Thursday, June 24, 2010

Doubly Blessed

If you are of "my age" you might find that phrase "Doubly Blessed" taking you back to about 1980 and a certain song by Meatloaf! "Ain't no doubt about it, they were doubly blessed...for they were barely 17 and they were barely..." Nevermind, that's enough for you to know as far as lyrics go! *LOL*

I feed DOUBLY and even TRIPLY blessed this morning.

You aren't going to believe this...I was out walking my dog Sadie (we do about 3 miles) and guess who I found in some bushes about 1/2 mile or more from my house on the OTHER side of the creek?

I was walking past these bushes and I heard meowing...I took my head phones out and meowed back...it was Emmy Lou, my missing cat!! She was in the bushes and she had heard my voice. But this OTHER dog came and heard her too, and chased her across a yard and into some other bushes...

I had to shoo the dog away - - I actually whipped it on the behind with Sadie's leash and then had to follow Emmy back into these people's yard where she jumped up on a picnic table and meowed to me the whole time until I picked her up.

She was purring to beat the band...and oh so skinny :c( She's been gone for 2 months. I guess the other pissy cat Chloe DID scare her away enough to keep her from coming home.

I carried her the whole 1/2 mile home, and she didn't even fight me. She came in, went right to her food, and then up to her favorite perch on top of the bedroom TV armoir...silly cat!

While this was all going on, Fed Ex pulled into my driveway and delivered a box...I guess I wasn't paying it too much mind, excited as I was about getting Emmy back, but this morning (After my doc appt) I saw that it is from my quilting bud Mickey in IL! What's in it?

Look see!!

Definition of True Friend: One who sends you 22 lbs of fabulous fabric in the MAIL! I'm really excited about some of these pieces. Lots of fun novelties which I don't have very many of, I've never been drawn to novelties, but I know I can do some fun things with them.

There are also lots of florals..these are going to be so great for so many things! I can hardly wait to really sort through and see what there is here.

Thanks Mickey!

The other good thing...I went to the doc this morning. My A1c for my blood sugar was 5.6. Diabetic range is 6 and above. Normal range is 4 up to 6. So...yes, I'm kind of in the high range of normal, but I'm still good. However, because of my age, and heredity, I need to watch my sugar and carb intake. I'm revamping my diet with the help from the doc's office, and we are going to keep this from getting to where it does reach diabetic levels. It's still important to get it checked over time. Without the exercise I've been doing the past 2 years, and without watching what I eat and losing 25 lbs in the past 2 years, I could have been well above that 6 level.

So all in all it's a good day! A great day! And I've cleaned my two drawers.....the undies/bras drawer is slimmed WAY DOWN, and the sock drawer....well..not so much to get rid of there, but did some, and I feel good about it. Tshirt drawer is next....and it seems like several of you are committing to one drawer a day too!

On the way back from the Docs I stopped at Target and bought a new book shelf...the old one...someone (his name shall remain unnamed, but his initials are DH!) stepped on the bottom shelf to reach something at the top, and of course the shelf gave way. It was one of those pressboard kind of units, so not that expensive to replace, but it is for my quilt books. This time around, I'm taking the shelves from the first unit (the broken one) and using them to double the strength of the shelves of the new one...hopefully to keep the shelves from bending. Books are HEAVY!! Warped shelves don't like to stay in the brackets either. So that's on tap for today as well.


  1. Woo hoo! Emmy Lou is back! That is amazing!!! And fabric in the mail too. I don't think your day can get any better :-).

  2. I'm so happy to hear that your kitty is back. Happy sewing!

  3. I am glad to hear your kitty is home safe and sound.

    Also, I know what you mean about novelty prints. I never know what to do with them either. But I did eventually find a use for them. I like to use them for the backs of my scrappy quilt-as-you go blocks.

    You can see it here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39790669@N04/3831802112/in/set-72157621940990977/

    Happy quilting!

  4. Congratulations all around. I love successful kitty-quilting-health stories.

  5. Oh Bonnie, I'm *so* very glad you got your cat back! That's such a happy!!! :

  6. Welcome home Emmy!!! I am sure she is just as happy to see you as you were to find her :)

    I love a happy ending!

    And 22 pounds of fabric! ?

    You will be busy!


  7. What wonderful news!! I am so happy you found your baby after so long. I'll bet she never leaves the house again!

    WOW!!! Look at all that fabric.

