Friday, July 22, 2005

I am a junkie for trying new techniques and styles with my quilting. I needed a practice piece to try this all over freehand swirling feathers design, so I chose the green 9 patch quilt top I finished a few weeks ago. The jist of the design is that you start somewhere not too close to an edge, quilt a question mark, feather around it....letting the feathers fill the area, then take off, quilt another question mark, feather back, etc....supposed to be called "A flurry of angels". This thing stumped me so much and I found myself quilting myself into dead ends! So..I am calling this one Broken Wings instead of "flurry of angels!" I do like how it turned out, thank heavens the piecing is busy enough not to show any speed bumps that I hit along the way! It's trimmed, I just need to put the binding on, probably start on that tonight. Posted by Picasa

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  1. oh Bonnie...did you make this one for me...my favorite icky green....yummmm so when ya gonna come over and show em to us...and I coudl use a back rub...I mean uhhm a massage...min sc


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