Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Ready to Present!

It's been a crazy busy day in Kansas!

A full and fun Love Shack workshop with 36 students and straight to the high school when the workshop was over to set up for tonight's lecture.

Seats are filing and I'm shooting this off to let you know I'm alive and kicking and enjoying these quilters so much!

Tomorrow is an early ride to the airport with 4:15 AM pickup time.

After the lecture is done tonight, books need to be boxed and dropped to FedEx before dropping me back to the hotel fire a few hours sleep.

There may be a delay in tomorrow morning's blog post and slide show due to this crazy schedule so bear with me!

I'm in good hands--doing what I love!


  1. Bonnie, I practically hear the William Tell Overture and galloping horse hooves in the last couple posts!!! Thank goodness for the wonderful quilters at each location whoo get you to where you need to be for each event. Breathe....

  2. What a great venue! Soft seats. Have a great time as always.

  3. What a great venue! Soft seats. Have a great time as always.

  4. I have that movie "Rose Hill"
    Glad you are doing what you love. I am when I am at my machine!

  5. Have a safe flight to Spokane!! See you Thursday!!

  6. Had a fantastic day! Thank you Bonnie!

  7. Anonymous11:27 PM EDT

    Thank you Bonnie. The workshop was great, lots of fun. I also enjoyed the lecture this evening. Wishing you safe travels.
    Cathy Odle

  8. Bonnie, appreciate the wonderful tribute you gave to my home state of Kansas. I live in Florida now, but you can never take the country out of a farm girl. Thanks for all you do for we quilters. I am working on hexes and sisters quilt.

    diana l

  9. Anonymous10:08 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed you yesterday. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Safe travels and yes I do hope you can sleep on the plane.

  10. My friend, Cheryl, and I are headed to Spokane tomorrow for the trunk show and the Friday and Saturday workshops! We've been cutting fabrics to get ready for days! We are so excited that we will meet Bonnie in person!

  11. Lovely venue, everyone can SEE from those theater seats.


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