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~ Errata~
[i-rah-tuh, ] –noun
1. pl. of erratum.
2.a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication; corrigenda.
Origin: 1625–35clip_image002

Here you will find little corrections to the patterns found in my book patterns. Sometimes it happens and mistakes are made, even with several people going over every detail, working on the book and patterns together.

We hope you forgive us and understand that things happen! We admit we are not perfect and hope you will continue to enjoy our patterns - even though we overlooked a typo or misread the final draft before printing.

Please note that errors are corrected in subsequent printings and not all books contain these errors.

Scraps & Shirttails
Shirttails Pattern, page77:
  • The center square for the Union Square block should be cut 4-1/2", not 4". 4" is the finished size.
Perkiomen Daydreams Pattern, page 93:
  • 400 blocks are required for the diagram as shown on page 96. It only says 100! (oops!) You can tell by the pic that the quilt is set 20X20, not 10X10.

Adventures With Leaders & Enders
Scrap User's System, page 11:
  • The page says to cut bricks 2.5" X 3.5" and it should read cut bricks 2" X 3.5". The second size 2.5" X 4.5" is correct.
Hopscotch, Butterscotch, Page 67:
  • The strip set strips for the rectangle rail units should be cut at 14.5" instead of 13". The extra 1/2 inch is to give you enough to square up your strip set before cutting your rail units.
  • The 74 short border rectangles should be cut 2"X 5". The pattern says 2" X 4.5". The 2" squares are added to these short rectangles to make them equal to the size of the large rectangle which is cut 2" X 6.5".
  • The blocks finish at 7.5" so cut the sashings 8".
Happily Scrappily Irish, Page 85:

The cutting instructions for the background are as follows:

1. (6) 8" strips cut into (66) 5" x 8"rectangles
2. (4) 5" strips cut into (132) 2" x 5" rectangles
3. (14) 2" strips cut into (132) 2" squares

this needs to read as follows:

1. (9) 8" strips cut into (66) 5" x 8"rectangles (9 X 8=72)
2. (7) 5" strips cut into (132) 2" x 5" rectangles (7 X 21=147)
3. (7) 2" strips cut into (132) 2" squares (7 X 21=147)

Bow-Dacious, Page 43:
he caption under the top illustration should be:
Bow tie unit
Make 196

Scraps & shirttails II:

Goose In the Puddle, Page 12-13:
  • The Panel 1 and Panel 2 diagrams on the "Directions At A Glance" on page 13 are correct! But the paragraphs describing them on page 12 should read as follows:
  • A should read Dark/Light/Dark
  • B Should read Light/Dark Light
  • The 9 patches should look like those in Diagram C with the darks in the corners!
Smith Mountain Morning, Page 16-17:
  • On page 17 directions say to cut quantity 14 – 4 ¼” squares for both blue and brown. That should be 28 – 4 ¼” squares. These should be cut on the diagonal twice to yield 112  matched quarter square triangle pairs.
  • On page 19 – the directions at a glance for unit “G” it should say make 28 (not 14).
Fair & Square, page 23:
  • There is no 1/2 yard of light blue required in the fabric requirements.
  • I made my border with 2" strips for a border that finished 4.5". If you make them with 2.5" strips, your border will finish at 6". Either works great!
Oregon Or Bust, Page 74:
  • The 6 cornerstone (small) triangles for the outside edge of the quilt should be cut as 3 1/2"squares instead of 2 3/4" squares. Cut the 6-3 1/2" squares twice on the diagonal with an X to yield 24 sashing triangles.

String Fling:

Pineapple Crazy, Page 50:
  • Not sure how this happened, but the numbers on the pineapple foundation block are scrambled. I started in the center and worked out in rounds. Center/Corners/Sides/Corners/Sides, etc.
Talkin' Turkey Page 69:
  • The flying geese method shown will make FOUR geese units, not 2, so less cutting is needed.
  • The large square should measure 4 1/4'', not 4 1/2''. The smaller squares should measure 2 3/8''. 
  • Please note that the border diagram on page 73 and the photo on page 68 show the units colored the opposite of the geese units in the block, so you will need 216 units with RED large triangles and NEUTRAL corners to complete the border as shown.
  • If you have already pieced your geese with larger neutral triangles and small red wing triangles, never fear --sew them end to end --and it will just be your reds that have the seams in them instead of the neutral ones. It will not alter the quilt greatly at all.
String Frenzy:

Emerald City: Unit E, page 68.

The dyslexia fairy stepped in and rearranged the numbers.  You actually need 1080 green/neutral half-square triangle units instead of 1008.

You may also correct this number at Unit E, page 66.

Pine Tree Point PDF pattern:

For the tree base row 5 - cut the background rectangles 3'' x 4 1/4''.  I had originally planned on a tree trunk from a 2 1/2'' wide rectangle, but it was too fat.  When I skinned the trunk down, I needed to add a bit more to the background rectangles.  I didn't catch that in my pattern notes when typing up the instructions for row 5.  If you do them as written before pattern correction, you will be 1/2'' short in the length of your row 5.  Mistakes happen.  I thank you for your patience and understanding.  Pencil in the correct size of 3'' x 4 1/4'' on your pattern.

This has been corrected for future downloads. If you downloaded after 11/17/2020 your pattern should have the correct info.

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