Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Bind, Mona, Bind!

As long as I have been teaching folks to piece quilts, very rarely have I ever had the opportunity to take one person from beginning to end!

This is exciting!

I don’t think I’ve EVER taught anyone how to piece binding by joining the strips on the diagonal.

I know that I have never shown anyone how to press those seams open, to iron the binding in half lengthwise.

I know I have never shown anyone how to start and end a binding so that it has the same diagonal seam that wraps around the edge of the quilt at an angle so there is no real way to tell where you started and where you stopped!

I KNOW I have never sat down with someone who has never sewn a hand stitch in her life, showing how to use a ladder stitch to invisibly sew that binding edge down to the back of the quilt, just beyond the seam line, thereby hiding it from view and leaving such a nice finish.

We did this and more yesterday!


Mona, sewing the binding down the sides!

Yes – this is a very big quilt, she is off to a good start!


Hand stitching by night fall!

We got the binding on and ready for hand stitching just in time – the NCAA finals were on and we stitched and watched!  As NC girls – even as much as we were rooting for Wisconsin, we are still mighty proud that the win went to a North Carolina school ---DUKE!  Good game!

Today we are doing it again ---Mona’s second quilt, a string quilt is up on deck and we are about to load it and get it going.

While she is quilting that, I’ll be packing up for my trip to Maryland and New Jersey.  I leave tomorrow --- ROAD TRIP!  No airports, no planes, no hauling body bags of quilts to the ticket counter.

I’ll be packing a machine and a couple of projects ---but which ones?

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Go Mona Go!! It has been so much fun watching your progress :o) Congratulations on your first big quilt Mona, it looks FABULOUS!!

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM EDT

    Makes me want to cheer for both of you! :) And ... I'm a little envious of Mona. I wish I was in her spot! :D

    Louise Young

  3. Bonnie, did you show Mona how to attach a label too? I have so much enjoyed watching the progress of Mona and her quilt. The two of you were meant to come together so that one more person could see that quilting is so special. Mona, the quilt is beautiful and make sure that a photo is taken when it is placed on the bed. Great job, the two of you!

  4. Mona is one lucky gal! Outstanding job teaching her to quilt.

  5. So much fun leading someone else to their happy place!

  6. Does Mona realize she's a STAR! Thanks to you both for sharing her journey of her first quilt.

  7. Hurray!!! Sew rewarding to be at the finish line. Hope you will show us a big picture of it finished. Love the red white and blue. Hugs for both of you! I'm working on my first Bonnie Hunter quilt.... :) Smokey Mountain Stars. Getting excited :) as I hope to finish sewing on all the little 2.5" squares today. Can't wait to lay it all out. I will say Bonnie you make scrappy "look so easy". Hope mine looks as yummy as your quilts. I was a bit challenged by the process sewing plaids to plaids wondering if it would look good in the end :) Trying not to think too much and just keep sewing. I am sure that as long as you have been doing this you must have some scrappy secrets up your sleeve. :) Wondering how you do it so effortlessly???? Janita

  8. Old quilter10:35 AM EDT

    Yea for Mona and the teacher !
    Have been quilting and binding for years and years, and about half my binding "meetings" are sewn with the diagonal going backwards. lol Do you maybe have a tutorial on this ?
    Perhaps this old dog is still capable of learning a new trick.

  9. Mona had an awesome Teacher! Two quilt finishes this week, she's a trooper for sure. What will she quilt on the strings?

  10. So Awesome Mona! It looks Fabulous!

  11. Yay Mona! Cant wait to see a picture of you with your first quilt and a great big grin! Awesome job! Lucky you to have such an awesome teacher and friend!

  12. Congrats Mona! You have a great teacher. It's the best feeling to see the final product all ready for use. Happy Stitching!

  13. Congratulations to Mona for all her hard work and finally getting a finish on that lovely quilt, and to you for showing her how it's all done - she got the best teacher :)

  14. Anonymous6:53 PM EDT

    Oh, to have a friend with a longarm quilting machine! Nice work, Mona.

  15. Kudos to Mona!! And kudos to her excellent and patient teacher! Job well done.

  16. What is a ladder stitch and what does it look like so I can find it on my machine? Do you have a tutorial on how you do it?

  17. I wish I had a friend like you to quilt with, borrow a long arm machine, and have quilty fun with. I do have my MIL, but she lives almost 3 hours can from me. Mona is so lucky...and so are you.


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