Monday, April 06, 2015

Quilt, Mona, Quilt!

Mona came down to Wallburg today to load her very first ever quilt top in the long arm and learn what this machine quilting thing is all about!

Now, this quilt that was supposed to be lap- size has grown to 86.5” X 100.5” ----so she is off to a good start as a quilter! LOL!

Remember when she had her First Ever Quilting Experience?  It was only November – and in 4 months she has two tops pieces, and two more in progress!

If you are going to do it at all, do it ALL THE WAY!

We chose simple 4 patches in a 9 patch setting for her blocks, and I let her roam freely through my red/blue/neutral scraps. 

It’s so fun to watch what other people will choose and how they react to different fabric pairings.

Mona goes at it with reckless abandon ---I’m so proud of her!


Just getting started!

I started longarm quilting in 1995 so it’s now been TWENTY YEARS.  Holy moly!  But I still remember like it was yesterday, the first time I loaded a quilt in the machine and did my best to meander.

6 years ago I upgraded my machine and added Compu Quilter.  We are using the computer system to quilt Mona's quilt today, using an edge to edge design by Deb Geissler called Deb’s Swirls to do the job.  It’s perfect for this quilt!


Yes, I’m in on the action too!


Sadie wants to know why she is being ignored!


Quilting the LAST ROW!


Didn’t Mona do a great job?!


Love that texture, and I’m so happy she found use for my scraps in this quilt!

Next up is binding…she is over at the table cutting strips right now.  My hope is to show her how to attach a label, stitch on the binding and show her how to do the hand stitching tonight before bed time.

I may not make it that far – I had a restless night last night and have been UP since 3am something.  UGH!

But we will persevere!

More photos to follow!

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  1. It is so fun teaching and helping a new quilter.She is doing well for only quilting since November. I think she should tackle hand quilting too!!!

  2. Great job Mona. Bonnie it is so wonderful that you took her under your wings and taught hr the great art of quilting. She is blessed to have met you as a friend. Keep up the good work teaching and sharing your love of quilting.
    Jean Keeter
    Lake Lure, N.C.

  3. Mona is an apt student and you are a great teacher. That has a lot of Wow-factor for a first ever quilt!

  4. I am jealous. Seriously, though, you have birthed a quilter for life! How many quilt kids do you figure you have now?

  5. Bonnie you're great and Mona is one lucky girl - I bet we all wished we could live near you. Thank you Bonnie for all you do and keep on doing! Carmela

  6. Very nice quilt! Mona needs a blog. LOL!

  7. So - another bona fide quilter has been released. Yeah Mona!!!! Way to go Bonnie!!

  8. Great Job Mona!!! So glad you got the bug. You quilt is beautiful! Quilting is an addiction and the sooner you accept that and say it out loud for all to hear, you are officially a member of the craziness. Tomorrow go buy some fabric!

  9. Great job Mona...love it..

  10. Way to go Mona. I wish I had a friend to lead me into the long arm world.... Oh... Wait I do!

  11. There is nothing like helping a friend learn to sew and quilt. Bonnie, you are a special lady. The quilt is beautiful and I know it will hold special memories for both of you.

    Take care.

  12. Yay, Mona! Beautiful quilt. Bonnie, I would love to know more about the compuerized LAQ. I hear the computer doesn't make quilting completely hands off, but other than loading the quilt carefully and possibly rolling forward between each pass, I'd like to know what you need to do with a computerized LAQ set up. I LOVE that quilt, Mona!

  13. Mona is so fortunate to have you teach her the ropes. I am a self taught quilter and would have loved to have a coach back in the 70's when I started.


  14. Beautiful quilt. How exciting to have your first quilt almost finished.

  15. Way to go Mona! I also have a Millie and had a CQ. I use Deb's Swirls all the time as it is a fantastic design for quilts like this. Bonnie, I think you've created another "quiltaholic"! Great job.

  16. Good for Mona! And what a wonderful friend you are!! I really like the quilt pattern.... well done! Get some rest, Bonnie!
    Betsy Davis

  17. Anonymous11:25 PM EDT

    Wow, only since Nov!!??? Fastest learning in the history of quilting and already long arming it too!! Oh so lucky for both the teacher and the student!

  18. Way to go Mona! Your quilt is lovely. You have a great friend and teacher in Bonnie. Hope you love quilting as much as we do. It's addictive.

  19. Great job, Mona. I like that edge to edge design. Deb does great designs with not much back tracking.

  20. Fantastic! I wish I could quilt at Quilt Villa and learn to use a longarm machine! And meet Sadie and Beanie. Way to go, Mona!

  21. Great job, Mona. I like that edge to edge design. Deb does great designs with not much back tracking.

  22. Nothing like seeing a new quilter and the joy that comes from quilting! I just found a new to me web site that sells LED lights for Featherweight machines...thought I'd send you a link in case you are interested.


  23. Excellent! I was doing the exact same thing today. Showed a friend who made her first quilt how to use the long arm! Except, mine is not computerized, and doesn't even have a stitch regulator! We did it the old fashion way! She did well, and was very happy, so I say it was a success. Here's to teaching newbies!

  24. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC1:53 AM EDT

    Beautiful quilt! A great job. Way to go, Mona!

  25. Congratulations Mona, lucky girl to have one-2-one top level teaching!

  26. Ooh I would like to be Mona for a day and have some one on one time with you but alas I will have to share you when you come to Australia. Your quilt looks amazing Mona congratulations on your first quilt.

  27. Bonnie, you are such a generous person and we all appreciate it! Mona did a fab job.

  28. Bonnie I can't imagine having someone like you purchase a cabin close to me and get me started in quilting. (back when I wasn't that is) What a treat for Mona and I'm so happy she is loving it. Since it's only been since Nov and with all that she has done I do believe she has the quilting bug. And the best part for Mona is that you are such a great teacher. Hooray for both of you.

  29. What a great and pretty quilt for her first one!

  30. Anonymous8:44 AM EDT

    Mona must know how lucky she is to have you as her friend. You certainly have taken her under your wing. I hope you have more fun times together!

  31. Mona's quilt is gorgeous! I still say she is the luckiest newbie in the world.

    Love your Sadie pictures... Bonnie, please cut her toenails!

    Happy Quilting!

  32. Beautiful quilt Mona, you did a great job, keep it up!!!

  33. Beautiful quilt Mona!! And good for you Bonnie for teaching her and getting her interested in the joy of quilting.

  34. What a sweet face Sadie has! 😊

  35. Go Mona way to dig in and get quilting. Bonnie you are an awesome teacher.


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