Friday, April 17, 2015

Up On The Roof….

This is the story of before and after.

Last 4th of July when family was visiting from Texas, us old folks accepted our much younger nephew’s offer to go up on the roof and clear the gutters because they were just not doing what needed to be done.

The cabin is a tall structure, three levels as you can see, and the pitch of that roof can be a bit scary.

And while the gutter clearing produced miracles, we also discovered places that were going to need repair.

The cabin was built in 1999, and up on our knoll in the Blue Ridge Mountains that wind can howl something fierce.

It was time to re-roof.

Can you see a couple of guys up on the top there?  They are getting ready to do their thing!

While I was away in Maryland and New Jersey, the cabin got a new roof!


Doing the prep work!


Terracotta Red!


Making a fast job of it…and I love the look!


Luckily the weather was very cooperative!

And I have to say that I am impressed that The Hubster took as many photos as he did—I had to do some arm twisting!  I wanted to feel part of the project too, so asked for regular updates to be texted over to where I was. 


Working their way out to the edges!




Coming up the road..it looks awesome!


Lifetime warranty….we’ll never need to do this again!

The only hard part for me is that I won’t be up to the cabin to see this until likely JUNE!  My schedule is that packed and there just isn’t time – I’ve got work to do here at home on the days I’ve got in between trips so it will have to wait.

But I couldn’t be happier!  Come July 3rd, it will have been two years since Quilt Villa came to be!


On the living room floor this morning.

I walked into the room this morning and smiled.  It’s coming along!  Today the job is to get it together.  I’m going to trim the columns all to the same length and start assembly.

Eye doc appointment at 10am – there are NEW GLASSES on the horizon and that makes me happy too. I need my prescription tweaked.  My eyes are aging and I just need to see better to keep doing what I am doing.

Quilt Cam tonight!  9pm EST!  Bring a project and join me here on the blog for some fun sit & stitch time!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  1. Love the sound of rain on a metal roof! When I was a kid on the farm, that sound meant a day off from stacking hay bales. The roof will "talk" as it adjusts to temp changes. Enjoy

  2. I absolutely LOVE metal roofs. When we were considering building a home a metal roof was at the top of our list. Didn't build but still smile whenever I see one of them. A place where I take sewing workshops has a metal roof. When the snow is melting we'll get these "slides" and it sounds like the roof is caving in ... captures your attention the first time until you realize what is happening. Hard to believe that two years have FLOWN by since you acquired Quilt Villa ... WOW!!

  3. Love your roof, I lived in GA for 20 years with a log home and metal roof, and loved it. We moved to LA and remodeled the house that I grew up in and put a metal roof on it. I would suggest putting the covers over the gutters. We didn't have them in GA and I would cringe every time my husband got on the roof to clean the gutters. Scared to death he was going to slip off. Enjoy listening to the rain!!!

  4. Love the roof! It looks just right in that setting!

    I love too, when I walk into a room and am in love with the project that I have laid out

    See you tonight at 9!

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM EDT

    I live on the West coast of Scotland and I have a terracotta roof, made of Rosemary Tiles and red slate. First of all I was not keen, but now I love it. Your cabin looks fantastic.



  6. Love the new roof - it's perfect for a cabin. Am thinking of getting one for my house. Metal roofs are cropping up all over my neighborhood here in the north country. What a bummer you can't get to your cabin til June. :( And thanks fo Quilt Cam tonight. Can't wait!

  7. gotta say i was expecting a "scrappy" roof!! really like the red...one of these days, i'll have a cabin in the mountains...my heart is already there!!

  8. Love the terra cotta, looks great.

  9. This is beautiful and perfect for your Quiltville and the woodsy area you're in. Bonus! Just in case you ever need it (well goes dry,etc) The metal roof allows you to drink the rainwater harvested from it.(Must filter, treat etc) Or just to water a lawn or garden. Rainwater is our only source of water here on our rocky hill. We love it!

  10. Your new red roof really adds some pizzaz. I love it! The surrounding area looks spectacularly green.

  11. Luckily my orphan block box is not that large YET!!! Love the pieced back although I think it is good enough for a front too!!
    Oh my really love the red roof. There is just something about a cabin with a metal roof. The rain will sound wonderful and the snow will literally fly off the roof in the winters.

  12. I bet you will LOVE the metal roof. So many advantages, esp. in the tough mountain conditions your cabin sometimes sees. My parents love theirs.

    One tip for you, though, to keep in mind if any of your crew have to get up there - that metal can be slippery and tough to walk on. If it's covered in a fine coating of dust, though, it can be extremely and unexpectedly dangerous. Be super careful!!

    Loving the scrappy back! You're a whiz at making those orphan blocks and random stuff work beautifully together.

  13. Home in Colorado has a metal roof. Nothing beats the sound of the rain on that roof! Love the color of yours.

  14. Love the metal roof! The HOA put one on my town home building last fall and I think it's great for heating and cooling. Only problem was this first winter with the ice and snow. They did not use snow guards and it slid off in terrifying and damaging sheets. Dented my regular roof on my back den, crushed my poor azaleas out front, and hung on the gutters with so much weight I was scared they would pull off the house. They are supposed to correct it this summer. I can't tell if they put them on your roof. With a three story drop on your cabin I'd be careful. Mine is two story.

  15. I love metal roofs!!! It looks great!

    Can't wait until quilt cam!


  16. There is nothing like the sound of rain on a metal roof. Our log home has one and I love sewing and sleeping in the loft listening. And when the snow slides off, that will get your heart racing the first few times! See you in Alaska in May! Joy

  17. Love the new roof and the color couldn't be more perfect for Quilt Villa! Like what you have going on for the back. June will be here before you can wink! Sandi

  18. Exactly what i would have done. a forever roof! well done. and you gotta love those nephews. priceless!

  19. Anonymous3:59 PM EDT

    Love the roof color. Perfect. I'm looking forward to quilt cam tonight.

    Susan L.

  20. LOVE the roof, love all the pics, love how efficient those workers are but OH MY I could never be up that high. Thank god there are people who do this! How welcoming it will be to catch sight of that beautiful terracotta colour as you drive up!

  21. Gorgeous new roof! When I win the lottery I am going to do the same roof on my cabin.


  22. Beautiful roof!
    (Now for what the people who sold you the roof didn't tell you: Because of the changes in temperature and the roof contracting and expanding, the screws/rivets that hold it together means someone will still need to climb up on that roof yearly to make sure they are all still tight. Especially true with the added challenge of wind. It's still a beautiful roof!)

  23. I love your new roof. The colour is fabulous.

  24. I really love your new metal roof! It looks fabulous and will outperform shingles.

  25. Don't metal roofs make it hot in the summer? I'm in CA and we don't have metal roofs around me, so I know nothing about them. But I love the red!

  26. The new roof is fabulous! It's the perfect complement to your charming cabin! Great choice!

  27. Beautiful red roof... beautiful cabin!


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