Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Scrappy Sweetness from Spokane!

These ladies!  SEW MUCH FUN!

The whole room was great….but I am just using this photo to remind you of LAST SATURDAY when we had our Smith Mountain Morning workshop in Spokane…..yes…there are more show & share photos to go.

Did you enjoy yesterday’s antiques?

The basket quilt keeps running through my head…maybe in batiks? No..what about recycled plaids?  Oh, it might be great as a hand project because it has set in Y seams….

But there is still a hexie project to go.

((Must make sure I have enough neutrals for the trip to Italy on Satuday!)) 

Yes…brain on tangents….so much to do in the next couple of days!

But the quilts get lovelier and lovelier….just check it out!


Jane’s wonderful citrus Easy Street!

I love how springy it looks!


And another in Bonnie colors with additions on the top and bottom to make it longer!


And a Celtic Solstice, too!

As if there weren't enough chevrons in this quilt, the girl went and made another pieced  border from MORE!  Love it!


Another in shades of pink and purple!


From a scrap challenge, I believe with Victoria Findlay Wolfe ---


Plaid Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab!

Oh here we go again – ever since I made this for my brother in plaids when he was undergoing surgery, radiation and chemo for brain cancer I hav told myself I need to make ANOTHER one because it would be so great up at the cabin.  No time no time no time!  So I am glad someone is getting it done!  This is a great quilt for that languishing stash of homespuns you have laying around from 1999!  Do it!  Make it!


Janet made one too!

And since I mentioned it…Mark finished chemo in January.  He just recently had another MRI scan and everything looks FINE!  He is still cancer free, and we are grateful.


Another Grand Illusion!  Great job!


So wonderful!

I am probably going to butcher the spelling of her name, but Aija makes copies of her grand children’s art work from the time they are little, and when they are old enough, they get a quilt with all of their artwork duplicated in fabric.  These are so wonderful to see close up!


A smaller panel as she explains her method of “Quilt as you go!”


Florabunda from the Free Patterns tab in red blue and yellow!


Super Adorable Patch Pals Bear!

Quiltmaker Magazine did a great job putting together a book of all of the Patch Pals series.  All of the quilts come out the same size, and the borders are interchangeable.  This is a shameless plug – you can find the Patch Pals book with all 12 patch pals in my online store for $17.00.  That's like $1.40 per pattern.  Crazy silly --and they are adorable!


Liz finished her Bowtie Leader & Ender Challenge!  Hooray!!


She also finished Winston Ways from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!  Stunning!


Have you made a dancing 9 patch? Most fun ever!

Love Liz’s version.  You can find the free pattern under the free patterns tab above.


Janet’s version!

She used half 9 patches, and half novelty print squares for a different look!  FUN!


Janet’s Lazy Sunday!  A lovely blast of spring!


Janet and Liz were with me on last year’s Alaska cruise. Scrap Crystals was our project and I love how Janet set her blocks together! Fun memories!


Busy girls keep sewing!

This is Janet’s layout for our Split 9 patch Leader & Ender Challenge from a couple of years ago.  You can find the block pattern under the free patterns tab and set them any way you want!  You can see MY layout in the header photo at the top of the page.  Because these are half light half dark like log cabin blocks, so MANY layouts are possible!


And our big finale ---ORCA BAY from String Fling!

I love it when Quilters are innovative and do what they need to to get it to fit the bed…..wider inner border, framed by the pieced border, and a few more borders after that..I bet it looks SUPER on the bed!

Remember, quilt patterns are like recipes, and we can alter them to suit our tastes and make them fit where we need them to go!

So here we are on Thursday –The LAST DAY OF APRIL!

I’m always sad to see April go.  We wait so long for it, and it is always filled with so much promise.  May will fly by – I’m spending most of it in Tuscany and Alaska.  And then it will be JUNE.and it will get hot and just as crazy.

Up on deck today – more computer work, and a HAIRCUT! 

Quilt-Cam at 9pm EST!  Come sew with me then!

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  1. Bonnie, I've been wondering how your brother was doing. Thank you for sharing the great news!

  2. Great Quilts and Good News for this last day of April! Going to be in the 70's here. Almost too nice to stay inside and stitch. See you tonihgt on QuiltCAM with your new hairdo...

  3. Old quilter10:15 AM EDT

    So good to hear that your brother is doing well. Continued good health wishes to him.

  4. Lovely Quilts!! I especially like the Scrappy Mountain Majesties when on its side. It is amazing how different a pattern can look when twisted around. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for this mornings quilt show, they were all gorgeous!

  7. Happy that your brother is doing well.
    Love that citrus Easy Street!

  8. i love the setting of the Bowtie blocks .. thanks to all who shared their finished projects. Cathy

  9. Been catching up as I have not had internet for a couple of days. You have been just as busy at home as you are on the road. Looking forward to Quilt cam. With no internet I have been busy sewing and getting a couple projects finished. Love your new addition "Betty"

  10. Anonymous4:11 PM EDT

    Wonderful news about your brother.. May his good health long continue.

  11. Bonnie, the good news about your brother is just wonderful!

    And... (small drum roll here)... you spelled my name correctly! Not many people can do that. So, you are not only a great quilter, but a good speller, too!

    I LOVED the workshops you presented in Spokane. Thank you for all you do for the quilting community!

  12. I am so happy April is over with! It is nearly always a nasty weather month in MI for at least 2/3rds of it. The sad part is the nice days often happen early, teasing all living things with thoughts of warmth & sunshine.

  13. Dear bonnie,
    love the quilt Show and Tell--thanks for sharing.
    Ps--sending my Grand Illusion blocks to the young quilter for her Girl Scout project


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