Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hi guys --  Today is my one "free" day, or mostly "free" day this week in Plano! We got here on Friday, I taught Sat, Sun and Mon --- and tonight is a guild meeting and I'm on my own til 4pm! 

I have a confession to make...I hung the quilt on the lattice wall UPSIDE DOWN in the BIG FINISH POST when I photographed it.....but it is the same as the other diagrams really, when you turn it the other way around? So I don't understand what the fuss is about because it will still turn out right.

I went as far as going back to the blog and turning my EQ graphics UPSIDE DOWN so they match the quilt..because it was all I could do from here.

But it's the same, upside down or not...It's not WRONG, you know what I mean? I Just hung it bottom side up. :c/

I've had questions as to what I backed the quilt with ---

As for the backing, I wimped out on this one.  I had a piece of cream/blue toille that had grapes and grape leaves on it, and I used that as my backing.  I had that fabric forever and it was enough to use as the back, and so I did.  This quilt has a boring back...but I'll photo it for ya when I get back to NC ---

Be sure to check out yesterday's Mystery Monday Link-Up post! At last check there are 70 bloggers showing their progress and I expect more to come in over the next few days until we close out the linky on Thursday night at midnight ---


  1. Wow, it must have taken some time for you to change those pictures. Mine is all laid out. But I must admit that I unstapled my pages and turned the picture upside down so I could look at it the same as your EQ drawing. And that was no trouble at all. Lots of blocks. Lots of fun. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  2. Like who has time to compare the photo with the drawing? Pick one and keep on stitching....

  3. Thanks so very much for the explanation. I know you are so very busy. And for you to take time out to answer silly questions just proves how WONDERFUL you are.
    I have a mind block when it comes to assembly. I can make a bagillion blocks with no problem. Guess it is a spatial block. I also cannot add numbers in my head. I cannot see them. I think it is called "discalcula". HA!
    XOXOXOXO Subee

  4. Love your graphic!! I think it sums it up!. Love this quilt and thanks for your effort, energy, and creativity. -sandi in TN

  5. Thanks, Bonnie!! I LOVED this Mystery!! LOVED IT - LOVED IT!! I tried to figure out where you were going with all of the pieces - and colors - and got pretty dang close!! My EQ drawing is "WRONG" in that it has the red "geese" framing the white blocks - not the black ones. But it works my way, too!! ;))


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