Thursday, January 05, 2012

Yessir, Yessir, Three Bags Full!

By the time we arrived home last night, it was too late,and I was too tired to unpack my suitcases, get laundry going, and put things in some semblance of order. 

This often happens when I arrive home in the evening, but I do better with it in the summer when it is still LIGHT outside ----as it was, it was 2 hours past dark when I stumbled through the front door, and that meant that suitcase unpacking could wait ---

It was time for jammies, some visiting, a huge mug of hot tea ---simply to wrap my cold hands around and feel the warmth, more than to drink!

Sleep came early, and I woke up this morning NOT knowing what day it is!  Why is it that travel days just create this big void --- making a short week even shorter?

Upon talking to DH & son ----it turns out that THEY have plans to go motorcycle riding with buddies this weekend, which in all essence, would leave me home ALONE the entirety of Saturday.  Do I want to stay here ALONE while my bee-friends are RETREATING just a ways down the road?  Oh no, this simply won’t do! 

As if my mind weren’t made up already! ((Yes, it already was, but this cinches it!))  I am now headed to retreat --- but wait…which day??  TODAY is THURSDAY!  I thought it was only WEDNESDAY..that means that I have to do all this stuff today and be ready basically to pack up and leave for San Diego on Monday, before I leave for retreat tomorrow morning!  AAACKKKKI!

I jumped out of bed and started unpacking to repack!

These are the three bags full of scraps at the top of the blog…the three that I packed from the scrap bins at Fabric Fanatics!  Poor things, they were falling apart from being wedged in the bottom of my suit case!  But LOOK at what I got into them!

dallas_2011 172

This might not look like a whole lot, but do you see how they are rolled up in tight little wads?  Watch!

dallas_2011 173
Holy. Cannoli! THIS is a scrap?!  Yep!  If it was less than 1/4 yard, or less than a Fat Quarter…in the bin it went.  And from there, right into my bags!

dallas_2011 175

Would YOU consider this a scrap?  Well, THEY did --- so I guess I did too!  Even if I did feel a bit guilty filling these bags to the gills.  It was like robbing a candy store!

dallas_2011 174
Love the richness of the colors and the fun textures on these fabrics!  I never really collected batiks much, because I was always dealing with the other “prints” and stuff in my stash, and I knew if I started on a collection of these……it would be the equivalent of having a whole “nuther” stash that would get out of control. 

But I have an IMMEDIATE plan for these ---they have to make an appearance in next New Year’s Eve/Day Mystery for my return to Plano!  My brain is working on just what I want to do with this…

dallas_2011 176

Folded, Sorted, Stacked.  Three bags of scraps.  $6.00 a bag.  $18.00 worth of scraps --- could you resist?  Of course I couldn’t!  What I love bout this is the variety I found.  It’s hard for me to buy off a bolt --- not enough variety can be gathered in a short amount of time, but this way?  It worked just the way that *I* work…a bit of everything and then some!

dallas_2011 177
These stacks are TALL!  I love these black and whites…FUN!

dallas_2011 178

From every angle it looks better and better!  Do you see that tall neutral stack in the back?  Neutral batiks are one thing that is hard for me to find ---so I dug through and found as much as I could to go with all the other colors.  Neutrals are boring, but we NEED THEM!

dallas_2011 180

Along with the batiks, some gifted goodies came home with me!  One of my sweet students gave me this whole big piece of black pindot yardage!  I love pindots and polka dots…this is going to be a fun background for something down the road!

Sock Monkey Scraps!  Yes, there are sock monkeys in my Orca Bay, and in some of the other scrap quilts I’ve done….and they are fun to see peeking out amongst the other fabrics now and again.  This one is going right into the string bin.

A beautiful piece of pink with brown from Janet who said “TAKE IT!!” when I admired it….and I did!  ((I don’t have to be told twice! LOL!!))

A beautiful FQ that came in a tote bag gift at my lecture in Garland --- along with a magazine to keep myself occupied on the flight home, as a thank you for coming.  That came from “Happiness is Quilting” in Mc Kinney.

Gifted bonus triangles that will find themselves into a new project ((At some point --- the crumb bins ARE threatening to mutiny if I don’t do something with them soon!))

