Friday, January 06, 2012

On My Way!

Shamu is packed to the gills with quilt stuff galore!  And food too….and SOME clothes --- oh, and a quilt for the bed ---

We retreat at a place called Camp Dogwood, which is actually owned by the Lions club, and it is a facility for blind and visually impaired folks in North Carolina.

You can see from the google map, that it is surrounded by water…and on a nice day, it’s great to get out and go walking --- but being as our retreats are always in January, weather can be iffy at best!

The rooms are comfy and clean, kind of dorm style, two beds per room, and each has its own bathroom --- quite cozy!

We have a large sewing room we set up in, and we were told that we could get into the sewing room by 10am --- so we’ll be there with bells on!

I’m swinging by to pick up Karen ---We’ll throw her stuff in the car and head out.  It’s a bit over an hour from Karen’s house…as for me…I’m about 30 minutes or more drive farther than that….but it makes it easy for me to just swing by and get her!

birthday 001

I  had a Mystery Package arrive in yesterday’s mail!  Do you see that envelope up there?  Boy, it was taped up good too!

It simply says HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the corner…ahem --- it’s another one of those “NO RETURN ADDRESS” surprises!  These can either be good ---- or……ummmm…..entertaining! LOL!  But I tore into it to see what was inside.

Nope…no note or card inside either, so I guess this person wants to remain anonymous!  But look!

birthday 002

It’s a beautiful hand crafted wallet!

birthday 004

I flipped it open and there were tea things inside!  Oh, I love my tea – this is SO going to retreat with me! 

birthday 005

And there was something I had never seen before…these liquid filled sticks…are they flavored things?  Do they dissolve in hot water --- are they tea too?  Someone please help me because I can’t even deal with loose leaf tea – mine all comes in tea bags! LOL!

I’ll be checking my email on my phone to see if someone can tell me what they are--- are they sweetener for the tea? Honestly, I’ve never seen these before….

But whoever you are, you made my day!  Thank you so much for your thoughfulness and the beautiful wallet you sent!

I’ll try to post from retreat, you know I will…..but the hours might be odd because we fully intend to sew our brains out!



  1. Hi Bonnie - I think those are honey sticks, to go in the tea.

  2. I agree, those look like honey sticks; easy way to carry sweetener without any mess.

  3. Yep...honey sticks...

  4. Just cut open one end and squeeze it in!

  5. Yes they are honey sticks.... uhh I'd love a quilt retreat.... I'm about 2 1/2 hrs away. DROOL are you teaching or sewing or both?

  6. Enjoy your impromptu retreat. Thanks for sharing with us how you like to decompress and make time doing something you love. I am sure there will be lots of laughing. What a great idea!

  7. Saw 'em and thought, "honey sticks" -- as, obviously, five people in the eastern time zone also realized. :)

    What a nice gift!

  8. Anonymous8:13 AM EST

    Honey sticks they are for sure. I just need to tell you I love having strips all cut. I was in need of 3 1/2" strips for my Orca Bay and poof they were right there. Love it. OB is getting the borders on today. I love the quilt. Thanks Bonnie and have a ball at your retreat. Nothing like it.

  9. I use the honey sticks by cutting the end, sticking it in the hot tea and stir. The honey runs in the cup then I squeeze the rest in. :)

  10. Anonymous8:38 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie! I have a question regarding your mystery quilts. How far in advance do you finish yours? Or do you actually make it in 'real time'? Because you are one busy lady!!!
    Kathy nycbgirl@gmail.com

  11. Bonnie, those are definitely honey sticks, I've seen some people sip the honey straight out of the straw. Enjoy your retreat - go cheddar!

  12. That looks like such a treat!

  13. Yep, those are honey sticks to sweetened your tea...Enjoy!

    Have fun at your retreat, you deserve some fun time with your quilting friends after all the hard work you do...

  14. Anonymous9:55 AM EST

    My kids and DH get those honey sticks to eat straight out of the straw. They bite one end open and suck it out! There are hundreds of different flavors, too. We have our favorites. Enjoy! - Katie

  15. Anonymous10:06 AM EST

    How nice! That was my first thought....honey sticks! I have to look for those at the store next time I go. I love honey!

  16. Honey sticks also come in flavors. A local beekeeper has a little gift and specialty shop and they sell them in many "all natural" fruity flavors.

  17. It looks like honey to me!
    You are so sweet that you will not need it anyway!
    I sent Swooze my leftovers this morning. It will arrive on Monday.
    XOXOXO Subee

  18. I made some tea carriers last year for my sisters and they use them all the time (one only drinks Irish Breakfast decaf and the other only drinks a special herbal blend.) For someone who travels this is a great "wallet." (and those honey sticks are great too...just enough for a large cuppa...)

  19. Happy Birthday to YOU! Honey sticks for you, to make you sweeter. That is a nice surprise! Enjoy Your week-end. Wish I could join your class in California...so close, yet so far away.

  20. They are honey sticks. My kids used to love them as a treat from the fair. I had never thought of using them for sweetening things as you travel. My husband (and I) use a lot of honey for sweetening as he can't have cane sugar so I might have to pick up some the next time I see some!

  21. Anonymous11:33 AM EST

    Those are honey sticks.

    Karen J.
    Corona CA

  22. Great gift! I see that you have had many responses telling you that those are honey sticks. Honey is great to soothe a cough or a tickle in your throat. Honey also helps protect your throat when you have a cold. My DH has a cold and we have used 1 entire tub of honey this week! Those honey sticks sure could come in handy for you the way you travel. Enjoy your "free" time this weekend! Cheers! Evelyn

  23. I put some blackberry flavored honey sticks in my grandchildren's stockings. They love them and there are so many different flavors.

  24. those are sticks filled with honey! yummy!

  25. Wow! I never seen anything like those honey sticks until today. I scrolled down to see the answers. I think I might just have to buy some for my husband to use at work. What a cool idea!

  26. Anonymous3:00 PM EST

    I love honey sticks! Crack the end open and drizzle in your tea. So yummy!

  27. Yes, those are honey sticks. We get them at the farmer's market in Seal Beach, Ca from a woman who keeps bees. My family loves them. They are great to carry if you need a quick energy boost.

  28. Honey Straws is what the tubes are. You snip one end off and push the honey out into your tea.


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