Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seems Like LIFE to me...

Day two of being HOME for 2 weeks! I get up in the morning, think of what I need to do today, and then eeeeeaaaaassssseee into it....this is GREAT!

Yesterday, I have to admit....I didn't even get out of my jammies until after 4pm! I just..just...didn't even want to leave the house, didn't want to talk on the phone, didn't want to do ANYTHING. I even took a nap in the afternoon.

But lest you think of what a slug I am....I am 25% done with the writing of the pattern instructions for the next book. That's right! 3 patterns down out of 12, 9 more to go, and I'm pacing myself nicely thankyouverymuch! It's not easy for me to pace anything, seriously. I tend to go heck bent for leather, and that means if one is done I go right into the next, but I'm trying it a bit differently this time.

Nap came after the last pattern instructions were written. Then I got up and puttered around in the house a bit (oh so nice to ramble in a quiet house!) and later in the evening, after the sun had gone down...Sadie and I went and power walked the hills in my neighborhood for about an hour. I try to do SOMETHING physical every day, even if it is only walking. I chose evening, because I slept through the coolest part of the day (early morning) and it was the next best thing.

Yep. It is now too hot and muggy to want to be outside doing ANYTHING strenuous in the NC heat and humidity right now. I'm emptying the container for the dehumidifier in the basement DAILY!

I have central air that keeps the main level and the basement nice and cool (Love having this basement studio in the summer!) But there are 2 bedrooms and a bath on the upstairs floor and the one A/C unit we have just can't seem to kick the coolness up there where heat rises, so each bedroom has it's own window a/c unit. I've taken to turning that on full blast about 2 hours before bed time to cool things down. It uses too much energy to have it running 24/7.

Lookie what arrived!! My new EQ7 upgrade! I've heard so much about this.....and here I am still just getting to know EQ6 after being an EQ5 user...and it's time to upgrade AGAIN. Do I do it now? Or do I wait until I finish graphing out the projects for the book so they are all in the same format (EQ6) and THEN upgrade to this? I don't even fully know EQ6 yet! Sometimes I am just so far behind where I'd like to be when it comes to being tech-savvy....but, this is me, as I am.

I tell you what...if they keep upgrading this thing EVERY YEAR, I'm NEVER going to get competent at any version of it they put out!

So here I am with 2 weeks off. Know what is pressing on my mind besides book stuff? What projects to take to OREGON to work on for my week long retreat before the Sisters Show! I go every year to my friend Randy's house in Sun River.....I usually have projects lined up and raring to go for a productive week...and this year? UUUUuhhhhh :::FAIL::::: I've been working on getting the book quilts done. There is one left that the blocks are almost done for, and the top needs set together and borders decided on..but THAT IS IT!

So..I dig into the UFOs...one project that comes to mind is my Nearly Insane that has not been touched really for...*GASP* Years. YEARS!! Should it come with me?

There is the applique that was not touched on a project that went all the way to Oregon and back with me last year. Or...was that 2 years ago?? Ackk! It's the string star with the words in the border. *shaking head*

There are ideas for quilts for the next up and coming book after this one, but do I really want it to be all about work and no play? It doesn't have to feel that way, but there will be an awful lot of kitting up needing to be done in the next two weeks to get NEW projects to the point I want to take them. When you are a scrap quilter, you can't just grab a stack of FQs and go. It's all about variety. TONS of variety.

I might ship my string bin ahead....and work on some string quilts I've wanted to do for the longest time. That would be fun. There is A LOT of variety in that bin. I add to it with every project I make...and there is the "bed in a bag" type zipper container that has all the strings from the recycled shirts too. So that would be cinchy...I just need to figure out the "Go WITH" fabrics that the strings could play against and I'd be raring to go. I might go with that idea.

So Today....went like this:

1. Go to Gym.
2. Proceed to lock key to open NEW padlock on locker...IN the locker...
3. Find someone to break open NEW lock with bolt cutters.. :c/
4. Pat self on the back for buying a 4 pack of locks that all use the same key...((One down, Three to go!))
5. Take car to Best Buy to FINALLY put new speakers in the car since the right front one has been blown out for about 2 years now. Can't take it anymore!
6. While car is at Best Buy, walk to the Sports Authority and buy new running shoes...old ones don't have any support in them anymore. (Sounds like my bra...but that's another day!)
7. Waste more time by having Two fer Tuesday Tacos at Moe's grill.....still waiting for car to be done.
8. Stop at thrift shops on way back looking for a desk for Jeff's computer...no luck there, but found some shirts 1/2 price for ME TO WEAR! (Not for cutting up..I'm banned from buying more of those..lol)

It's not a total waste of the day, even if I haven't done anything quilty...YET. There are still hours to go, it's only 3:30pm.

Yep, it's good to be HOME!


  1. ...a slug...never! Unwind as you need. My EQ7 is being delivered tomorrow. My first time to use the software and I can't wait.

    I ordered for it for myself for my birthday. Is that so wrong? :)

  2. Well, the good news is that EQ7 is very similar to EQ6 in layout and operation. They just added several new and cool features. You can either wait to get EQ7 until you have finished your book instructions or get it soon and just import those quilts into EQ7. It's very easy and you can even use the EQ6 Simplified book series for EQ7, it's that similar (except for the new, cool features, of course). :o)

    Looking forward to your new book,

  3. What about working on the quilt to posted about from Gwen's retreat, the applique w/peiced borders? I love the red/cheddar/green quilts and this one was looking fab with all the 1/2 sq borders.

  4. You can't write a post loaded like that and Be called a slug!! Good gosh I need a nap after reading all that!! ( I just woke from a nap!))) being on vacation and only sewing for three days out if three weeks!! (that's making me a little stir crazy but i'll manage...)

    you do get loads done and if that us a slow day for you then I hope you fully enjoyed it. You only have two weeks before your off again. Enjoy!

    Wish I could make sisters sometime, sounds like so much fun... Go girly!!

  5. A tech slug? Heck that is my title...I've waited on EQ anything until I was sure folks liked it! Is it time to buy yet?!

  6. Ohhh, Bonnie hon, I'd love to see you working on your NI quilt again - it really has been a long time hasn't it? I hope to get some more of mine done this week. I've missed it!
    You're such a busy bee, you wear me out reading what you achieve!

  7. In Chicago for weeks now, it's been horribly hot and humid; or cold/damp and humid. I don't know which is worse.

    I have only an a/c unit for my bedroom that I always have put in on 4th of July weekend, so just sleeping with a fan blowing on me right now.

    If I don't get up around 6ish and work til I'm too hot, sweaty and depleted of energy, I waste a whole day. People with central air don't realize how lucky they are. :(

  8. Take a breath girl! I am glad you are home safely and might have some time to sew a little.

  9. You work so hard at 'relaxing' that you'll need a rest after this two weeks!

  10. NEVER feel guilty about a Pajama day! Sometimes you just need it.

  11. You are a ball of energy. No one would ever think you are a slug. Ever. Enjoy your time at home.

  12. Ohh so jealous, can't wait to get qe7!! I too vote for work on the NI quilt. I haven't been reading long enough to know what it is, but it sounds awesome.


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