Sunday, April 19, 2015

Treadling in the Evening!

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had a chance!

Sometimes I feel a bit isolated in the basement.

Especially on evenings when we are all home.

And yet I have deadlines and need to get as much done as I can – even if I try to take it at a more leisurely pace, deadlines still loom and I honestly can not just sit and watch TV in the evening without doing something.

When I was up to the cabin last, I set up a table behind my comfy chair in the family room, and sewed on the 301, asking others if the machine bothered them at all.

“Nope!  You are fine!” was the answer.

This made me feel much more a part of things.  I was right there.  I could converse, I could laugh at the funny bits, and I could make the progress toward these deadlines that needs to happen between road trips.

So last evening I turned the treadle machine from the wall, to face the back of the couch!  It worked!

Not only that, but Emmy Lou felt content enough to hop up on the back of the couch and take a snooze while I was stitching away:


Is this sweet or what?

In the rhythm of the treadle there is peace for my soul!  And evidently, Emmy Lou’s too!

I used my Ott light to direct enough light so that I could see…only because I was too lazy to run down to grab an IKEA light so that I could REALLY see.

I was working on some simple little string blocks, I have a plan for them, and I need about 1.5 million. ((NO KIDDING! LOL!))


This morning’s trimming duty!


Look at this bounty!  Time well spent!

Are you ready to Square Dance?

Since proposing last night’s Leader & Ender possible project, I have heard from many of you who want to play along!  Simply pick up a copy of the May/June issue of Quiltmaker Magazine for the sizes to cut and assembly directions for your Idaho Square Dance block.

Some of you have mad drafting skills and can figure this out just by studying the block.

Because it is copyrighted in the magazine, I am not posting sizes at this time.

Help support me and keep my column going by picking up a copy of the magazine.  Besides, it’s got my Garden Party quilt on the cover, ((Shown above with Emmy Lou napping on it!)) and you are going to want to make that one too!

How many blocks you make is up to you.  How you set them is up to you!  I hope we end up with as many variations as there are participants.

The thing that matters most is that YOU are happily sewing up your scraps using these units as Leaders & Enders on the side while you are piecing.

There is no deadline, there is only FUN! 

Oh, and see this button?  I need your help!  Please click it and nominate me for the Quilter's Circle Blogger Awards!  There are two categories I am up for: Best Traditional Quilting Blog, and Best Over All Quilting Blog!  I need your nominations!

Thank you SEW MUCH for your help!

National Quilters Circle Blogger Awards - Nominate Me badge

I’m flying to Wichita, Kansas this afternoon, but I’ve got all morning to just putter at home.

Yes, there will be fabric fondling!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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purplepansy132 said...

Nominations done good luck. Thank you for all your hard work. Patsy

Anonymous said...

I'm in on the leader ender for the year! Plus I have made my nominations. Good luck. Julie in MS, plutosmom@gmail.com

Kathy said...

I have my sewing machine directly behind the couch. When my husband is watching, he has to be careful not to move to the middle of the couch or I can't see. He loves that I am close by and the sound doesn't bother him.

Anonymous said...

Safe Travels! Storms across the Midwest today and tonight! Stay alert! Have Fun! Colleen in Iowa

Myrna said...

Nominations made...Good Luck! Wishing you safe travel today.

Myrna in KY

Mary Ellen said...

Nominations made!

Debra in Ohio said...

Nominated you right away! Good luck! I will be participating in the leader & ender project. Love those leaders & enders.

Mary Jane said...

Nominations done. Now for more work on Smith Mountain in king size as we discussed in Jacksonville earlier this year.

Debra in Ohio said...

Are you going to use the string blocks in your Idaho Square Dance blocks? OR are they for another quilt down the line? Just interested since they could be used for the centers of the Idaho Square Dance blocks. They might be very busy, but just might work.

Kathy AmRhein said...

I have never seen a Singer with those decals, so pretty!

HoosierKitty said...

Nomination made. I subscribe to the magazine so I'm ready for square dance. My lozenges all have corners so they will be assembled soon. My daughter says she loves to hear my sewing machine after years of going to sleep hearing it she says it makes her feel safe and happy. That really made me happy

Aileen said...

Nominations done with pleasure. Love your blog. It is the first thing I read every morning!

Aileen in FL

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I just happen to have some 1 1/2" strips left from another project and going to start the Idaho block today, fun. I am likely you Bonnie I have to have my hands busy. I usually hand stitch or knit socks while watching TV.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I just happen to have some 1 1/2" strips left from another project and going to start the Idaho block today, fun. I am likely you Bonnie I have to have my hands busy. I usually hand stitch or knit socks while watching TV.

Carol Leak said...

Great quilters think alike - I too have nominated you and will try the L&E for this year, have several going now, one for each machine I use frequently!

Jacqueline said...

Nomination made. You deserve to win. Safe travels for you.

Cathy said...

Love the decals on your sewing machine! I'm going to start the square dance as leader & ender, thanks for the challenge. Nominations made, you deserve to win!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Nominated you in both categories - good luck :)

Sonia Tuttle said...

