Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nothing Like a Last Minute Class Sample!

This is the hexie block I pieced on this last trip.

This is the hexie block I had planned for a short 3 hour workshop on one of our beautiful lounging mornings in Tuscany next week!

Only—Bonnie is not used to doing just SMALL stuff.

Oh no.

She has to add “just one more row of hexies!”
Which brought the total up from 7 to 13 – nearly doubling the handwork required.

And then she thought --- it needs to BE something ---

So she appliqued it… thinking it might could very well be a zipper pouch.


But it’s an 8” finished block!

Much too big for a zipper pouch, and besides, at this size it needs….NEEDS to be quilted!

And I caved.  My small hand work project has now turned into….

Or just a cute mini??

Whatever you want to call it – it needed borders and I woke up knowing just what I wanted to do:


Hour glass units!

((Hey! They match Betty White!  And my Hmong turtle pincushion!))


Okie dokie – now we’re cookin’ with gas!

Remember all of those batik scraps I brought home from Bali?  They are in here!  And the peanut background?  Because you got to be nuts to live like I do – or more like….Sometimes you quilt like a nut, sometimes you don’t?


Fun quilting!


Ready to put binding on!


There will be hand stitching tonight!

And…there will be a tutorial for this at some point.  There is already a hexie tutorial under the free patterns tab.  You can get started if you want on the hexie part, these are 3/4” hexagons.

I’ll try to get the other directions written before I leave on Saturday –I will need a link to refer my travelers to so they can print out their directions as well.  I’m not traveling with paper for 40 students ---their suitcases will already be at weight limits by the time we head home, and no one will have a sewing machine for doing the borders until they get home anyway.  Their kits have everything needed for doing the hexie rosette and the base square to applique it to….do you think that will keep them busy for a while?

I spent the rest of the day working on my website.  Not the blog, but the website website.  It needed to be made MOBILE FRIENDLY.  There is more to be done, but I ran out of time.  Most of the links on the website website direct you back here to the blog because THIS is mission control central as far as I am concerned…but real businesses still need a real website, so there you go.  Check it out HERE.

And yes, there WILL be Quilt Cam tomorrow night at 9pm EST!

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  1. I have resisted hexies up until now. Since I'll be in Tuscany I guess I'll be working on them.... Can't wait!

  2. Anonymous8:37 PM EDT

    I think most Bonnie followers are in awe of all that you do and accomplish! I get tired just reading your blog. Thank you for all that you give to us.

  3. I was just on your website website earlier this morning - or was it yesterday? At any rate, your updates look great!

    AndiRae in MN

  4. You really streamlined your website and made it very user friendly. Good work! The hexie project is so fun- one might want to make a whole bunch of those blocks 😊.

  5. Love the Mini making last minute project. The Peanut fabric is very cool, does every student get that fabric??? I'll have to find me some.
    Yea for Thurday QuiltCAM. Not much on TV night!

  6. It could be a Mug Rug...just sayin'

  7. I can't believe how this project blew up into such a beautiful piece. But it makes me tired thinking about all that you do. You will enjoy Tuscany, right? Like slow down and smell the flowers. Have a wonderful trip!

  8. I think that I would like to make the hexie project using batik fabric from my collection! Already I'm thinking my project will become a gorgeous original decorator pillow! Thank you for the inspiration, Bonnie!

  9. I would love to do that Baptist Fan quilting that you did..I think that is what it is. Did you do that free hand on your domestic machine? What is the best way to learn to do it? Thanks....

  10. Anonymous12:57 AM EDT

    Beginning to wonder if you're already sampling the wine from Tuscany--that class sample got way out of hand in a hurry! Looks like fun!

  11. gorgeous batiks....love 'em all!

  12. perfect as always
    I loved your piece whatever you call it

  13. Love the way you can put colors together.

  14. You are the original Eveready Bunny. Or should I say Eveready Bonnie. Your fingers and mind must run on continual recharge. You always amaze me. Still working on Grand Illusion. I sneak it in between client quilts.

  15. What a difference between the beginning and the finished project. You just showed me how much choices matter.
    Thank you and have a great day.

  16. That's just what I love to do with hexies - make a few- and then turn them into something. Love the batik border Bonnie!

  17. Clicked over and the site looks great. Very easy to read and uncluttered. Looks wonderful.

  18. Is it just me or is your Henie count off a bit? Very cute, wish I were going along!

  19. Bonnie, I think the count for the hexes is 19 not 13. Look forward to seeing you in Tuscany.

  20. Hi Bonnie, no reply necessary, I just want to say I hope you post this block on FB Quiltville Open Forum. I'm totally amazed at how adding that border completely transformed this block. I would NEVER have thought to do that. Tell us, on FB, how do you do that? Does it just come to you? Do you see it finished in your head? Talent!!! Talent!!! Talent!!! Camille

  21. Love that Hmong turtle. He has so much character.


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