And a darling pin dot vintage apron from Janet!  I love vintage aprons!!  Just look how cute this one is:
dallas_2011 179

Polka dots & Tulips!  It’s SO CUTE!!  Thanks Janet!!  ((Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on…..hehehhehe))

And with that…it’s time to get a move on.  I’ve got a ton load of stuff to do today if I’m heading to retreat in the morning!



  1. I confess I have more "Scraps" than stash and I enjoy playing with scraps more than yardage. That is why I am always so inspired by your blog. Thanks for the fun! And have fun too. G

  2. What a great find Bonnie!
    And speaking of finds... pls see my blog today... I could use some expert suggestions as to what to do with all of these!

  3. Opening the rolls of scraps is as much fun as opening Christmas presents. Have fun at with your sewing bee buds.

  4. I once made a little quilt from the scraps the girls left on the floor in my meeting room in my hotel after a long weekend of sewing !!
    this was scraps :-) but tons of them ..
    have fun at the retreat, we will have a mini BFQ retreat this weekend

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM EST

    Jealous, jealous, jealous!!! :>) What a great bunch of batiks you found. Always remember fabric takes up less space when rolled...be it clothes for traveling or fabric for the taking!!
    So glad hubster made plans for the weekend, you deserve some down time for your own stitching. Have a great week end with your buds.

  6. Those scraps and that sale was fantastic Bonnie! That is the best way to get a big variety. It looks like a wonderful, generous Plano group.

  7. Wow!! It's like a second Christmas! Have fun with all of your new goodies and at the retreat!

  8. You had to throw that Delta Dawn comment in, didn't you! Here we go again!
    Gorgeous bags of batik scraps--those are my kind of scraps!! BIG!
    Was there anything left in their scrap bin, or did you get it all?
    I love that you can go retreat with no guilt about leaving family. Worked out great (that is, if you can squeeze all of your "have tos" into one day). Enjoy it!

  9. Bonnie, your rolling of your scraps remind me of my Grandmother. She would go to the Sally (Salvation Army)shop and get brown grocery bags of clothes for $1. She would roll the clothes that she wanted and place them carefully in her bag. When it came time to unpack her bags it was exciting seeing how many items she had been able to pack in her bag. She recycled the clothing into clothes for the grandkids and all the scraps left went into her quilting stash.

  10. Wow what a wonderful treasure trove of scraps! I am DEFINATELY visiting Fabric Fanatics the next time I go visit my kids in the DFW area! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Scraps? Well everything is bigger in Texas!
    These colors look at lot like Orca Bay!

    Have a great weekend retreating and trip out to San Diego. Will you have time to go to Balboa Park?
    What a treasure trove....museums galore, and the largest planetarium in the US, and what a setting!
    And of course the San Diego Zoo has the largest collection of animals in the world!
    Enjoy the sunshine and warmth in Calif. and
    Happy sewing :0)

  12. Wonderful batik scraps, you hit the jackpot! Just think how many you'll get next New Year's trip; maybe this could be an annual "batik scrap packing" adventure! You always have a way of packing the maximum amount of fun in everything you do, LOL. Have a great time at your mini-retreat this weekend.

  13. We are snowbirding rv'ers. My wonderful husband always takes me to quilt shops. He took me to "Happiness in Quilting" last winter. What a wonderful shop!
    You have fun with all those scraps. ****jealous***
    Have a fun retreat. I have never done a retreat. Hmmmm, have to put that on my bucket list!

  14. Wow you did hit the jackpot on those scraps! Wish that place was close to me.

  15. I'm so glad you're going this weekend!!!!!

  16. All those batik "scraps" for $18 is kind of like hitting the mother lode. Can't wait to see what you come up with using them. Have a great time at your retreat.

  17. Anonymous4:08 PM EST

    Oh Bonnie! I feel the same way about scrap bags. I never understand quilters who can pass up the wonderful surprises in 'leftover' bags.

  18. I have a piece of Minkee that matches your pink/brown print from Janet. Go figure!

    WOW! Those batiks are great. I bought Batik Scraps by the pound from Batiks Plus on the internet. Yes, what they call I scrap I call HUGE!

    XOXOXO Subee


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