You'll win for sure. Nominated you for both.

Terri in BC said...

I finally feel organized enough to participate in one your Leader & Ender challenges, and I already have the magazine. I have some fun novelty charm squares that I will use for the centres. You have inspired me to get my treadle up and running (just need a belt!) Thanks for all you do!

craftygramma said...

Hi Bonnie-

Nominated for both. Wouldn't it be fun to win both?? Can that happen?

Already have the new issue and am sooo in!

Thanks and be safe.

Mary said...

You are the Best! I love the scrappiness of the Idaho Square Dance Block. I know it will be a stunner with my scraps that need taming. I hardly made a dent in the pile on my cutting table last night. I needed a NEW Leader/Ender. The humm of the Treadle lulled your sweet Kitty to sleep. You'll be in my area later this month, 3 hours away, safe travels!

Allison in Plano said...

Ballots cast my friend! Good luck. Enjoy your morning puttering. hugs, Allison in Plano

roberta mill said...

Nominations in! Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie .... in cutting your small squares from little bits, would it bother you if SOME of the 1 1/2" ones were not cut on grain? Thanks,

markay vintageformeforever said...

Bonnie, Nominations made, and I want to wish you luck on both, You deserve it.
Love your singer treadle, the floral ones, & the two tone cute colors of the 50's are my favorite. I really like the Idaho Square Dance and think I will join in on the fun. I am still a newbie when it comes to treadles. But I think I will try to sew it on my 1913 Sears & Roebuck Franklin Treadle sewing machine. "AKA" as Frankie.
I think it will be a fun and useful project. Safe travels to you.
Markay in Ky.

nstitches4u said...

Bonnie, I nominated you as soon as they announced that we could make nominations. I'm a little frustrated because my Quiltmaker hasn't arrived yet. They have been in the stores for quite a while. In fact, some stores are already sold out. Subscribing doesn't make much sense when you can get the issues in the stores weeks before your copy arrives by mail. I guess maybe the postal workers aren't through reading my copy yet. lol Seriously, I have received magazines late and they have coffee rings on them. I guess the PO workers like to read on their coffee breaks. Waiting not too patiently for my Quiltmaker.

kathy said...

Nomination has been made. Hope you win your blog is so interesting and you are so generous with your many free patterns.

Tricia Sagen said...

Okay. Done. You are a shoo-in!

Prima Donna said...

My son is almost 50 yrs. old. He still talks about how snowy the TV got when I ran the sewing machine when he was little. But, he and his sister also reminisce about the hum of the machine singing them to sleep. Bad old, good old days!

Tina H. said...

Done and done! Thank you for what you do for so many others. I watch quilt cam as if it were a movie. Some day I'll get going on the fabric I have.
Tina in Upland

Abigail Dolinger said...

I plan to join in the "Idaho Square Dance" Leader-Ender-Along. (You could alternate red and blue centers of the blocks; I like both colors.)

Lynn Hill said...

Hi, Bonnie! I don't usually buy magazines, but after seeing the Square Dance blocks and the Garden Party quilt (your cute kitty might have influenced me, too), I picked up a copy at the grocery store. These look like wonderful summer-y projects, and I see others in here that I could probably sew as well. Can't wait to cut up some of my scraps and use them in such pretty ways!

Mary Royal said...

Nominations have been submitted for both honors.

Lynne Royal

Mary Royal said...

Nominations have been submitted for both honors.

Lynne Royal

Norma Holland said...

I voted in both categories for you Bonnie. Hope you win!

Marion C said...

Voted both categories, fingers crossed, you inspire so many quilter in so many categories

Theresa Alkire said...

I went looking for the magazine today and found it! I love it and Emmy sleeping on the garden party quilt! I will vote now

betz2u said...

Nominations done. Good Luck.

Judy H. said...

I love the idea of your Idaho Square Dance as a Leader Ender project, but I'm planning on starting my red and white nine-patches for my next Leader Enders! :) I already have a ton of 1 1/2" squares cut, so I sorted out my reds (and a few red/neutral pairs already made). Maybe Idaho Square Dance can go in the queue after that. Hmm.

Lucy said...

just pop in to say hi
Love the quilt Bonnie and love to hear that you are sewing upstairs. I admire my sewing space on the ground floor so I can be a part of the family.

Anonymous said...

Nomination donw!

Diane Alsleben said...

Bonnie, Can you tell us what size of paper you are using for these.....it could be like a mystery quilt along! Goodness knows we all have those scrap bins that are overflowing!

Karen said...

Nomination sent. Thanks for all the encouragement and hard work you do.
I know you love what you do and I'm so glad. We reap the benefits of your passion. Thank you.

Pat Hanna said...

Oh that Garden Party quilt is so gorgeous that I had to run out and buy the magazine IMMEDIATELY! Love it!

Sandy Johnson said...

Nominated you right away! Good luck! I will be participating in the leader & ender project. I have been doing something like this after I found your crumy blocks