Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Impromptu Quilt-Cam Alert!!!


I’m free!

I’m home alone!

I have a driving trip to Maryland and New Jersey tomorrow – but tonight?  I’m free!

I am sending this out as an impromptu announcement so you can get yourselves ready, your project lined up, your family fed ---

I’ll be ready to sew along with you at 9pm EST TONIGHT!

In between now and then I’ll be packing the van and getting ready……

Mona left just a bit ago….this is a sneak preview of what she got up to today:

Yeah, Baby!

More photos to follow, no time to dawdle, I’ll see you in a couple of hours!

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Debra in Ohio said...

Love that string quilt, Mona! Bonnie you are such a good teacher and Mona is such a good student! Can't wait for quilt cam.

Elizabeth Lee said...

Cool! I get to sew an watch tonight

Betsy (Ben Stein's Grandma) said...

Sorry I can't join you tonight, but I have a Virtual Sewing Guild Retreat Webinar with Margaret Moorehead tonight at the same time!!
Have fun and hope to catch the next one. Betsy at thecobbs2@Yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm at lunch at work.. Will
Miss the quilt cam. Have fun tho! I will watch later!!! Enjoy your trip!

Sassi said...

Great work Mona, I wonder if Mona realises how lucky she is to have THE Bonnie Hunter as her teacher, friend and mentor. Its like winning the quilting lottery lol. Keep up the good work ladies :)

Aileen said...

Mona it looks Fabulous!

HelenMarie said...

Mona's quilt looks great!

I'll be babysitting the grands and won't be able to join you