Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter, 2015!

I love vintage cards, be they Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines, Birthday – you name it.

I love the whimsy and the attention to detail!

Just look at this bunny family coming to visit the gnome in his eg home – the doorway and the steps and window shutters made of four leaf clovers.

However you spend your Easter Sunday, I hope it is filled with family, friends, food – perfect for making memories!

Our Easter is a quiet one this year.  Jason has to work, and Jeff is home dealing with a tooth abscess, and the antibiotics upset his stomach enough to make the driving up to the cabin and back a bit undesirable.  He’s taking couch time at home, and I’ll be bringing him leftovers when I return home tomorrow morning.

We slept in a bit – and started off our  holiday with a lovely morning sunrise hike:


Sun streaming as Sadie says “Hurry up!!”

It promises to be a lovey day – much nicer than yesterday and I am oh, so glad. 


Hello, cloudless blue sky!


New table and chairs on the front porch!

We put these at the far end  so they don’t obscure access to the front doors.  I think we will be sitting out here a lot this summer.

Oh!  The doors?  Did I ever show you the front ones once they were finished on the outside??


I am SO happy with these!

When the sun is just right, the light shines through the star design making rainbows where the light hits in my kitchen.  When I was a little girl we always called these lights through prisms “Fairy beans”.  I’ve got fairy beams when the morning light comes streaming in.  

Little things like this make me smile.


Last night’s sunset.

Our Easter dinner guests Rick & Mona ((And Beanie, too!)) will be arriving at 2pm.

I’m taking a leisurely day today.  Some laundry is running while I am puttering away in the kitchen.  I have no idea WHAT I want to sew next, and I likely won’t get anything today at all other than perhaps some hexies on the front porch enjoying the day.

On the menu:  Mona is bringing a ham and a veggie.  I’m doing a salad, scalloped potato casserole, rolls and a dessert.  Just the four of us.

I’ll miss my boys, but this still sounds wonderful to me.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. sorry your boys can't be with you ,but I hope your Easter is still a great one for you and your friends. HAPPY EASTER!!!

  2. Happy Easter Bonnie! Our boy can't be here with us today either so it will be a quiet time.

  3. Happy Easter and I hope the toothache goes quickly.

  4. Old quilter12:24 PM EDT

    Happy Easter ! - - - Though Merry Christmas seems more appropriate if one is looking out the window here. About 3 inches overnight, the clean white is covering all the ugly, dirty leftover winter piles. That's good, but Enough Already !

  5. Hope everyone is enjoying the day!
    I laugh every time you mention Mona and think of the silly girl saying she would have none of that "sewing thing". Ha,ha! Now she is whipping out quilts right and left and learning to longarm to boot. I love it!

    Loved the blogs about the piano key border. I am about to do my first one so your tips are very timely.

    The Killing was a good series. If you get a chance to watch Broadchurch (British) be sure and watch Gracepoint (American). They are both based on the same story but you will see the differences. A little like two quilts made from the same pattern!

    If you like Tom Selleck: Blue Bloods of course and any of the "Jesse Stone" made for TV movies.

  6. Happy Easter to you and yours Bonnie. The deck furniture is beautiful and I too love vintage cards.

  7. Happy Easter Bonnie to you and your family. Sorry your boys couldn't be there with you. God bless you all.

  8. Loved your vintage card, the scenery, the porch furniture, the new front door, just everything :) Hope the rest of your day is as wonderful - Happy Easter

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM EDT

    I spent today sitting my my husband's hospital bed in ICU. He is having a tough recovery from surgery for a perforated colon. Not the best Easter I have had. Glad you had a lovely day.
    Barb in SD

  10. Kathy Taylor7:27 PM EDT

    Those doors are beautiful. Fairy beams--love that!


  11. When my daughter was young, I had prisms hanging in most of the windows in our home. Both she and I love to watch the rainbows dancing on the walls!Happy Easter!

  12. hi bonnie! happy easter to you! sorry you were missing your kids- mine too were unable to join us :(
    i love the card, love the new doors, and love love the new deck furniture. can you say where it's from? i have a new screen porch and need to get a set and that would be perfect!!!! thanks for all you do for the world of quilters!! hugs!


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