Thursday, April 09, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Love Shack Afternoon!

It was a very scrappy day in Columbia, Maryland!

It started with a morning guild meeting and flowed right into an afternoon Love Shack workshop complete with potluck afternoon dinner ending at 7 p.m.

What a long day!

We had a ton of fun and everybody came out of class with some fabulous blocks and some new techniques under their belts.

I'd love to say I was going to sew tonight, but I think the only thing I will be seeing is the back of my eyelids as I head to bed early.

I am bushed!

And tomorrow we do it all over again with a Talkin Turkey workshop.

I will be sure I have had plenty of rest and I'm ready to go by then!

More photos to follow tomorrow, this is just a sampling of what went on today.

Love from Maryland!


Suzanne Carlisle said...

Sleep well, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I'd love to have just a part of the energy you have. Please get the rest you so deserve. We want you happy and healthy always. You are such a part of many lives out here in the ether. I know there are many more than I who do not post often but read your comments daily. Life is lived thru you more than you realize. -Rhonda

The Joyful Quilter said...

It might have been a LONG day, but it sounds as if it was a good one! :o))

gibbygoo56 said...

I'm loving the piecing shown in these photos.
Today, I was out shopping, stopped by the magazine rack and picked up the latest issue of Quiltmaker! Once I got home and had the chance to sit down and look at it, I saw the beautiful quilt featured on the cover is yours. Yes its a Bonnie Hunter quilt. Yeehaw! I love it!

Mary Roberts said...

I am shopping for a long arm machine and noticed when Mona was quilting her quilt you use/own a Millenium. At some time could you write why you chose it and if you were offered any machine what would you choose? Last year at the Festival of Quilts in the UK a woman asked me if I knew you...only because I have an American accent!