ah hah! Your description of the color confirms my choice for an updated bedroom wall color, where the QUILT - your Pineapple Blossom, is done in scrappy lavendars, pinks, aqua, purple, blue, etc. I was having second thoughts about my choice of pale minty green on the walls. Hey, if I remember correctly YOU were the teacher in person in that class in Casper. I've been wondering about what wall color for months, to blend with that quilt! Now I feel fairly sure.

    I also, remember Palatine as a place I performed in many horse shows, about a million years ago! Have fun!!!

  6. What a pretty hotel out there. I remember when Palatine was all fields of corn.

    That lady who was missing her brother's wedding sure had cut her time close......

  7. We were in Asheville, NC a little over a week ago and we kept driving by Hotel Indigo and I was curious about it. It is lovely and if we ever have a chance, it is a definite must stay!!

  8. I've stayed at one of those Indigo hotels in Atlanta. Same color combos and decor. Very nice.

  9. I have had a Rowenta for many years and had never had it spit at me. I use just plain water from out well.

  10. I love that hotel! Looks like a fantastic place. I love the colors. So refreshing.

    I have a nice Rowenta, and it never spits, unless I overfill it with water. My only complaint is it really pumps out the steam (which I like), so it runs out of water too fast! I have found if I use too much steam, though, it really does distort blocks sometimes. So, I have been laying off the steam. My blocks are fitting together better. I like your idea of dry ironing and just a spritz of Best Press now and then. I started doing that for about the past year and am happier with my blocks! I still put steam in my Rowenta for ironing clothes, however. I love it when it cranks out steam when I'm ironing linen!

  11. I have two Rowentas. That particular one doesn't crank out as much steam as the newer one. The Titan Plus is the one I keep in the sewing room. I only fill it with bottled water as my well water is TERRIBLY hard. It's been a great iron for a very long time. Unfortunately for me, I paid $89.99 quite a few years ago (like 15-20). You did good at 4.99. Judy Laquidara warned me to unplug my iron after each use due to some quilt shop fire which was determined to be caused by a Rowenta iron. I just keep all my sewing "stuff" plugged into a multi breaker strip and turn the whole thing off when leaving the sewing room.

  12. Now that looks relaxing!

    Happy Sewing


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