Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From cold and rainy to mid 90s and humid!

My flight arrived home in Greensboro, NC around 11pm last night. I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open on the drive home! (Yes, good that I wasn't driving..lol)

Why was I so tired? Because we were going heck bent for leather in typical Mach fashion! (Mach is my mom's maiden name, and we typically run at Mach 5 speed!) I think the whole week caught up with me!

Now, you have to understand Mach family humor. We are avid as in AVID RABID yard salers. This meant comments such as ....."OH! Yard sale sign! do you think the funeral procession could just detour for just a few minutes?!?"

"Yard sale sign!" "yeah, but it's pouring..." "Doesn't matter! it's a GARAGE sale, and the weather is likely keeping people away so we can still get the GOOD STUFF!"

So yes, we did hit some yard sales Fri, Sat....and when we aren't yard saling, we are hitting the thrift stores! It's in the blood, what can I say?

So yesterday, my aunt dropped us off at a BIG one while she went and ran some errands. I found a few summer blouses for myself, and wound up at the fabric..YES! FABRIC! Loookie what I got!

That nile green calico is of some vintage age...it's only 35" wide (and has been prewashed at some date) and I got over 4 yards of it for $2.50! There was almost 5 yards of the brown with the aqua colored polka dots, and it was $5.00....uhhuh! It's destined to become a back or something. I REALLY like the vintage piece...it's definitely a 10 on the "fungly" scale...50% fun and 50% ugly! Gotta love it!

This did NOT come home with me:

But if you know someone who needs a piano key sequined gown, I know where you can get one! *LOL*

As I unpacked my suitcase this morning (All 46 lbs of it!) I unearthed some other treasures that I am happy to be bringing into my home.

My mom does wonderful painted objects. This is a clock she had painted for my Grandpa's room.....and it just cracks me up! This is what my life is like lately! I don't know what day it is, I don't know what time it is! LOL So THIS is going to hang in my studio (Next to the real clock of course...) On the back is a message of "Merry Christmas" to my Grandpa from my mom, and I cherish the sentiment.

A few of you sent emails telling me to be SURE to snag some of Grandpa's shirts. Don't worry...I was able to put in my request, and no one else besides my mom and myself were interested in his clothing. I found 4 lovely cotton shirts that will work just super. My mom got one sleeve from each and I got the rest! I'm sure it looked strange to whoever went through my bag at the airport! 4 shirts with one sleeve gone on each! (It never fails, I always open my luggage to find little notices from TSA letting me know they've gone through my bag.) She also wanted the buttons, so I gave her the whole strip with the buttons still attached too.

At the service we displayed picture boards of Grandpa's life in the foyer before the service. My Aunt spent hours getting copies of photos made for the display, and I was able to bring a few of the pics I really liked home with me. There is something so timeless about sepia toned photos, isn't there? In this age of digital pictures, it is really NICE to hold something tangible in my hands instead of looking at them all on a computer screen.

I need to be better about printing out my memories in NON DIGITAL format. Poof and they could all be gone if something happened to my computer, my external hard drive, my cd's my memory sticks. You know? I'm thinking about this more and more. Digital is great...but what do you do with it from that point?

So here I sit at 10:35 on a Tuesday morning. I have today and tomorrow to get done what I need to, but I just feel the need for a DAY OFF. Maybe a pedicure. I can deal with the rest later. I need some ME time.


  1. Bonnie,
    Granting you blessings and a day for yourself! Just let all the wonderful family moments soak way down in your soul. Had that kind of week-end too with a surprise 88th birthday party for my mom. She (we) had had a rough year and came through to celebrate.
    Now looking forward to meeting you personally Thursday at your lecture and workshop on Saturday!!
    Have been waiting forever and it IS going to work...I'm excited.

  2. I am so glad you were able to take home such wonderful memories!!

  3. Lovely and definitely timeless. Well, except maybe for the piano lounge singer's dress and I bet even for her, it was perfect. If I only I could sing...well, and maybe play the piano.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the photos. It's still nice to have those old fashioned things called photo albums just in case the good ole' hard drive crashes and destroys all the lovely baby photos.

    Here's what I've started doing: about every 6 months or so I upload a big batch of photos to wallgreens.com and have them print the whole bunch on 3x5 and the really good ones even bigger.

    The best thing is I don't even have to leave the house! I just upload and order the ones I want and then go pick them up whenever.

    Convenient and simple!


    Leah Day

  5. Don't you just know your grampa would be happy that you all had such a good time seeing him off?

    I LOVE that clock!!! I'm gonna go about making at least a mock one for myself.

    Yes, something could happen to all the digital media, but then the regular pics and docs could be burned or flooded or tornadoed away - it's really a problem, isn't it?

    I spose a lockbox at the bank, but what if that gets bombed? *L* You see, there is no 100% safe place for them.

  6. Now why on earth wouldn't you want to bring home the piano key dress???? And only $129 too!!!

    I keep looking at that green print fabric. I think I had some of that at one point in time. :-)

  7. That's the clock my husband needs! "Oh really? It's 3 a.m.?"

    Enjoy a day off:)

  8. I use Snapfish for my photos- yo eail them and they mail them to wherever you want- thus taking one more trip o the PO off my list.

    It's so nice to hear of a family that knows how to spend time together- good and bad times. The clock is wonderful, I'm sure the quilt will be, too.

  9. Hope you are enjoying a much needed day off to pamper yourself. The photos and grandpa's shirts are wonderful memories for you.
    Get rested... see you Thursday

  10. Anonymous11:10 PM EDT

    Heidi Kaisand has done a snapfish book of days from her blog for each year she blogged! Its a very cool idea to have a 'book' of what your journaled....

    AND.. I want to hang out with the Mach 5 team.. what a HOOT!

  11. Yup, a pedicure sounds great!

  12. We make slideshows with our digital pictures and present them as a birthday gift. Just add some music and words to the picture and you get a chance to share the pictures. Also provides the entertainment for the party.

  13. I love how you LOVE yard sales - what treasures. I am laughing about the one sleeve gone buttonless shirts - that will give the airport crew some good STORIES to share!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  14. oh that IS a fungly green fabric - what a hoot. so glad you got some shirts to work into your quilts - you'll have great memories of your Grandpa every time you see those fabrics.


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