Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm going to SEW!!!

I'm headed over to Kernersville to go sew with Jen today! whoowhoo!! It's just the push I need to work on the blocks to finish the LAST QUILT for the book! I've been dragging on this one because it's pretty monotonous, or is that duotonous because it's TWO COLORS? I really have a hard time wanting to stick with quilts that only use two colors, even if they use a gazillion fabrics...I'm much more drawn to scrappy EVERYTHING...But..I like how this is turning out, so I can't wait to get it to the point where I can sew the top together and start thinking on borders..Maybe just plain ones on this one? Not EVERYTHING has to have a complex border, does it?

I wanted to share with you a lovely Spiderweb picture that came my way via Kat! Isn't it great?!

I love the yellow centers, and she used buttons to tie it, using her machine to sew them down. Great use of all those shirt buttons, don't you think?

We had quite an exciting day yesterday. About 8:30am I got a call from DH saying he needed to be taken to the emergency room. ((!!!!)) Turns out that he thought his hernia had ruptured. He was in a cold sweat and about to pass out from a lot of pain when I got to the office to pick him up. I had been on the phone with him and said "Are you sure you don't want an ambulance?" He said..just get me there. So we did.

After he was able to lay down in my car, the pain seemed to subside a bit. After they put him on a gurney and left us to ourselves (for a huge amount of time) in a small cubby hole at the ER....He felt quite a bit better.

After the exam, the doc said...well...seems as if a loop of intestine had poked through the abdominal wall, but since you were able to relax, it's corrected itself and gone back where it should. We are releasing you. ((!!!))

There wasn't anything they could do, luckily it wasn't strangulated and cutting off blood supply, and it HAD seemed to have corrected itself. But it doesn't solve the problem. DH has an appt with a surgeon to make another appt to GET IT FIXED! I was terrified mind you...having to drive him, in so much pain, sweaty, clammy, shocky...down the interstate? What would I have done if he HAD passed out?

I can't tell you how weird it was for me to just drop him back off at work like nothing had happened. And how "UNBELIEVEABLE!!!" I felt when he told me he was going GOLFING after work. :::SHAKING HEAD::: MEN! I just don't get them AT. ALL.

So all this upset pretty much wiped out my day. I couldn't accomplish much of anything, I had to run back into town to go to Sam's to pick up my own prescriptions I dropped off the other day...and I was SO stressed out, I *DID* treat myself to that Sam's club berry sundae! And I ate the whole thing myself. So THERE!

Later in the evening, after the sun had gone down, Sadie and I did our 3 mile trek, so I'm sure I burned it all off again.

So today, I'm putting the home stuff behind me, and going to sew with Jen, and work on blocks! I need a personal sew day!

What are you doing today?


  1. Anonymous8:28 AM EDT


    you can't live with them, and you can't trade them in for fabric!!

    seriously, glad your husband is feeling better, but sad that you both now have to go through the whole
    specialist-appointment-schedule surgery thing

  2. Man, that's frightening! I'm glad he's setting his surgery appointment to get it fixed. And golf! We need to get out DH's together since they seem equally addicted to golf.

    Me? I'm starting a new project today - VERY exciting!

    Enjoy your sew day. You have more than earned it!

  3. Man, that is scary... my first thought was appendix.

    Hope he feels better soon.

    Today I plan on cleaning a little (the Sundae Quilters are coming over tomorrow), and working on borders for Judy L's Bears in the Farmhouse quilt.

    Have fun!

  4. Awww...that'd leave me toasted.
    I love Chris' "trade him for fabric" idea! LOL!

    Today, I am going to finish a quilttop for 22yo ds out of...ick, I *HATE* this...Bart Simpson fabric and scraps. He LOVES it. >eyeroll< I'm SO glad I am almost DONE with it.

    I may go thrifting too...that URGE! It surely is addictive.

    Lucy (in IN)

  5. Scary,scary! You probably suffered as much as he did, just in a different way. Sewing today is the perfect prescription. My dear husband is power washing off the front porch, so later I will get some fresh plants and finish whatever needs to be cleaned. Grandsons are coming next week, and they will have a clean porch for playing.

    Today, I'm going to finish the block for a red, white, and blue Fourth of July quilt and maybe get the blocks sewn together.

  6. I know how you felt! I had a similar experience transporting my brother to the ER, trying to keep my cool while being scared about the condition he was in.

    After finishing a custom stole for our pastor this week, I'm rewarding myself with quilt projects today. Next week I start the last set of paraments for the church, and then I get my quilt life back!

  7. glad your hubby is better; I'll bet he'll be "just waiting" for it to happen again while waiting for his surgery appt. Hope all goes well! I just realized that I live in the same area as you.... do you have a shop? I've always wanted to see a quilting machine in action.

  8. Wow! Bonnie, what an experience. I can never settle down after stuff either. At least you know what is going on and he's got plans to resolve it. MR had a similar spell this spring, and we had no Idea what caused it. My son was visiting and called me on my cell (which I'd recently got) and said MR wanted to go to the hospital. I rushed home, but by then he was feeling better and didn't want to go. I drove him there and we sat in the parking lot until he convinced me he wasn't going in. Geesh, now I have something to suggest to him that might have caused it, and maybe he'll go to the doc for a check up for the first time since he got out of the navy in '81.
    Maybe I'll get to sew the 14 rows of mom's quilt together;) sounds like a plan. Blessings

  9. These dufus men - they don't seem to have a clue about their body! I have similar issues with my own DH.
    Good thing you got him to the ER - it coulda been really BAD, as you know. Thank goodness Dave had the sense to FIX the dang problem!

  10. i am heading to the garden for a couple of hours, then to my son's soccer game, back to the garden. maybe tonight I will get a little sewing in. working on some summery placemats! hope you got lots of sewing in.

  11. I remember seeing a grown man break down in tears not because he was having chest pains (and maybe a heart attack) but because he had only just arrived at the Masters Gold Tournament after waiting years to get a practice round ticket! Men!

    Hope he gets it taken care of soon....and enjoy your sewing day!

  12. Anonymous11:31 AM EDT

    I am actually workin on the broken dishes part of the Caroline Christmas...while doing laundry. One done I plan to finish quilting the borders of my vintage Grandmothers Fan. After 7 years I am ready to sleep under it!!!

  13. oh geeze. at least he was feeling GOOD enough to golf.

  14. I can't tell you how many times I've taken care of men whose wives insisted, to the point of ultimatum, that they go to the hospital because of "indigestion", and it turned out to be a heart attack--and the husband would only agree to the family car instead of an ambulance.

    The EMS personnel have oxygen, medications, and TWO people to manage things--but men let their stubborness override their common sense. AAGGGHH!

    Please pass the ice cream....

  15. After Stephanie is done with the ice cream, pass some to me, will you? My DH thought he tore his rotator (SP?) cuff, but played golf, moved furniture, you name it. Sigh.

  16. What is with this past week as far as emergency's and radom illness's etc... my nephew's wife had a tumor taken out that was pressing on her eye and sinus's on Thursday... (she is doing fine by the way...) and then Saturday we find out that my SIL (who has had breast cancer twice) now has found that it has matasasized (sorry can't spell worth beans!!!) into her hip and one of her ribs! I guess just take a deep breath and do lots of praying!!! Glad to hear that your DH is feeling better. I hope that his surgery goes well for him!


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