Friday, June 04, 2010

In Charlotte!

Here I am from Johnson & Wales University, in beautiful downtown Charlotte, NC!

I've had the best time! Yesterday I left the house and went to the airport in Charlotte to pick up Pat Sloan. I was one nervous nelly, as I was afraid I'd be late for her arrival, not know where to find her, not find a parking spot, you know all those things one worries about when playing driver to a REAL Quilt Celeb! ;c)

I texted her when I got in, her flight had just landed, and we met at the baggage claim....and off we went!

We headed toward Mary Jos, but decided to get some lunch first. Now if you've been to Mary Jos..you may remember what it looked like a few years back. If you haven't been lately, you would be amazed at how the whole shebang is taking on a NEW look thanks to a new facade and facelift...I had to explain how the mall was taken down around Mary Jos..just leaving her and the Harris Teeter grocery store standing. THey have added strip mall parts all around with brand new shops and restaurants. It looks REALLY updated and nice, where it used to be so dumpy before!

We stopped at a new McAllister's deli they built across the parking lot and enjoyed our lunch out on the patio.

From there we headed to Mary Jos.......what fun to watch! Here is a pic of the new facade on the south side of the building, and showing the old facade on the west side....see the new NAME PLATE in stone on the new side? So much better than those old green letters!

And who is THIS..taking a pic of me while I take a pic of her taking a pic of the building showing the old vs new?! LOL!!! I am in AWE of this big green traveling purse, let me tell you....NEED one..if you travel alot, you know what I mean! This purse is the bomb!

I did a bit of damage at Mary Jos...most of all, I bought 6 yards of solid "schoolbus"..otherwise known as my favorite cheddar. It's a staple. What can I say? Just have to have it! I also bought a few remnants and some FQs...and got out of there for under $25.00. Not bad. Not bad at all!

Knowing that Pat had just recently acquired a vintage type writer at an antique place in MN....I thought about taking her to "Sleepy Poet Antique Mall" here in Charlotte. I've found good deals there in the past.

This time nothing came home with either of us, but it was fun looking!

Just look at the colors in this Pennsylvania Dutch style "Sugar Loaf" Quilt! Isn't it amazing? It was pretty spendy, but definitely worth a photo op.

And here is Miss Pat, checking out those fabrics and the wonderful stitching!

Goose In The Pond is another favorite pattern....here it is in traditional blue and white, hold it up, Vanna!! :cD

Broken Dishes in red and white! Lovely stitching...still a bit pricey, but I love being able to see the quilts up close, and even touching them. Can't do THAT at a quilt show!

The diamond quilt here took my breath away. Early to mid 1800's fabrics. Many of them shredding..but what was in it was AMAZING. Just studying the fabrics was a joy! I think Pat got better pics of the fabrics in this one....so if I can get them from her I'll post. I just LOVED this one, but it was too damaged to really want to bring home for the price it was selling for. Still...great to touch that piece of history.

The pieced poppy pattern next to it was also really cool. We could see the pencil marks for the quilting designs on it. Probably it's never been washed....what a great day for quilt eye candy!

Since we arrived, it's been a whirlwind of activity. We are sharing our fun dorm room style accommodations together, two bed rooms connected by a bathroom....we both taught classes today, Pat a design class, while I taught a string spiderweb class. I had 16 students, and it was a flurry of flying scraps and stories of how old the fabrics were and where they came from and what was going on in their lives when that fabric first entered their stash. Just really a great group of ladies.

We are about to take off for supper...and unwind tonight! Tomorrow we do it all again, and home on Sunday...

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I've been thinking about you. Glad you see you're having fun. Take care of yourself and enjoy your weekend.

  2. I am so jealous! My daughter lives in Charlotte and I visit often as I am only 2 hours away!

  3. You both are having so much fun! I love to read your blogs...it takes me to places I know I will never get to. Thanks!!

  4. Sounds like you're having a good time shopping!

  5. Nice quilts!

    BTW, the pieced flower is Ruby McKim's Pieced Rose. I LOVE that design, but I've never seen it in a real quilt before, just in the reprint of her old book, 101 Patchwork Patterns.

    I really DO need to see Mary Jo's some day, it's legendary. Next time take some pictures inside too, please!

  6. Looks like fun!
    I admire you for making your job as much fun as it can be :0)
    You go girl!

    Happy Sewing

  7. Bonnie, I am in Asheville, NC right now and have been here since Wednesday. My hubby indulged me yesterday and took me to a quilt shop in Hendersonville. I will try to hit at least one more on Monday. Anywho, while checking out (I only spent 87.00, but it was ALL on sale!!) I asked if they had heard of you and to my surprise, they said no!!! To me, you are a bigger celebrity than Pat Sloan since I am working on two BH quilts right now. Also, I asked if they had heard of the quilt symposium in Charlotte and they also said no...maybe Hendersonville is off of the BH grid of information? Have a great time...I read every day and am always entertained!!

  8. I'll have to visit that store next time I am up in Charlotte!

  9. Looks like fun!!

    I could "ROCK" that purse! I am 6' tall so, big purses make me look shorter!~LOL!!!


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