Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why was only one block blue and red? Did she run out of green? Some of the blocks have green framing the star, some of them have red framing the star...but there was only the ONE corner block that had BLUE. And why was that one placed distinctly in that corner? :c) The world may never know! Posted by Picasa


  1. A lady in my sewing group was showing me some of her finished quilts the other day. She mentioned that she always adds a 'rebel block' in her quilts. I have never heard that term used before. Have you? It reminded me of your Little Mountain quilt.
    Thanks again for a great blog and great website. Catherine

  2. Tamara Liddell3:51 PM EDT

    Why was only one block blue and red?
    I may have an answer to this one.

    In some Amish communities, it was very common for the ladies to put and odd color or block in a corner somewhere, their reasoning, " nothing is perfect in this world of ours, neither are our quilts."


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