Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Studio Day, No April Fools!

It was supposed to be a studio=clean day.

Supposed to.

But who makes these rules anyway?

I will admit to clearing a few inches of horizontal surface ---

And I did give everything a good vacuuming –

Isn't it amazing how things look better with just a bit of vacuuming and emptying the trash bins?

Okay, that’s enough!

I want to sew!

As you can see, Emmy Lou doesn’t approve of me spending too much time at the computer either, and I tended to agree with her today ---TODAY I could claim for myself.

And I played a bit because there is a project that didn’t have direction and sometimes you just need to allow yourself the freedom to cut up the fabric, lay it out, see what it looks like and then decide.

So I did this:


APQ Quilt Along units…with purple?

Nahhhh…not thrilled with it.  Purple is too dark!

What else is there?  I really wanted a solid because the other units are so printy-busy and I love combining solids with prints in a scrappy quilt. 

Oh, look!  I have a HUGE hunk of nearly-vintage aqua that has been sitting in the stash for at LEAST 10 years…will it do?


Oh, I Likey!!

Do you?

I had to make some more and find out….


And I felt like treadling! So I did!


6 on the wall.  Yeppers!  Still Liking it!

I have no idea how I will set the blocks together.  At this point there is no pattern.  This is my interpretation using my own variation of the units found in the APQ Quilt-Along.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.  It’s not too late to join in!

And no, that wasn’t the only sewing I did today ---


“Can you stitch this button back onto my trousers?”


I think it took longer to thread the machine than to get this job done..but I’m milking it for all it’s worth!

Cleaning the studio??  I’ll do some more of that tomorrow, but tonight is brought to you by the color AQUA!  You know where to find me…..

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  1. I really like it with the aqua but I am an aqua kind of girl so my option may not count.

  2. While I liked the purple it was too over the top but he aqua is going to work out great! Plus it will make a hole in your stash for another piece of fabric to move in!

  3. Funny, I have some of those square n' a square blocks made up (L & E) I've been thinking about what I should do with them. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie.

  4. I think the aqua is perfect choice. Wish I could pull stuff together the way you do. I am a "show and tell" kinda person. You show me how and I can do it!

  5. I'm a purple person, but that aqua plays much better with your blocks. Great choice!
    I had to chuckle just a bit about the hubby's trousers. The same thing happens here and I can get a lot of mileage out of a simple mending job. ;)

  6. Great choice. I made a whoe quilt with shades of Aqua & Teal. I t was not my Normal colorway and I loved playing with all the shades of one color. My 4-patch Sew-Along requires the 4-patches and it will be done. AP & Q had a selection of examples in that issue.

  7. When you had the blocks on your mat, I loved it. Glad you chose the aqua.

  8. Love the aqua, but I am an aqua and teal kinda girl! I too am milking the mending for all it is worth! I mended hubster's shirt and replaced a button. I keep reminding him that asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint the downstairs bathroom. Which dear hubby needs painted. Hint hint! Looking forward to seeing you in May!

  9. Agreed. Purple too dark, and well, too purple. Aqua is nice. Soothing.

  10. I'm surprised that you have any Aqua left over after Grand Illusion. Love it. Looking great!

  11. Love the Aqua, but, I want to know about that Singer! I couldn't find a picture of it, or the Necchi in your "fleet".

  12. Anonymous10:19 PM EDT

    I strongly prefer the aqua - and see it set off by orange and white pinstripe/sawtooth/ fine checkerboard sashing - but that could be because its 3am

  13. The turquoise is perfect, and I know you will find the perfect setting as well. Looking forward to the end result!

  14. Anonymous10:40 PM EDT

    Perfect. Love the aqua and the cute little squares. And sewing is priority, glad you got that where it belongs. Rhonda

  15. Yes, definitely like the aqua ( or pale turquoise in my terminology) . Agree the purple was too dark, didn't allow the small blocks to be seen and sparkle like the aqua. Love your arrangement for the blocks.

  16. Anonymous12:19 AM EDT

    Sorry to interrupt your sewing time, but will you be mailing out book orders this week? Here's hoping!

  17. Anonymous12:34 AM EDT

    Great pick, Bonnie. Kind of looks like the 4 patch squared that I did and sent you a picture. Keep up the good work.

    Anne in AZ

  18. Love the blocks! I don't think I've ever used my machine to sew on a button. LOL. They do that?

  19. Aqua is absolutely my favorite color, and I love how it's playing with your cute blocks. Enjoying seeing how this project is progressing!

  20. I really like the Aqua! It brought it back together!


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