Monday, April 27, 2015

All the Spokane Show & Share!

My favorite part of all!

It’s about YOU!  it’s about what you’ve made, and I know all of the hard work, hopes and dreams that went into sewing each piece – all the while life was churning wildly around you.

It’s no small feat to finish a quilt ---we work at it a bit here, a bit there –those small moments that we claim for ourselves.  The other moments?  Jobs, Family, Kids, Grandkids, Fur-kids, aging parents, other life situations that pull at us so much –but this is the time when we recharge our batteries.

A few moments to cut some pieces here.  A couple of hours to sew some pieces there.

And at the end of it all, we have something beautifully amazing to share, like this lovely Orca Bay quilt from String Fling!

I just love her use of orange and turquoise!  So yummy!

I took several photos while in Spokane – some at the meetings, several during the workshops, so pour yourself a cuppa and prepare to be inspired!


Becky and the lovely quilt sewn completely on Wilhelmina, her Wilcox & Gibbs hand crank!


Becky gets down and cranky in the combine!

((My hero!))


Grand Illusion!! 


And another!

((They are so similar, but yet different! Love it!))


Slight color variations give each their own personality!


And one more!

((It was a Grand Illusion Show & Share!))


Pineapple Blossom from the Free Patterns tab, fit for a King Size Bed!


Insane Crowd of 350!!

There were 350 folks from all over Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and CANADA represented! And that was just the afternoon session.  The 7pm session had another 150+.  Those Washington State Quilters know how to gather and do it up in style!  They have a ton of activities planned too, so if you are anywhere near Spokane, look them up – they meet quarterly, and there are many small satellite groups that work together in between the meeting times.  GREAT organization –get busy!  Get involved!

Workshop days brought more opportunities for sharing our love of Scrappy Finishes!


Crabapples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders made an appearance!


So did some mini mini hexies!!  Goodness!

And check this out:


Little hexie handbags!  SO ADORABLE!


Mad City Mama from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Bow-Dacious from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Check out this Grand Illusion – sashed between the blocks and pieced sashings!

This one belongs to Margaret.


Split 9 patch Leader & Ender challenge from the Free Patterns tab!

Biggie sized to use 3.5” squares!

((Where there is a will, there is a way – sew it up!))


Celtic Solstice!  Oh so lovely!


Little log cabin blocks!  This was amazing up close and personal!


Becky’s Talkin’ Turkey in progress!

She showed us how she is piecing it and quilting it in sections, and then joining the sections to complete.  It’s a long term ongoing project, but she is doing it all by people power—no electric machines!

And there is more.  So much more.

We had several antique quilts brought to ooh and ahh over – I’ll be doing a post with those, and I also still have the second day’s workshop show & share to edit and upload, so be watching for those.

I’m home.  I can tell you already there WILL be a nap.

In the week that I’ve been gone there have been more changes happening here in North Carolina.  This is the view off of my back deck this moring as the sun filters through the leaves – oh, how I love this time of year!  It’s a bit chilly out – too cold to treadle on the deck today, and I’ve got a long list of “must do’s” to get ready for leaving for Tuscany this coming weekend – but I am loving seeing all the green outside of my window.


My mantra for today?

Breathe deep, feel the sun – and be grateful!

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  1. I was one of the traveling Montana's at the afternoon presentation and it was worth every mile! You and your Your quilts were even more amazing in person, I learned so much, was inspired, motivated and anxious to start organizing my scraps. It was so much fun, thank you for making the trip to our end of the world. God bless for all that you share and safe travels to Italy, wish I were going along :)

  2. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC3:22 PM EDT

    Beautiful quilts to be proud of for sure! I am looking forward to trying a couple of the ones from Leaders and Enders this year. There. It is officially on my to do list. Just rearranging my sewing space from dark old kitchen to large picture window. Then we shall get humming along!
    I really enjoy "watching" all your pursuits. You are SEW inspiring to so many. God Bless you as you keep up the good work!

  3. While all the quilters enjoy seeing & hearing you, Bonnie, you also deserve congratulations for being able to draw such a large audience. So kudos to you!


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