  8. Bonnie, I am so happy that you got Emmy Lou back. I am sure she is glad to be home. Also glad that your A1c was good. Just keep working at it. I am diabetic and have been able to control it with diet and exercise for 5 years now. I don't always do so good, but get right back on it when I screw up. Just don't give up. Enjoy your day sorting through fabric. (grin) Winona

  9. OMG! Is that a great kitty story or what!?! Emmy Lou is back and all is right with the world. It will be interesting to see if she is extra clingy or loathe to let you out of her sight.

  10. Bonnie, not sure what happened, but my first comment had an error pop up. So if you get 2 comments, just delete one of them. LOL So glad you got Emmy Lou back. I am sure she is tickled to be home. Also glad your A1c levels are ok. I am diabetic and have been able to control it for 5 years now with diet and exercise. I mess up sometimes and have to struggle to get back to where I need to be. Don't give up. You can do this. Have fun sorting your new fabric today. Winona

  11. So happy that your kitty is home again. She probably feels like you do when you get home from one of your road trips. She'll likely stick close to home now.

  12. Awww...I kinda teared up when I read about your kitty coming home. Good Girl! What a great story to start my day, thanks!

  13. It's so wonderful that your cat is home. How very good she must feel to be back in familiar surroundings! And the rest of your day just got better and better! So glad you're still on the low side of sugar intolerance and I sincerely hope your efforts can hold diabetes at bay!

  14. Yay! Emmy Lou is home again. How wonderful!

    Also glad to hear your sugar levels are within normal range. Keep up the great work.

    ...And enjoy all that giftie fabric! Woohoo! :o)

  15. I'm so happy that you've found your dear cat after all you've been through. She looks pretty well, and I'm sure she's delighted about being home again.
    I'm willing to see what you're going to do what so much fabric.

  16. How wonderful to have Emmy back. Great start to such a wonderful day. Micki is a darling for sure but has excelled herself with 22 pounds of fabric.
    Good to hear you blood sugar level is below the threshold.Well done on the diet and exercise.

  17. What a great day for you! Maybe a good day to buy a lottery ticket or two?

  18. What a wonderful day. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person!

  19. SO happy for you that your missing kitty has been found! My heart skipped a few beats as I read your story!

    Good job on the health front ... and best wishes as you continue to take care of yourself!!!

  20. You are really blessed! It's great that you found Emmy Lou back after two months!
    That's really special!
    Have fun with all those fabulous fabrics! I'm sure you will make something beautiful with these ones.

  21. What a great day! Congrats all around!!

  22. I'm SO glad you found your cat! I know you're thrilled to have her back. You might want to give the vet a call to see if they think she might have picked up something that they can take care of while she was out and about. (a parasite or heart worm) But please know that I'm thrilled she's back safely with you!

  23. I am so glad you found your kitty! I wonder if she had been waiting there for you to walk by? I'm just glad you found her. Good news about your A1C (wish mine was that good) and all the fabric! A good day all around:)

  24. Love that you have your kitty back. Wow a parcel like that is Christmas in June.

  25. Happy tears here for you and Emmy Lou !!! I am so glad she is home again. Give her a hug from another cat lover.

  26. Welcome home Emmy Lou from my cat Sneezy who did the same thing 4 years ago. She was 16 years old and disappeared for 2 months. Found her less than 1/2 mile away living in a hay bale. She graduated from barn cat to house cat and is still going strong. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with lots of new fabric to fondle.

  27. I'm glad you got your pussy cat back. What a friend Mickey is!!
    I bought your Eeders and Leaders book today...what can I say except THANKYOU!!!

  28. oh I am soo happy for you finding Emmy Lou. woohoo on that and for the health news.

  29. I'm SO glad you found your kitty! That's better than fabric!

  30. Amazing what you can find on a long walk! Congrats to you and your kitty for recognizing each other. Sigh. I love a happy ending!

    Lots of fabric to play with, who could turn that down?

  31. I'm just the opposite; I LOVE novelty fabrics! I'm using them to make a string quilt, which (as I mentioned on my blog) is also a charm quilt, and is also an I Spy quilt!

  32. I'm so glad to hear that your A1c is below 6! Keep up with the exercise and diet -- we all want our favorite quilt designer to stay healthy.



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