Friday, July 29, 2005

Whew, what a week!!

Where has the quilting time gone this week? It's been a few days since I've posted. Wednesday and Thursday are the days that I'm at school, and here we are friday.

It has been SO hot and humid the past week or so. This is my 3rd summer in South Carolina, and the hottest by far! The rain did come last night,thunder and lighting in the middle of the night. I remember vaguely waking up to acknowledge it, and then falling right back to sleep. For some reason, I can sleep really well through a storm, I love the sound of the rain and the thunder, and even the flashes of light.

I spent the day finishing a customer's batik bear paw quilt that I thought turned out JUST beautiful. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and I hope she thinks so too.

I have added a page to my website called

Customer Quilts

I plan on adding more note worthy quilts to it in the future.Take a peek at the batik bear paw there! I also found a free program that makes thumb-nails in any size you need them, so this was my first experience with thumb-nails linking to bigger images. I keep learning!

I also monkeyed with the template for my blog page a bit...I found that I could make better use of the page if I didn't have so stinking much margin. So I changed the page width! And then I changed the page COLOR, and then I found I could link all sorts of little graphics. FUN!

Now I am toying with typing this whole entry in netscape composer, and then just pasting the html into the 'add entry' thing for blog spot. I'm hoping it will work and that way I can get more than one pic per post in.

I've got 8 whole mitre boxes blocks done, so that means I've only done 4 sets since you get two blocks from a set. See my new laminate floor! Pretty pretty..I shouldn't have cropped the pic so close so you could see more of it. I like these blocks and the method, just need more time to sew, which I haven't had this week.

We are headed to Charleston for the weekend, hoping to spend some nice relaxing time on the beach, maybe a bit of window and touristy shopping. There are a couple quilt shops down that way, but I really don't NEED more fabric, and i haven't been inspired by any patterns out there. I am more inspired to search ebay.com for pics of antique maverick quilts...I've got a whole folder full of pics I've saved for inspiration. Oh, another good thing...School starts in about 2 1/2 weeks, so my 15 year old will be out of summer-teenage-retirement! YES! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!



  1. Bonnie, I really like this new block you've dreamed up. It's hard to believe the difference in look from one half of the strips cuts, to the other!
    Those are 1.5"? Only asking cause they look wider..LOL.
    I went and checked out the bear paw..beautiful quilting as well as a really pretty quilt. You do a great job!
    I'm an ebay hound also, just found a used copy of Civil War Women to add to my collection *G*. Have you purchased any maverick quilt tops or quilts on ebay? I haven't, but I do look. One of the Judys on the WWQP BB has found some really neat ones there. I downloaded it from her Webshots page so I could study how the block was made.

  2. finn said it already, it is amazing how different the tow blocks from the same fabric look,

    and yes when I stop reading blogs and making Tonya R style letters I DO intend joining quilt mavericks,

  3. Finn sez..Hurray for Frances, reading blogs, making letters and going to join us !! I'm a new commer here..mid to late July, and I LOVE seeing and sharing our quilts this way. Bonnie is a huge help, don't be afraid to ask her.


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