Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toothy Tuesday!

Yep! It was dentist day for me today!

The dentist was great, she took care of the chipped back crown that was rubbing my tongue raw, and other than one small cavity, she sent me right on to the hygienist for my buff and polish.

Squeaky Clean and pearly white....and all I could think about while I was sitting there filling out copious amounts of paperwork (New dentist...auugh. Hate that paperwork!)was that I wanted to be back in my basement studio kitting up MORE stuff to take to Oregon!

I spent time with my friend Randy on IM this morning throwing out ideas....feeling a bit panicky...when you need your whole scrap user's system to create a project, how do you kit it up? What if you don't have enough? She assures me she will have plenty of stash there, so will Lori, Kat, and Claire. And there are the stores...oh yes, trips in to Bend are quite doable....


I'm just not a girl that can grab a bundle of pre-matched-by-fabric-line fat quarters and make a quilt I'm happy with! I want MY STUFF! *hands on hips*

I can't just do the jelly roll thing and be happy with it.

Not only that, I'm really really torn on what I *SHOULD* be working on, vs what I *WANT* to be working on, and those are not one in the same thing....

The first thing that comes to mind is the Mystery for November. It worked so great having last November's mystery be a limited edition, and then included in this next book upcoming, that it only makes sense to do that again, right? To give a sneak preview of the kinds of things that will be in the next book? (Yes, that's book #4! Wahhooooo!)

So I've been hot and heavy into my EQ and trying to design something that has enough units to keep it interesting, enough color to keep me (and everyone else) from getting bored) enough intricacy to make it worthwhile to spend this time piecing it and not having it look like the "same ole, been there done that" And at the same time using various parts of my burgeoning scrap stash....more than ONE area of Scrap User's System, because if we can't USE IT, what's the point of having it? A Mystery, that will also be a quilt for that next book. Two birds with one stone, should be easy right? NOT. SO. MUCH.!

I also think I have reached saturation level on just how much fabric a quilter needs to have. I'll never sew this up in my life time!

SO..this is what I've done this afternoon:

These are blue and yellow strips being cut into 1/2 square triangles, and I need about a quintizillion of them! And this is where I get pinched...because I need enough variety to do some test blocks before I pack all this to Oregon, and at the same time...just cutting for variety for ONE block, I may as well cut for 16...you KNOW?!!!!! And if this doesn't look great, what do I do with the leftovers and the wasted time (This is me on a time crunch, I know I need to relax.)

While this is going on, I'm not getting the writing time in that I need either....I need this stuff kitted up, and then I can use the rest of the time to write. I can write SOME while I am in Oregon...I have time on the plane (but that takes time from the hand quilting..lol)and time while there. I bave a blasted 3 hour layover in San Francisco before hopping that red-eye home...I could write then...right? WRITE!?

So..it's been mostly a frazzled day and I feel like I'm spinning around with my head cut off. Have you ever had one of those where you accomplished little to nothing, and the little you did, might not be what you needed to do......and if these blocks don't look right, it will be back to the drawing board!


  1. Whoo hoo...can't wait for another Quiltville mystery in November! I am not sure how you can top Double Delight (my favorite so far) but I am sure you will manage it, or come close! Thanks Bonnie!

  2. Another mystery?! You are the best! Your mysteries are so fun and so beautiful. I blame you for this fun quilting mess you've got me into!

  3. Take a deep breath and have a cup of tea to relax.
    I found the learning curve from EQ6 to EQ7 was a lot easier than from EQ5 to EQ6.
    I am sooooo looking forward to your great mysteries! November? Gosh that is so far away.
    Couldn't you ship some drawers of your Scrap Users System to your destination?
    XOXXO Subee

  4. Wow girl that's a lot on your plate!
    I've seen your teaching diary...booked, booked, booked! and another book...(the reading kind!)we love you.
    Think of it all like a staircase...don't look at ALL the stairs, just ONE at a time.

  5. Methinks you need an assistant! I'd volunteer if I didn't live so far away.

  6. Yippee! Another Bonnie mystery! Can't wait...doing the happy dance over here! Take your time...you feel like you're not accomplishing anything today but you are stewing ideas in your creative quilty brain so you can come up with a great quilt and that takes a lot of spinning of ideas!

  7. All I have to say is...I'm not a girl who can use a pre-matched line of fabric (a jelly roll, for instance) and be happy either. I am all about mixing and matching my own fabrics, and I'll be darned if I don't think mine look better than some of the quilts that I've seen where I've seen the same design done with every imaginable combination of different fabric lines for some designer. Maybe I'm just catty, but that's kind of my two cents. :)

  8. I've done one quilt for a shop from a jelly roll and grew to really dislike it...do you know how much work it is to make sure two patterns from the different colorways don't end up next to one another? I did however make a jellyroll from my stash for a new quilter...much more fun!

  9. The only way I can see jelly rolls working out is if I had about ten different ones, and so could mix and match. It should be fun to trade scraps with friends!

  10. quintizillion ---- i know the feeling!

    Angie ~ www.craftedAngles.com

  11. I am excited about another mystery Bonnie. Your designs keeps my interest challenged to the point I almost missed Christmas! It will be fun.

  12. Sounds like Wine Time! Hope you get settled down enough to enjoy some of this work you are doing on your vacation!

  13. wow! It would be easy to say try to chill out but, easier said than done. I guess you can just try to put out one fire at a time. I wish you luck.

  14. Breathe.......and let the quilting fairies take over your mind and the right things will come to you!

  15. Take a deep breath! Glad to see a quilt in the making for the million triangles I have cut recently. You work better with a deadline. Smile!

  16. Catch your breath! And get a grip! You need to slow down to light speed girl!!! What's more important... enjoying your time in Oregon? (wish it were me going!) Or making yourself frazzled trying to figure out what to do when/where and how much time it will take! Life is worth living... SO LIVE IT! You can do this... you are one of the most organized quilters that I read! Hang in there!


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