Thursday, April 23, 2015

All the Kansas Show & Share Goodies!

Those Kansas Quilters sure know how to produce beautiful quilts!

The quilt shown here is Star Struck from the Free Patterns tab  at the top of the blog.

It was a super quick visit to the Sunflower State, but I took SO many photos of gorgeous quilts, many being started with my last visit 3 or 4 years ago, and several mysteries as well!

Midwest winters can be long and hard, and what better way to make it through those cold cold months than to be sewing along with friends! 

Those who don’t quilt are missing out on our secret to a happy life, aren’t they?

Making something beautiful lowers stress!  Creating, making ----all of the color, all of the texture, and the joy of putting it together is balm for our souls.  Gifting and giving the creations of our hands and hearts also fills us with joy, because quilting is indeed a loving giving thing.

We don’t HAVE to do it.  We can buy blankets…..but a quilt is so much more than an article to keep someone warm while they sleep.

We know that secret!


Someone has been busy in the leader & Ender department!

These gals were whipping these quilts out and away and not giving us much of a chance to get photos…we had to tell them to SLOW DOWN so we could get our shots in!  Shown here are Classic Strippy and Hop Scotch Butterscotch both from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Classic Strippy full out!

I love this quilt, it’s one of my favorites!  Squares are assembled into rows of 3 as Leaders & Enders while working on other projects….triangles are added to the end of each 3-piece section turning the unit into a parallelogram.  Parallelograms are joined to create each pieced row. Such a simple quilt, but so effective with all of those scrappy squares..tons of viariety!


This one was up and gone before I could get a straight out photo!

Rick Rack Nines also from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!  More 2” squares!


Also 2” squares!

Narragansett Blues from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Isn’t that red FABULOUS??


Oh look!  More 2” squares!

Patches and Pinwheels is found under the free patterns tab!  Have you made one?

Love that ORANGE!  Such a happy quilt!


Celtic Solstice is UNDERWAY!

Those asking about when we will have Celtic Solstice back available for you --- SOON, VERY SOON!  There is a lot of of info and changes going on in my publishing world right now, some that I still need to leave under wraps for a bit, but I’m happy to announce that I will be soon be offering digital patterns.  I think this will be a great way to have the mysteries available after we have retired them from the blog.


My Blue Heaven in scrappy Civil War repros!

You’ll find this one under the Free Patterns tab!


Oh, such happy Scrappy Houses!

This one has been made as a fund raiser ---each of the windows had something going on!


How much is that doggie in the window??


The house of ELVIS!!


The Quilter’s House!


Another Lovely Star Struck Finish!

The top and bottom pieced borders are the bonus triangles left from the stitch and flip corners ---sew fun!

And there are MORE quilts to show – this is just from my Monday afternoon meeting with the Walnut Valley Quilters.

Because this is a two lecture day for me today – one at 1pm and one at 7pm – and because it will be LATE LATE LATE by the time I get back to the room after dinner, we will continue this slide show in future posts!

It’s now 6:30am here.  Going to grab a bite of breakfast.  My ride isn’t picking me up until 10:30am, so there is time to set up a borrowed featherweight and sew some blocks together.

It feels like it has been such a long time since I last sat at a machine sewing Sunday evening after my flight was cancelled and rebooked for Monday morning!

Must. Have. Machine. Time!!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. Cindy Thomas10:59 AM EDT

    Beautiful quilts! I love the windows in the Scrappy houses. I made a Wall hanging with that pattern, a house for each month and I did the same thing with my windows. It was fun to go through my stash and find fabric that would work.

    Cindy Thomas

  2. Gorgeous quilts! I want to make all of them :)

    I'm finishing 4-Patch and Furrows and I'll post a pic on FB group when I'm done. I love it. Thanks Bonnie :)

  3. Makes me smile to see the fussy cut houses. I agree, machine & fabric time is crucial to our happy life!

  4. Makes me smile to see the fussy cut houses. I agree, machine & fabric time is crucial to our happy life!

  5. "Elvis is in the house!"

  6. It's always a joy to see what others have done with your patterns. My Blue Heaven has been on my "to-do" list and now I can see I may have to do TWO of them because I really like how it looks in the Civil War repros too! Thanks for sharing!


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