Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And off she goes again....

Packing my bags for Arlington Heights, Illinois!

Yes, I know...I KNOW..I know more than anyone that I just got home, but you see, the family trip was stuck in there in an emergency situation, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. This trip tomorrow? Well, it's been on my calendar for about TWO YEARS. And I'm so happy to be going there! I've had emails from ladies (and gents)from the Chicago area who have traveled as far as Indiana to take my classes previously, and they can't wait for me to be local either, and it will be a reunion of sorts! ((Waving at Kathy and Teri and Ila and Dave and...))

As much as I love my family....it's also great to visit with like minded quilters! I'm just going to have to watch it when it comes to my magnetism toward Culver's Custard! I'm doing what I can to really work on this blood sugar thing. I don't think I can go up to their counter and ask for lo-carb sugar free diabetic custard :cÞ Celery Sticks? AUUGH!

This morning I pulled out the Dreamsicles quilt to check my progress on it. Boy! Things do go faster the closer you get to the center! This is a pic of the back, taken on my front porch swing...it's raining, (AGAIN!) so a pic on the deck wouldn't work to show detail. Too much light in my studio for detail..so...on the swing it goes! Can you see where I've quilted, leaving just an unquilted section in the center? My goal this trip is to FILL THAT IN and start on the border! Whooooo!

You know, if I didn't make the best of making the use of otherwise wasted time, this quilt would still be a P I G....(Project in Grocery Sack) languishing in the cupboard here in my studio. If this doesn't show you that you CAN make progress 15 minutes at a time....NOTHING WILL! This has all been found moments of time while I've been traveling, not a lick of hand stitching has been done while I've been here at home because there are too many other items on the hot plate when I am home.

I found a stencil that I want to use for the yellow border when I get to that point...I'm hoping I'll be to that point by the time I get home on Sunday! But we'll see.

And as for my "lay low" day yesterday? There was still some stuff that HAD to get done...like a run to the bank. I did work on writing some pattern instructions (just a bit) I took care of my mail, I got a pedicure (definitely goes into the THERAPY category!) and I took a NAP!

In the evening, when things had cooled down a bit...I was persuaded by DH to go walk the golf course with him while he played 9 holes. (Well really, it was 11 holes, but that's a story for another time!) After being mostly comatose all day, it felt good to get back out and stretch my legs. The golf course is close, and I love that it used to be an old farm...the silo and barn are still right there near the club house!

I played with my camera! I have friends who blog on a different format and they do what they call GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday) I don't know how it got started...but this is me...on the golf course, hot and sweaty with DH, goofing around with the cam on my phone.

Silly Silly...and did I mention how HOT it was?! That pink thing you see in the corner is my ear buds..lol! I look like I've been lasso'd by them! Yes, I have pink ear buds...after buying countless pairs of white or black ones only to have them disappear (AHEM!) I have found that no one else in my house will TOUCH my pink ear buds...and I've had this pair over a year now..amazing! Pink is like kryptonite to the men folk in my family! (Pink rocks!) Pardon the hair..did I mention how hot it was and the wind was blowing? I do not usually sport a "Comb Over" :cD

Hot, Sweaty, and Silly...what a way to end a day!

Today? More pattern writing. Gym. Last of the Laundry. Repack Trunkshow. Fill Book Orders And Mail. Make chicken soup from the remains of last night's rotisserie chicken dinner. Get a good night's sleep....and off to Illinois I go! ((More silliness to follow!))


  1. Haha, I'm the same way with pink. My husband is good about not taking my stuff, but I grew up with an older sister and younger brother, and my husband has 2 brothers. His mom was very amused when she saw us playing Risk together and pink was winning. :)

    Question - what kind of scissors do you use on the plane? I'm about to do a Transatlantic flight and would like to be able to sew on it, obviously...if you don't want to post about it, my email is emmafreester [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. Oh man, Arlington Heights is so close to me and I wish I could take your class, but alas, I have to work. I am very close to finishing 2...yes, 2 Bonnie Hunter quilts and yesterday bought batting so I could send them off to the long armer and get them off of the to do list.

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM EDT

    you are a HOOT... love the photos!!!

  4. So funny, thanks for the suggestion on the "Pink" items, things disappear at my house maybe this will work.

  5. Pink earbuds wouldn't last long in my house, I'm afraid. My 17 year old son thinks "pink is metal".

    He has a pink Ipod, and wears pink clothes. And yes, he's straight, lol!

    Have fun in Illinois!

  6. Love the pink ear buds...great idea! Your quilting is really pretty...I recently finished a quilt with baptist fans...what fun!

  7. Thanks for waving Bonnie! I'll be waving back! Enjoy the trip, and hopefully you'll find a few minutes so you can finish the middle of the quilt, and start on the border!!

  8. I'm one of the lucky ones who will be taking your class on Friday! The NSQG folks are looking forward to your visit.

  9. Yes we are looking forward to your visit.
    Love the PIG. I have those too!

  10. Thanks for these pictures, they make my day!
    silly, but funny, and that hair is soo perfect! Windblown-style! ;o)

  11. Have you ever been told you resemble Helen Hunt? Or does she resemble you? Love your quilts. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. I got myself a pink camera--- that color trick works like a charm!!



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